Chapter 484 Subduing Zhao Zhu

Inside Hundred Fragrances House.

Numerous gazes were cast towards Zhou Yuan’s side at Yaoyao, who had currently had a nonchalant expression on her face. She did not look at Zhao Zhu, merely continuing to stare at the ripples inside the cup in her hand.

Zhao Zhu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Yaoyao. He had naturally heard of the latter’s unique reputation in the Cangxuan Sect. This otherworldly beauty was known as the Chosen outside the ten great Chosens...

However, he had never fought her before, and was naturally somewhat doubtful of such rumors. 

In his opinion, Yaoyao’s fame had most likely originated from her gorgeous looks. After all, anyone would sing praises and flatter someone who was so pretty.

“Oh? Does junior sister feel that the Chosens of our Cangxuan Sect are nothing amazing?” Said Zhao Zhu in an offhand manner. However, his words were quite vicious, implying that Yaoyao was criticizing all of the Chosens.

Yaoyao raised her bright eyes and replied, “I’m not sure about the others, but you I definitely look down on.”

Zhao Zhu’s expression darkened. Being openly looked down on by a girl in front of so many people was really pushing his buttons.

Inside the building, the other disciples looked at each other, not daring to say anything. After all, the only one here who would dare to say such things to Zhao Zhu was Yaoyao.

“What shameless boasting. Do you really believe you’re actually someone noteworthy just because a few people have flattered you?!” Zhao Zhu stared at Yaoyao with eyes as cold as the edge of a blade, while sharp and robust Genesis Qi slowly swirled around him.

At the sight of this, the expression of the many disciples from the two factions changed, fear rising in their eyes. They could not gather up much courage in the face of a Chosen.

Shen Wanjin hurriedly walked over with a large smile as he said, “Please senior brother Zhao Zhu, there’s no need to get so worked up. A great Chosen like you should not lower yourself to squabble with ordinary disciples like us. How about I apologize with a drink?”

He offered his cup in a humble and lowly posture.

However, Zhao Zhu merely shot him an icy glare. With a wave of his sleeve, a stream of Genesis Qi swept out and sent Shen Wanjin flying into a table and breaking it.

Zhao Zhu frostily said, “Who do you think you are? You think the likes of you has the qualifications to drink with me?”

“Zhao Zhu!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened in anger as the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his hands.

Zhao Zhu playfully said when he saw this, “Oh? Does the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak plan to challenge me?”

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “I’m quite interested to find out how formidable the Chosens of the sect are. It just so happens that senior brother Zhao Zhu is ranked last among them, and maybe I’ll have a chance at pulling you down.” 

Zhao Zhu’s eyes were ice-cold. “Go ahead and try.”

Zhou Yuan tightly gripped the brush. Just as he was about to move, a fair hand reached out from the side. He turned his head, and saw Yaoyao sending an indifferent glance at him.

“You’ve already showed off enough today, are you still planning on snatching away this moment too?”

Zhou Yuan froze for an instant, before he helplessly rolled his eyes. He knew that his chances against Zhao Zhu were quite abysmal, but it would not be too shameful as long as he was not defeated too quickly.

However, it appeared that Yaoyao had no intentions of letting him fight.

“Oh? Are you guys swapping?” Zhao Zhu’s lips curled in mockery when he saw Yaoyao stop Zhou Yuan. “It doesn’t matter, I’m ready to play no matter what games the two of you have in mind.”

However, Yaoyao shook her head and said, “You don’t have the qualifications to duel me, and I'm not interested in toying with you either.”

Zhao Zhu’s expression abruptly darkened. His gaze swept about the building as he disdainfully said, “Is there anyone else here besides you who dares to stand before me?”

The disciples from the two factions visibly shrank back. Even Lu Yan, Zhao Tai and Zhang Yan did not dare to challenge Zhao Zhu though they were pretty enraged.

The latter was a Chosen after all, someone who was much stronger than the likes of Yuan Hong.

Yaoyao paid no attention to Zhao Zhu. She merely extended her hand, as her slender fingers pounced at the still ravenously eating Tuntun, whose little body was nearly fully concealed by the giant plate, and picked it up.

“If you can beat it, you might have the qualifications to fight someone else.”

Scraps of meat were visible around Tuntun’s mouth while it was held up by the scruff of its neck. There was a look of innocence in its black eyes as it struggled slightly for a moment, its short stubby legs kicking in the air, clearly unhappy that Yaoyao had disturbed its meal.

The numerous surrounding disciples were stupefied, clearly not expecting that Yaoyao was going to send Tuntun to deal with Zhao Zhu.

Zhao Zhu was also stunned, but his face soon turned an angry green.

“You dare to mock me!”

From what he could see, Yaoyao was undoubtedly shaming him by sending a little beast to fight him.

