Chapter 480 The Seven Great Chief Disciples

Sect master Qing Yang’s grand voice continued to echo within the sect.

Seated on the stone throne, Zhou Yuan could not help but feel overwhelmed inside when he heard the countless disciples congratulating him. His hands clenched tightly, clearly unable to contain his emotions.

His main reason for joining the Cangxuan Sect was to grow stronger, and reach the level where he could match king Wu. Becoming the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak had been his first target...

Once he became the chief disciple, he would be able to openly enter the sealed main peak to find the second Saint Rune left behind by patriarch Cang Xuan.

A Saint Rune was a fragment of the divine artifact, the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, and possessed unimaginable power. It was basically a miraculous blessing to anyone who could come to own it.

To obtain it, Zhou Yuan had not wasted even a single second resting over the past year, taking on risk after risk, and challenge after challenge. All of his efforts were finally being repaid at this very moment.

He was clearly growing closer and closer to his goal.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, suppressing the churning emotions in his heart, before he raised his gaze and looked towards a certain boulder far away, where a certain graceful figure was seated.

Yaoyao was currently holding Tuntun as she lifted her gorgeous face, causing their gazes to meet for an instant.

Next, Yaoyao’s red lips raised slightly, forming a faint, yet elegant angle.

She gently lifted the wine pot in her hand, and made a toasting gesture, as if she were both praising and affirming the year of hard work he had put in.

Because she clearly understood just how much effort Zhou Yuan had invested over the past year.

The current glory was something he had every right to possess.

Zhou Yuan smiled in response, before withdrawing his eyes. His gaze shifted towards the other six chief disciple peaks, where the battles had yet to end.

Unlike Saint Genesis Peak that only had three factions, the other peaks had at least several dozen. Hence, their chief disciple selections naturally would not be decided as quickly.

As such, Zhou Yuan needed to wait for the other six peaks to be done before the chief disciple selection would be officially over.

Only then would they be bestowed the reward for becoming the chief disciple, the only technique that the chief disciples of each peak had the right to learn… the seven Cangxuan arts!

For Saint Genesis Peak, it was the Omega Saint Spirit Art!

A high grade Heaven Genesis technique!

At this thought, even the usually composed Zhou Yuan felt his breathing grow heavier as his eyes turned a little red. It would be the highest level of Genesis technique he had ever come into contact with till now.

Even the little Mythic Saint Body he had learnt was merely an offshoot of the Mythic Saint Body, one of the seven Cangxuan arts.

It was difficult to imagine how powerful a true high grade Heaven Genesis technique would be.

Zhou Yuan ultimately quelled his roaming imagination. He changed to a cross-legged position on the stone throne, and closed his eyes as he began recovering his Genesis Qi.

The earlier battle had after all been extremely exhausting.

Time swiftly flowed while Zhou Yuan recovered. Outside the other six peaks, earth-shaking cheers would explode from time to time, a clear indication of the increasingly intense battles.

This continued till the sun was setting in the sky.

Dusky red light shined from the sky, draping a rose-red cloak over the land.

Dong! Dong!

When the sound of a bell echoed across the mountains, torrential cheering erupted in the Cangxuan Sect. The battles on the other six peaks had finally come to a conclusion.

At the same time, sect master Qing Yang’s booming voice descended from the sky once more.

“Cangxuan Peak’s chief disciple selection is over, their chief disciple, Tang Muxin.”

“Snow Lotus Peak, chief disciple, Su Yao.”

“Hongya Peak’s chief disciple, Chen Ze.”

“Spirit Rune Peak’s chief disciple, Jin Zhang.”

“Lightning Prison Peak’s chief disciple, Xie Yan.”

“Sword Cometh Peak’s chief disciple, Bai Liche.”

When each chief disciple was announced, deafening cheers would erupt from the disciples of each respective peak. All of them chanted their chief disciple’s name, an incredible sight that far surpassed Saint Genesis Peak in magnitude. After all, every other peak had an absolute advantage in numbers.

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and looked towards the mountain tops of the other six chief disciple peaks in the distance. A figure was currently seated in each of the chief disciple thrones at the top of each mountain.

These six individuals were obviously the six chief disciples of their respective peaks.

Among these six individuals, some were old chief disciples, while others had knocked down obstruction after obstruction, fighting all the way to the top where they ultimately defeated the old chief disciple.

