Chapter 483 A Great Feast

Although the chief disciple selection was over, the resultant waves continued to wash over the Cangxuan Sect, bathing it in an excited afterglow.

The most surprising part of the chief disciple selection was undoubtedly the super dark horse from Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Yuan.

At the start of the chief disciple selection, not a single person would have imagined that a new disciple, that had joined a year ago, would rack up such astonishing battle accomplishments during the selection in such a bold and fierce manner.

From an ordinary disciple to a chief disciple in a year. This was a speed that undoubtedly broke all of the sect’s past records.

Through this battle, Zhou Yuan truly became a famous and influential figure in the Cangxuan Sect.


The end of the great fight left Shen Taiyuan’s disciples in wild ecstasy. The entire affair had been a huge boost of reputation for their faction, and it had been a very very long time since they had been under the limelight like this.

As such, the ‘overnight millionaire’ Shen Wanjin had boldly booked the entire inner mountain Hundred Fragrances House with a wave of his hand, and invited all his fellow disciples to take part in the celebration.

Shen Wanjin had also carefully made sure to invite Lu Song’s disciples. After all, their two factions had in a manner of speaking been on the same team during the chief disciple selection. Although the initial goal of the alliance had ended up in failure, it had undoubtedly brought the two factions closer together.

With regards to Shen Wanjin’s invitation, Lu Song’s disciples were initially somewhat hesitant. In the end, elder Lu Song had to speak up so they would accept it.

Elder Lu Song was evidently displaying goodwill towards the now rising faction of Shen Taiyuan’s.

Hence, the grand feast grew even grander with the addition of Lu Song’s disciples.


Hundred Fragrances House.

The disciples from the two factions were gathered together, creating an endless din amidst the lively atmosphere.

Seated at the large table at the very center, Zhou Yuan’s figure was akin to a moon surrounded by the stars. Yaoyao sat beside him with Tuntun on her lap as it voraciously devoured all delicious food on the table.

Many disciples were already used to Tuntun’s endless appetite. Hence, everyone merrily ate and drank without disturbing it, because whoever dared to even reach a hand its direction would be met by a ferocious, fangs-barred Tuntun, though that ‘menacing’ appearance in its mini form instead made it even cuter.

As the star of the event, Zhou Yuan was naturally the busiest of all. However, he also understood how excited the disciples were, and did not reject anyone wanting to engage him, making the atmosphere even livelier.

On the other hand, Yaoyao basically ignored everyone, seemingly existing in a space of her own as she leisurely drank from her little wine cup. No one dared to disturb her either.

There was after all not a single soul in Saint Genesis Peak that did not know her special status. Although she was not a Chosen, she was no weaker than any of them. If she had taken part in the chief disciple selection, no one would doubt that she would win it all.

After quite an amount of alcohol had been consumed.

Lu Yan suddenly stood up, her pretty face somewhat flushed due to excessive drinking. She stared straight at Zhou Yuan and said with a tipsy slur, “Zhou Yuan, you used to be quite an eyesore to me, but I now realize that it was I, Lu Yan, who was blind. We mostly have you to thank for preserving the final dignity of our Saint Genesis Peak, so please accept this toast as an apology from me!”

The moment she was finished, the large bowl in her hand was downed in a single gulp. Some of the alcohol spilled over, flowing down her neck and wetting her clothes a little. However, her boldness and openness drew a series of cheers.

Zhou Yuan felt a little awkward. In the end, he could only let out a bitter chuckle as he lifted a bowl of alcohol and poured its contents down his throat. Lu Yan had always been quite critical of him, constantly stating that he did not have the qualifications for this and that. There were indeed times when he was a little annoyed by her, and he had ultimately chosen to keep a respectful distance. Despite this, there was honestly not much of a grudge between them.

Zhou Yuan looked towards the other disciples and solemnly said, “All of us are disciples of Saint Genesis Peak, and although we compete at times, we are more often united. I hope that Saint Genesis Peak will be able to regain its former glory in the future.”