However, Yaoyao remained oblivious to the former. She raised Tuntun to eye-level as she said, “If you can’t settle him, you will no longer need to eat.”

After finishing, she threw the dumbfounded Tuntun at Zhao Zhu

Rage violently brewed in Zhao Zhu’s eyes as he laughed loudly in anger. “Fine, since you don’t understand what’s good for you, I’ll chop this little bastard into mincemeat.”

He made a grabbing motion, and robust Genesis Qi converged towards him, transforming into a several foot long sword that pulsed with dreadful sword Qi. With a swoosh, it mercilessly hacked towards the still flying Tuntun.


The piercing sound of rushing wind rang out.

Tuntun finally returned to its senses at this moment. However, it paid no heed to Zhao Zhu’s attack, its tiny body cowering as it recalled the words Yaoyao had just said.

To think she would use a threat on the terrifying level of forbidding it to eat...


Thus, an angry roar immediately sounded from Tuntun’s throat as its tiny little body instantly began to expand. An indescribably terrifying and ferocious aura erupted, engulfing the entire building.

The expressions of the surrounding disciples instantly changed.

One could only watch as a mysterious giant creature appeared from the dark golden light, while a giant scaly paw ruthlessly swatted at the sword.


The giant paw instantly tore the sword apart as if it were frail paper.


A thunderous roar shook the entire Hundred Fragrances House.

After smashing apart the sword, the giant beast charged towards Zhao Zhu under his horrified gaze. It appeared in front of him in a flash, and let loose another booming roar. Black light swirled around a giant paw as it mercilessly swung down from above.

Zhao Zhu’s pupils violently shrank as an indescribable feeling of danger rose in his heart.

The Genesis Qi in his body spewed out without reservation at this moment, as his five fingers straightened into a knife-hand. Genesis Qi converged towards his fingertips, creating an extremely sharp blade.

His hand chopped out like an axe, using offense as defense. If struck by this chopping attack, even someone like Yuan Hong would be heavily injured.


Amidst the shocked and frightened gazes of the numerous onlookers, a beast paw and knife-hand powerfully collided, causing a destructive shockwave to sweep outwards.


The interior of the entire Hundred Fragrances House was immediately turned into a mess.

The crowd quickly looked over, as their pupils violently shrank. They had caught sight of Zhao Zhu’s figure being flung away like a rag doll.

He was sent flying outside of the building, before landing on the ground.

His landing shattered the ground around him.

Blood appeared on his hand, dripping from his fingertips.

There was a grim look on Zhao Zhu’s face as he watched the blood falling from his hand while completely still, as if startled by this outcome. He had clearly not expected to be hurt by a mere beast...

It was completely silent both inside and outside of the Hundred Fragrances House.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples felt a chill rush through their bodies at the sight of this scene, disbelief flooding their eyes. A Chosen from their Sword Cometh Peak had been injured by a little creature that only knew how to eat?!

The disciples from both Saint Genesis Peak factions were also stunned. To think Tuntun, who did not nothing but eat and eat, would actually be such a terrifying existence?

After sending Zhao Zhu flying with a swipe, Tuntun rapidly shrank as it turned around and darted back to the table. It lay flat on the table, ignoring everyone else, as it continued to eat.

Yaoyao lifted her bright eyes that seemed to be akin to frozen lake as she stared at the grim-faced Zhao Zhu and leisurely said, “What’s so amazing about a Chosen like you if you can’t even beat Tuntun? Do you still have anything to say?”

Zhao Zhu’s expression rapidly changed, feeling so sullen inside that he nearly puked blood. He had originally planned on intimidating the Saint Genesis Peak disciples and lowering their morale. Who could have imagined that he would instead suffer at the hands of a bastardly beast.

The strange gazes that were directed at him caused the anger inside to burn even hotter. There was no way he could stay here any longer. He sent a chilling glare towards Zhou Yuan, before turning around to leave with a swish of his sleeves.

However, his figure seemed a little sorry.

Upon seeing Zhao Zhu leave in defeat, the Sword Cometh Peak disciples hurriedly followed with ugly expressions.

In the wake of their departure, the disciples in the Hundred Fragrances House burst into cheers, as they looked towards Yaoyao with even more respect than before.

Likewise, there was much more amazement in their eyes when they looked towards the Tuntun on the table, who was still desperately gorging itself.

Zhou Yuan exchanged a look with Yaoyao, and could not help but chuckle. Zhao Zhu was quite unlucky. He had originally intended on intimidating and scaring them with his strength, only to end up viciously slapping himself in the face.

However, it was Tuntun who had beaten him earlier, why the hell did he send Zhou Yuan such a venomous glare when he left...

Zhou Yuan helplessly shook his head. Looks like Zhao Zhu was going to hold another grudge against him.

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