Chapter 481 Omega Saint Spirit Art

Several glowing lotuses landed on the giant mountain. The vast, imposing auras spreading from the six figures seated atop them caused the seven chief disciples to grow increasingly respectful. As young practitioners that had recently stepped onto the ‘main road’ of cultivation, the six individuals before them, who were already at the grandmaster level, were the goals they would strive towards in the future.

“We respectfully greet sect master and the peak masters.” The seven respectfully bowed.

Sect master Qing Yang smiled as he gazed upon these seven individuals, and nodded in approval. With a wave of his sleeve, seven rainbow clouds slowly rose from under their feet and lifted them into the air.

Zhou Yuan curiously observed the cloud he stood on. It seemed to be made purely from Genesis Qi, while a strange power churned within it.

“I created these seven rainbow clouds in my free time. They can fly people around with amazing speed that can catch up to the moon and stars. Besides this, they will also be able to protect you from a fatal blow once.”

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled and said, “Hehe, let them be a little gift for the seven of you, and a reward for your hard work during the past year.”

Zhou Yuan and the other six were overjoyed, happiness appearing in their eyes as they looked down at the rainbow clouds below their feet. Not only would they be able to travel faster in the future, but more importantly, it could block a fatal blow for them once, which was basically akin to having a protective treasure.

Though it may only be a small gift to sect master Qing Yang, to them, it was an important treasure that could save their lives.

“Thank you sect master!” The seven bowed once more in thanks.

They never expected to receive such a big present so quickly.

Sect master Qing Yang laughed, before he said, “Some of you were previous chief disciples, while others are newly promoted. The reward I’m about to give next will not be relevant to the former chief disciples, so your respective peak masters will give you another reward later on.”

“For the newly promoted chief disciples…”

He paused, a slight smile appearing on his face when he saw their fervent gazes, before he said, “You will be given what you desire the most.”

What was it they most desired? The seven Cangxuan arts of course!

“Will the newly promoted chief disciples kindly step forward.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuan immediately urged his rainbow cloud forward.

Beside him, the Snow Lotus Peak chief disciple, Su Yao, and the Hongya Peak chief disciple, Chen Ze, also drifted forward. They were likewise newly promoted chief disciples.

It was not easy to replace a chief disciple in the Cangxuan Sect, because a newly promoted chief disciple would receive one of the seven Cangxuan arts. Once this technique was learnt, it would become very challenging for someone else to take the chief disciple’s place.

Fortunately, the seven Cangxuan arts were very difficult to learn, and many chief disciples would fail to reach the elementary level even after a year of practice.

Hence, the usual strategy was to challenge the current chief disciple before he or she managed to learn the technique. Otherwise, one would most likely have to wait for the old chief disciple to finish their three year term and retire from the position.

This was also precisely why Su Yao and Chen Ze had succeeded. Their former chief disciples had failed to learn the Cangxuan art within their one year tenure, allowing Su Yao and Chen Ze to catch up...

Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi and Hongya Peak master Gu looked towards Su Yao and Chen Zu, before making a grabbing motion as two ancient jade books appeared in their hands.

The jade books slowly floated into the air, hovering in front of the Su Yao duo as a mysterious light pulsed from them. 

Su Yao and Chen Ze’s eyes were overflowing with emotion as they respectfully reached out with trembling hands to receive the books. Each of these books contained one of the seven famous Cangxuan arts.

Sect master Qing Yang looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Due to Saint Genesis Peak not having a peak master, I’ve been the one who has been keeping the Omega Saint Spirit Art, which I shall confer to you today.”

A simple jade book appeared in his hand, before drifting towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan respectfully received it. A cool sensation entered his hands, but his heart was boiling hot with excitement. This was a high grade Genesis technique, the highest level of Genesis technique he had ever come into contact with.

“Thank you sect master.”

Sect master Qing Yang nodded, before he cautioned, “All of you will have to work hard in practicing the seven Cangxuan arts. If you fail to master it after a year, and your position is taken by another disciple, do be warned that these manuals will be taken back.”

