Chapter 479 Chief Disciple Seat

Shocked noises continued to reverberate outside the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple peak, before swiftly spreading at an alarming pace, quickly spreading to the other six chief disciple peaks.

All of the disciples who received the news were without exception, stunned and shaken to the core.

A rapidly growing uproar washed over the Cangxuan Sect.

Everyone had clearly been astonished by this outcome. It was after all common knowledge that Saint Genesis Peak had fallen into hard times, and could not match the other six peaks. Moreover, Lu Hong’s faction was originally from the rapidly rising Sword Cometh Peak, and had even established a place for themselves there back then.

Many people believed that the chief disciple position of Saint Genesis Peak would most certainly end up with Lu Hong’s faction, mostly because of their unshakable confidence in Yuan Hong.

Even back in Sword Cometh Peak, Yuan Hong would have been a strong contender for the chief disciple position.

After being transferred to Saint Genesis Peak, obtaining the chief disciple seat should have been a mere formality.

Hence, the news had thoroughly stunned everyone who heard it.

“My god, Yuan Hong really lost?!”

“Isn’t Zhou Yuan the one who recently joined the sect last year?”

“Who else in Saint Genesis Peak is called Zhou Yuan?”

“Is he really so amazing? To think that even Yuan Hong was not his match.”

“Looks like everyone has underestimated him…”


Countless disciples could not stop sighing. Although Zhou Yuan had a growing reputation in the Cangxuan Sect, the public opinion was that he was still a new disciple, and needed more training before he could begin challenging a veteran disciple like Yuan Hong.

No one had expected that Zhou Yuan would defeat Yuan Hong at such a time, and seize Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple position.

While sighing, numerous disciples committed Zhou Yuan’s name to memory. They also subconsciously felt a little respect for him, and no longer viewed him as a new disciple.

After all, once he became the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Yuan’s status would be vastly different from before.

Outside Cangxuan Peak’s chief disciple peak.

Gu Hongyi was likewise stunned when she heard the news, but a happy smile soon blossomed on her beautiful face, as she cast her gaze towards the far away Saint Genesis Peak.

The truth was that she had not been optimistic about Zhou Yuan’s chances either, and thus could not bring herself to go over and watch. She was worried that she would see Zhou Yuan’s faction being crushed, and never imagined that he would instead end up tiumphanting over all the odds.

Gu Hongyi laughed softly, displaying an enchanting smile. Though it was somewhat regretful that she had not been there to personally witness it, Zhou Yuan’s victory was still the best news of all.

“Hongyi, that guy called Zhou Yuan is quite capable. To think that he managed to defeat even Yuan Hong.” Around Gu Hongyi, several senior and junior sisters from the Cangxuan Peak also released surprised noises.

They knew that Gu Hongyi was quite close to Zhou Yuan.

Gu Hongyi earnestly said, “He wasn’t ordinary from the start, anyone who underestimates him will surely pay the price.”

Gu Hongyi was obviously very popular in the Cangxuan Peak. As such, there were always quite a number male disciples crowding around her like stars to the moon, who all adored her greatly.

Therefore, their lips curled in jealousy when they saw how highly she thought of Zhou Yuan. Some of the more senior disciples even wanted to step forward to compare themselves with him, but ultimately chose to shut their mouths. They realized that when Zhou Yuan obtained the chief disciple position of Saint Genesis Peak, his status was no longer that of a new disciple.

If they talked carelessly, it would instead make them appear like overly arrogant braggarts.

Hence, they could only look at each other in the end, and shake their heads in frustration.


“What?! Zhou Yuan beat senior brother Yuan Hong?!”

When the news reached Sword Cometh Peak, it caused the biggest reactions of all. Numerous disciples were dumbstruck, clearly unable to accept this reality.

Lu Xuanyin in particular, stared at the disciple who had told them the news with round eyes, and an ashen face, as a dispirited look filled her eyes.

“How can this be?!”

Her voice was somewhat panicked. She knew full well that it was precisely because of herself that Lu Hong had been so critical of Zhou Yuan at the start. If not for her, Lu Hong would surely have seriously considered recruiting Zhou Yuan.

She had even been quite pleased with herself back then, and felt good that Lu Hong was avenging her. After today, however, that pleased feeling had turned to panic.

Because she clearly understood why Lu Hong’s faction had gone to Saint Genesis Peak.

It was on peak master Ling Jun’s instructions.

Lu Hong’s failure today would surely draw peak master Ling Jun’s wrath. When that happened, Lu Hong would not be the only one to receive punishment. Lu Xuanyin knew that she would also be implicated.

The thought of such an outcome caused Li Xuanyin’s face to turn deathly pale.

She never imagined that the country bumpkin she looked down on back then would come to possess such power and status in the Cangxuan Sect after a short year.


High in the sky where the ten Chosens were seated.

Chu Qing’s bald head gleamed brightly as he gazed at the collapsing mountain peak in the distance. Surprise flitted across his handsome face as he slowly said, “This junior brother Zhou Yuan of ours is no simple individual…”

These words were no longer teasing in nature due to Yaoyao, but genuinely complimenting Zhou Yuan himself.

It had only been a year since he joined the Cangxuan Sect, but he had already become the chief disciple of one of the peaks. Though it was in the pitiful Saint Genesis Peak, it was still enough to show how extraordinary Zhou Yuan was.

Li Qingchan also looked at his figure with a complicated expression in her eyes. She had realized that no matter how highly she viewed him, she always seemed to end up underestimating him a little.