The disciples from the two factions paused their laughter and merrymaking, as everyone lifted their cups into the air before downing it in a single go. The gazes that looked towards Zhou Yuan were a little more respectful than before.

Zhou Yuan was now the chief disciples of their Saint Genesis Peak, and his status was vastly different from before.

“Hehe, what boastful words, you truly are foolish and ignorant.” An icy chuckle was suddenly heard at this moment.

Anger appeared on the disciples’ faces as they rose to their feet and demanded, “Who?!”


However, they were answered by a powerful Genesis Qi pressure. The pressure swept over them like the sea, causing their expressions to change drastically as they were forced back into their seats.

The sound of footsteps was heard from the stairs as a group slowly walked down. The one at the very front was the Chosen from Sword Cometh Peak, Zhao Zhu, while several Sword Cometh Peak disciples followed behind him, staring at the crowd in an unfriendly manner.

The expressions of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples could not help but change upon seeing Zhao Zhu as they hurriedly swallowed the curses brewing in their mouths.

As one of the ten great Chosens, Zhao Zhu’s status and strength was clearly far beyond ordinary disciples like themselves.

Zhou Yuan frowned a little when he saw Zhao Zhu and said, “I recall that we’ve reserved Hundred Fragrances House for tonight?”

The corners of Zhao Zhu’s mouth curled into a smirk, while a Sword Cometh Peak disciple behind sneered, before he mockingly said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, do you not know that the top floor of Hundred Fragrances House is exclusively reserved by Chosens? You may be able to book everything below, but do you think you can book even the top floor?”

Another Sword Cometh Peak disciples sniggered and said, “It’s been many years since Saint Genesis Peak has a Chosen after all, it’s only natural that they are unaware of such matters.”

The rest of the disciples roared with laughter.

Ugly expressions appeared on the disciples from the two factions below, but no one dared to retort due to Zhao Zhu’s presence, causing the atmosphere to turn rather stifling.

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids lowered slightly as he said, “Senior brother Zhao Zhu, I’ve heard that due to elder Lu Hong’s faction failing to obtain the chief disciple position, Sword Cometh Peak will lose quite a large amount of cultivation resources, is this true?”

Zhao Zhu’s expression immediately turned rigid, as he shot a frosty glare at Zhou Yuan. He was naturally aware of this matter, which the entire Sword Cometh Peak viewed as a great humiliation. The main reason why he had appeared here was also to release some of his frustrations.

Zhao Zhu icily said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, your balls seem to be extraordinarily large. You are aware of this matter and yet you still dare to try and stick your hand in?”

Zhou Yuan grinned and replied, “We’re also from Saint Genesis Peak, so doesn’t it also involve us? If you have any complaints, you can go ahead and petition to sect master to strip us of our right to a share.”

“Sharp-tongued brat!” Zhao Zhu’s eyes turned ice-cold.

His eyes swept about the place, but not a single disciple dared to meet his gaze. In the end, he waved his sleeve and mocked with a sneer, “A few puppies and kittens like yourselves dare to talk about returning Saint Genesis Peak to its former glory? This is the joke of the century!”

“I can’t believe a mere chief disciple even warrants such a celebration. I feel that your Saint Genesis Peak should first think about how to get yourselves a Chosen. After so many years, Chosens are basically extinct in your Saint Genesis Peak!”

His harsh words caused the expressions of the many disciples to turn steely-green with anger. Lu Yan slammed her palms onto the table, on the verge of erupting, but was quickly held back by another disciple beside her.

Zhao Zhu laughed mockingly when he heard this, before heading towards the exit. He was itching to see whether anyone still had the mood to celebrate after such a debacle.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed upon the former’s back. Just as he was about to speak, a clear as a mountain spring, but cold, yet beautiful voice sounded from the side.

“Is a Chosen… really that amazing?”

Every gaze in the Hundred Fragrances House converged towards this spot as Zhao Zhu’s footsteps came to a slow halt. He turned his head, his gaze ultimately pausing on the graceful and beautiful figure beside Zhou Yuan.

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