Everyone earnestly nodded in acknowledgement.

It should have been over after awarding them the seven Cangxuan arts. However, sect master Qing Yang fell silent for a moment, before he looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, as the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, you will have to enter the sealed main peak and attempt to unseal it.”

Zhou Yuan suddenly jerked to attention. It was finally here.

However, before he could respond, a calm voice suddenly sounded, “Sect master, all of the past Saint Genesis Peak chief disciples have failed to unseal the main peak, and his chances will likely not be high either. Saint Genesis Peak is the patriarch's most beloved place, and should not be left to rot like this. I propose we allow all seven chief disciples to enter Saint Genesis Peak in hopes that their numbers will finally allow us to succeed in unsealing the peak.”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly. He lifted his head, and found that it was peak master Ling Jun who had spoken.

Peak master Ling Jun’s handsome face was calm, his eyes looking only at sect master Qing Yang, not giving even a single glance to Zhou Yuan.

Sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters were a little taken aback, evidently not expecting peak master Ling Jun to make such a suggestion.

Peak master Lianyi glanced at peak master Ling Jun and said, “You seem to be very concerned about Saint Genesis Peak.”

Peak master Ling Jun nonchalantly responded, “Saint Genesis Peak is where the patriarch spent most of his time back then, while also the only place that has been preserved after his death. There are certain clues we need to uncover within it.”

“Including… the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!”

The last three words caused the mountain top to fall silent. An indescribable pressure seemed to engulf the place, causing one’s heart to beat harder.

Sect master Qing Yang’s expression also turned solemn.

“The Cangxuan Saint Stamp is too important. If it is once again held by our Cangxuan Sect, we will no longer need to fear the Sacred Palace, and will even be able to make them pay for what they did back then.”

Peak master Ling Jun slowly said, “If such a divine artifact were to fall into the hands of the Sacred Palace, their palace master will become the new Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, and wield the almighty power of this land… when that happens, billions of its inhabitants will become slaves of the Sacred race.” 

“This is we need to reopen the main peak of Saint Genesis Peak as soon as possible, and ascertain whether the Cangxuan Saint Stamp is somewhere inside.”

In the face of peak master Ling Jun’s words, even peak master Lianyi had nothing to say.

Peak master Lei Jun said in a deep and raspy voice, “His words are reasonable.” 

Sect master Qing Yang fell silent as he looked towards the other peak masters. None of them raised any objections, because this matter was indeed far too important.

The Cangxuan Saint Stamp was the ultimate treasure of Cangxuan Heaven!

However, Zhou Yuan began panicking inside as if his heart was on fire. He was certain that the Cangxuan Saint Stamp was not in Saint Genesis Peak. There was only the Cangxuan Saint Rune hiding somewhere inside!

But he obviously could not reveal this information.

If all seven chief disciples were really allowed to enter, even if he managed to find the Saint Rune, it would surely cause some sort of disturbance that would most likely be discovered by the others. What could he do when that happened?

If the Cangxuan Sect was truly united, he would be fine with taking a step back, and giving it up for the greater good. But patriarch Cang Xuan had warned him to be extra cautious in the Cangxuan Sect, and not allow the Saint Rune to be discovered by anyone else.

However, the six hegemons were currently discussing the topic, and a mere chief disciple like himself obviously did not have the qualifications to participate. Moreover, if he showed too much anxiety, it would only draw suspicion to himself.

While Zhou Yuan was worrying inside, and  trying to come up with a plan, an elderly voice suddenly sounded on the mountain top, forcibly inserting himself into the discussion between the six hegemons.

“The rules of Saint Genesis Peak were personally set by master back then. If you insist on trying to circumvent them, the only path you can take is over my dead body.”

This sudden voice alarmed everyone as they quickly lifted their heads.

Next, they saw an old man dressed in simple clothes holding a broom in his hand, who had somehow appeared on the mountain top at some unknown time. A pair of turbid eyes icily stared at sect master Qing Yang and the rest.

It was the caretaker of Saint Genesis Peak, the venerable old Xuan!

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