This meant that she was still wrong about Zhou Yuan.

Li Qingchan turned towards another direction where a beautiful figure was elegantly seated. The latter seemed to sense the former’s gaze, and slightly tilted her head over in response, before raising a cup with a soft chuckle.

It was obviously Yaoyao.

Li Qingchan’s lips curled slightly, easily picturing Yaoyao asking her whether she was wrong again.

“He is quite the monster…” Muttered Li Qingchan as she glanced towards Zhou Yuan’s far away figure.

The fact that Zhou Yuan could draw such words from a Chosen such as herself showed how highly she regarded him.

Beside Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng was completely silent, but anyone could see the thick layer of frost covering his face. Nearby, Zhao Zhu had already begun cursing.

Who else could he be cursing but Yuan Hong for being useless.

At the sight of Kong Sheng’s appearance, the other Chosens could only chuckle inside, not daring to provoke him at such a time.

Only Chu Qing sighed, before he looked over and said, “Junior brother Kong Sheng, it looks like I was a step ahead of you again. When will you be passing me the Genesis jade?”

Veins popped out on Kong Sheng’s forehead.

Chu Qing rubbed his bald head as he displayed a dazzling smile, “No hurry, no hurry. Junior brother Kong Sheng can always write me an IOU first if you can’t pay up for the moment.”

A chilling voice shot out from the gaps between Kong Sheng’s teeth.



Even higher up in the sky.

Six majestic figures were seated in the sky. However, even these six figures were likewise a little out of it as they gazed upon the collapsing mountain top.

One could easily imagine how unexpected this was if it could affect even individuals like them.


Sect master Qing Yang was the first to recover. He coughed softly, before looking towards peak master Ling Jun. The latter was no longer able to maintain his usual faint smile, and his face was currently a little ugly.

On the other hand, peak master Lianyi was grinning from ear to ear as she said, “This year's chief disciple selection has been quite a rollercoaster. Hehe, peak master Ling Jun, we’ll be gladly receiving the resources of your Sword Cometh Peak.”

Though the other peak masters did not say anything, the corners of their lips were clearly twitching a little.

Back then, peak master Ling Jun had gone against the majority opinion, and transferred Lu Hong’s faction to Saint Genesis Peak. He had also promised them that if Lu Hong’s faction failed to obtain the chief disciple seat, Sword Cometh Peak would give a fifth of their cultivation resources as compensation to the other peaks.

That was a tremendous amount of cultivation resources. Even to people like them, losing such an amount would be very painful.

Peak master Ling Jun’s expression akin to a frozen lake, his tightly clenched hands betraying the boiling anger inside.

Sect master Qing Yang waved his hand, stopping peak master Lianyi’s gloating provocations. He fell silent for a brief moment, before ultimately deciding to speak, “The chief disciple position of Saint Genesis Peak has ended up with elder Shen Taiyuan’s group, while Lu Hong’s faction has failed.

“In accordance with the meeting we had before, peak master Ling Jun promised to give up a fifth of Sword Cometh Peak’s cultivation resources next year. I hope that peak master Ling Jun will be understanding in this matter.”

Although he pitied peak master Ling Jun a little, sect master Qing Yang naturally needed to be impartial. Hence, he had to be slightly heartless this time even if it was akin to cutting off peak master Ling Jun’s flesh.

After all, it was a promise peak master Ling Jun personally made to all the other peak masters. If he failed to adhere to it, the other peak masters would certainly not let this matter rest.

Peak master Ling Jun took in a deep breath. He did not say anything, and merely slowly nodded his head.

Sect master Qing Yang did not say anything else on this matter. His gaze shifted towards the collapsing mountain top as he waved his sleeve, causing the collapsing to stop.

A mysterious power seemed to descend from the sky. Countless disciples could only watch in astonishment as the giant mountain began to repair itself at this moment.

Boulders rose into the air as greenery grew once more.

In a short span of a few dozen seconds, the crumbling mountain peak had returned to its original state. Exactly the same as before as it continued to tower over the land.

One could only gasp in amazement at this sight.

To destroy a mountain was an easy task that one could accomplish at the Alpha-Origin stage, but to return a destroyed mountain to its original state was a feat that required a completely different level of power.

This was basically akin to shaping the land.

A boulder carrying the heavily injured Yuan Hong slowly rose into the sky and gently landed on the mountain top.

Zhou Yuan was similarly shocked by what he had just seen, as respect rose in his eyes. The power to shape and change the land itself had surpassed the boundaries of his imagination.

Sect master Qing Yang looked down from high up in the sky with a kind gaze.

A stone throne slowly rose behind Zhou Yuan, the two words ‘chief disciple’ inscribed upon it.

Zhou Yuan heart churned with emotion as he stared at the throne. He bowed towards the far away sect master Qing Yang, before seating himself on the throne amidst countless envious gazes.

The moment he was seated, a ray of light arose from the throne and soared into the sky, standing on the mountain like a glowing pillar that supported the heavens, allowing the entire Cangxuan Sect to clearly view it.

At the same time, sect master Qing Yang’s grand voice echoed across the land.

“Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple selection has concluded.”

“And their chief disciple is Zhou Yuan!”

Innumerable disciples looked towards the young figure seated upon the stone throne, respect flowing out in their eyes, as they bowed towards him.

Countless voices rang out in an orderly fashion.

“Congratulations chief disciple Zhou Yuan!”

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