Regardless of whether they were old or new chief disciples, every one of these six individuals were true elites that had distinguished themselves from countless Cangxuan Sect disciples.

Their status was second only to the ten great Chosens!

A mountain-toppling wave of noise converged, growing louder and louder until even the mountains began to tremble.

These noises were clearly congratulating the seven newly promoted chief disciples, who were currently the center of attention.

“Will the seven chief disciples come forward.”

Sect master Qing Yang’s gentle yet grand voice echoed above the other six peaks. Six figures shot forth in unison, landing on a giant mountain at the center of the seven peaks under the countless watching gazes.

This giant mountain was the location where the chief disciples received their rewards each year.

The tip of Zhou Yuan’s foot pushed off the ground as golden Genesis Qi formed a cloud below him. It carried him into the air, and ultimately arrived on the top of the giant mountain.

When he landed, six gazes immediately looked over with interest and curiosity. There was of course also some skepticism within them.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, it’s only been a year since you’ve joined the sect, and yet you’ve already become a chief disciple. Such a rapid rise is unprecedented in our Cangxuan Sect.” A male disciple chuckled as he sighed in admiration.

The man was called Jin Zhang, and was the chief disciple of Spirit Rune Peak. He had previously dueled with Yaoyao a while back during the boundary trial of Spirit Rune Hall.

However, he appeared to be quite a magnanimous person, and held no prejudice towards Zhou Yuan despite losing to Yaoyao. In a manner of speaking, he had been subdued by Yaoyao’s might.

Zhou Yuan could feel Jin Zhang’s goodwill, and quickly replied with a humble smile.

“Jin Zhang, you’re exaggerating things. Don’t you know how much easier it is to become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak?” However, a faint laughter was heard at this moment, laughter that was tinged with mockery.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, his gaze tracing the voice to its source, only to find a young man in blue robes wearing an indifferent expression on his face, while standing with his hands behind his back. The markings of Sword Cometh Peak could be seen on his sleeves.

This person was evidently the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak, Bai Liche.

Bai Liche’s indifferent gaze swept towards Zhou Yuan, eyes filled with skepticism and frostiness. However, his attitude towards the latter was quite normal, because Zhou Yuan had defeated Yuan Hong, and humiliated Sword Cometh Peak.

There was no one in the entire Cangxuan Sect that did not know Lu Hong’s faction had transferred to Saint Genesis Peak on peak master Ling Jun’s instructions.

After the failure of Lu Hong’s faction today, peak master Ling Jun would definitely be infuriated.

Hence, as a member of Sword Cometh Peak, this chief disciple naturally greatly disliked Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged in the face of the mocking and hostility. After all, he knew that Sword Cometh Peak would surely have an extremely unfavorable opinion of him the moment he defeated Yuan Hong.

“Hehe, Bai Liche, your words are quite biased. Though Saint Genesis Peak is currently not in the best of states, Lu Hong’s faction used to be quite high ranking in Sword Cometh Peak, while Yuan Hong would have been a strong contender for the chief disciple position in Sword Cometh Peak. If even he ended up losing to Zhou Yuan, his abilities can’t be too far off from the real deal.” Soft tinkling laughter sounded from the side.

Zhou Yuan looked over, and found a pretty young lady grinning at them. From the patterns on her sleeves, she should be chief disciple of the Cangxuan Peak, Tang Muxin.

Zhou Yuan was a little surprised that she had spoken up for him.

As if sensing his surprise, Tang Muxin smiled and said, “Junior sister Hongyi has been enthusiastically spreading your name in the Cangxuan Peak. From what I can see, you’re indeed a little different from the rest.”

Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding. Tang Muxin had spoken up for him because of Gu Hongyi.

Bai Liche frowned when he saw that both Jin Zhang and Tang Muxin would speak up for the newly promoted chief disciple, Zhou Yuan. In the end, he coldly snorted with a slight wave of his sleeves.

The other chief disciples did not join in, merely looking at Zhou Yuan with interest, before withdrawing their gazes.

On the mountain top, seven figures silently stood with their hands by their sides. 

They soon felt a vast presence descend from the sky, as glowing lotuses slowly landed on the mountain top.

Zhou Yuan and the other six raised their heads, and found six imposing figures seated on the glowing lotuses, their gazes as deep as the sea. Six immeasurable existences that were basically akin to gods.

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