Chapter 482 Old Xuan Appears

Everyone was stunned by old Xuan’s appearance on the mountain top. No one had expected the one who would always only be found in the deep mountains of Saint Genesis Peak to appear here today.

“Hehe, it is very rare for old Xuan to appear.” Sect master Qing Yang chuckled as he cupped his fists together towards old Xuan.

Although old Xuan was an old servant of patriarch Cang Xuan, even direct disciples like them had not spent as much time at their teacher’s side as him. Hence, even sect master Qing Yang viewed old Xuan as a venerable elder.

With the exception of peak master Lei Jun, the others also cupped their fists together in greeting.

Old Xuan waved his hand and said, “No need for all these pleasantries. With regards the matter of the seven chief disciples entering Saint Genesis Peak, I will never agree to it.”

Sect master Qing Yang smiled helplessly, clearly not surprised by old Xuan’s response. The latter was after all famously stubborn and inflexible. The rules of Saint Genesis Peak were set down by patriarch Cang Xuan long ago, and old Xuan treated all of teacher’s rules as divine decrees.

Peak master Ling Jun calmly said, “Old Xuan, isn’t it better for us to reopen Saint Genesis Peak as soon as possible? It’s not like you’re unaware of how many times the chief disciples of Saint Genesis Peak have failed over the years.”

Old Xuan stamped the ground several times with his broom and said, “I only know that the rules set by the master cannot be broken.”

Sect master Qing Yang sighed and said, “How can disciples such as us possibly dare to break the rules set by teacher. However, there are certain worrying undercurrents in Cangxuan Heaven at this time, and though our Cangxuan Sect is still one of the six hegemon sects, the Sacred Palace is always closely watching us, while the even more dangerous Sacred race is also secretly helping them. To prevent the Sacred race from interfering in the matters of our Cangxuan Heaven, we need to gain control of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.”

A frosty look appeared on peak master Lianyi’s beautiful face as she said, “And if the Cangxuan Saint Stamp comes into our possession again, we will be able make the Sacred Palace pay for what they did to teacher back then!”

“Although it was the Sacred race that ultimately did the deed, if not for those Sacred Palace dogs, how could the Sacred race have even meddled with Cangxuan Heaven!”

Hatred surfaced in the eyes of the other peak masters.

Old Xuan fell silent.

Lightning Prison Peak master Lei Jun said in a low voice, “Old Xuan, to avenge Cang Xuan, we need to find clues to the whereabouts of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. If we allow it fall into the hands of Sacred Palace, Cangxuan Heaven will likely soon be invaded by the Sacred race.”

In the Cangxuan Sect, only peak master Lei Jun was as senior as old Xuan. One of them was an old servant of patriarch Cang Xuan, while the other was an old friend that knew him from the very beginning.

Peak master Ling Jun faintly nodded and said, “I hope old Xuan will be able to give us your support.”

Old Xuan fell silent. A long while later, he raised his head and glanced towards Zhou Yuan, as he slowly said, “Give the disciples of Saint Genesis Peak one more chance. If they fail to unseal the main peak again this year, I will allow disciples from all seven peaks to try together next year.”

Peak master Ling Jun frowned a little. “Why must you delay this for another year?”

His gaze nonchalantly swept across Zhou Yuan as he said, “Although Saint Genesis Peak produced a pretty good chief disciple this year, it will not be easy for someone of his strength to reopen the main peak. Old Xuan should know better than anyone how many times they have failed in the past.”

Old Xuan replied with an expressionless face, “This is my final concession. If you disagree, I will not permit any disciple from the other peaks to enter the main peak of Saint Genesis Peak.”

The seal on the main peak had been placed by patriarch Cang Xuan, and old Xuan was the only one who had some understanding of it. Even sect master Qing Yang would be hard pressed to break the seal unless he used brute force to destroy the entire Saint Genesis Peak.

Sect master Qing Yang fell into thought for a moment. In the end, he waved his hand to stop the peak master Ling Jun, who still wanted to try and persuade old Xuan, and said, “Since that is old Xuan’s decision, we naturally have no objections.”

“We’ll give Saint Genesis Peak one more chance this year. If they fail again, the disciples from all seven peaks shall enter next year and give it a try.”

The other peak masters nodded upon hearing this. “Agreed.”

Peak master Ling Jun had nothing else to say. His indifferent gaze swept across Zhou Yuan, before shooting towards old Xuan. “Old Xuan, what you’re doing is useless. Saint Genesis Peak has fallen too much, and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.”

“The remaining two factions are hopeless and are only able to barely hang on. They are only wasting time and opportunity, so you should stop trying to give them consideration.”

Sending the disciples from all seven peaks in Saint Genesis Peak’s main peak would undoubtedly be akin to declaring the Saint Genesis Peak’s disciples were useless, and unable to even reopen their peak. This would naturally cause the two factions from Saint Genesis Peak to lose all face.

Old Xuan icily snorted. “It was a disciple from these same two ‘useless’ factions that crushed your Sword Cometh Peak disciples.”

Peak master Ling Jun frowned.

Sect master Qing Yang waved his hand to stop them as he said, “Since we’ve already decided, there shall be no further discussions.”

He raised his head and looked towards the countless Cangxuan Sect disciples around them, as his powerful voice boomed across the land.

“The chief disciple selection is officially over!”

Countless disciples released slightly discontented cheers as if they were still hungry for more action. The chief disciple selections had been far more amazing then they had expected.

Sect master Qing Yang looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Since old Xuan has insisted, you shall represent Saint Genesis Peak for the final attempt at unsealing the main peak three days later.”

“I pray for your success. Reopening Saint Genesis Peak will allow our Cangxuan Sect to return to its full capacity of seven peaks.”

Zhou Yuan breathed a deep sigh of relief inside, as his heart filled with gratitude towards old Xuan. If not for his interference, the six hegemons would have very likely decided to send all seven chief disciples into the main peak.

If that happened, it would undoubtedly become much more difficult for him to search for the second Saint Rune.

He could not ensure there would not be any spies among the chief disciples.

“Disciple will surely do his best.” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together.

It was not only for the second Saint Rune. Zhou Yuan would do everything in his power to preserve the face of their faction. Otherwise, if they ended up borrowing the help of the disciples from the other peaks, none of them would be able to ever raise their heads again in the Cangxuan Sect.

Sect master Qing Yang nodded. After a brief conversation with old Xuan, he transformed into a streak of light as he soared into the sky.

The other peak masters also left one after another.

After a short span of time, the mountain peak had become rather empty.

Under the setting sun, countless streaks of light flew in all directions, as the disciples from the various peaks returned to their abodes.

Although it was over, the atmosphere of excitement would clearly linger for some time, putting the entire Cangxuan Sect in a rather festive mood.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, looked towards old Xuan and cupped his fists together. “You are mostly to thank for helping preserve the face of our Saint Genesis Peak.”

Old Xuan waved his hand and said, “I can only delay it for a while. Saint Genesis Peak has been sealed for far too long after all…”

His murky eyes stared at Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “In three days, whether or not Saint Genesis Peak will reopen will depend on you.”

“If you fail, it will be as Ling Jun said earlier, Saint Genesis Peak will have to be destroyed and then rebuilt from scratch…”

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