Chapter 476 Fifth Layer!

A golden Genesis Qi light pillar charged straight into the sky, emitting dazzling golden light and a powerful Genesis Qi pressure.

Countless onlookers watched in shock as gaze after gaze stared hard at the depths of the collapsed mountain top. They were truly unable to believe that Zhou Yuan would suddenly have a cultivation breakthrough after experiencing such a desperate battle.

It was impossible for such a breakthrough to occur out of the blue.

After all, one would faintly be able to sense an imminent cultivation breakthrough. Hence, all of this had likely been within Zhou Yuan’s expectations. From the very beginning, he may have been using the desperate fight to temper himself, and allow a miraculous cultivation breakthrough to perfectly appear.

Everyone knew that it was easiest to find that breakthrough opportunity in a battle of such high intensity and concentration.

“Zhou Yuan… is so meticulous in his strategy!”

Several disciples could not help but sigh in amazement. An ordinary person would likely do everything possible to reach for a breakthrough the moment the signs appeared. As for whether it would be perfect, that was definitely not a priority. 

After all, no one would know when such a chance would appear again.

Only those who had absolute confidence in themselves would dare to calm their hearts, and silently polish themselves further as they waited for the most perfect timing.

Which was precisely what was happening now.

The Genesis Qi light pillar was robust and pure. In addition, it gave off a powerful Genesis Qi pressure that was comparable to the eighth layer. From this, one could easily see how crazily solid his foundations were.

Complicated expressions rose in the eyes of countless disciples. It had finally dawned upon them why Zhou Yuan was clearly ascending to the fifth layer, but his Genesis Qi foundations were no weaker than the eighth layer.

Because the latter’s training was extremely harsh and stringent. Even a widely sought after cultivation breakthrough was not rushed, instead waiting for the most perfect timing to seek it.

Such discipline and confidence far exceeded the norm.

In the sky above the peak, Yuan Hong’s expression fluctuated indeterminately as he watched this scene. He never imagined that he would become a mere grindstone for Zhou Yuan.

This opponent of his had likely planned everything in advance, making use of the battle to induce a perfect cultivation breakthrough.

The more desperate the earlier fight, the more benefits Zhou Yuan would receive.

However, the fact that he dared to use a battle of this level as a training tool only showed his remarkable gutsiness.


Yuan Hong took in a deep breath with a dark look in his eyes. The expelled breath had a fierce burning aura as sword Qi began to surge between his fingers.

He had finally completely thrown away the composure from before. Zhou Yuan had surpassed his limits time and time again, and this time, it was very likely that he would catch up to Yuan Hong.

The golden Genesis Qi grew increasingly dazzling and vigorous.

Everyone could see a figure slowly rising within the glowing Genesis Qi pillar, before eventually coming to a stop in the sky.

It was Zhou Yuan!

All traces of blood had already been shaken off from his body. Although his clothes were still quite tattered, the injuries on his body were now fully healed. Jade light glowed from his skin as faint silver light shimmered in the depths of his bones.

Golden light gathered in his pupils, as if they were golden pupils, while an intimidating pressure spread.

At the sight of the current Zhou Yuan, Yuan Hong’s pupils shrank slightly, evidently feeling an extremely dangerous aura for the very first time.

Every gaze in the area converged onto Zhou Yuan’s body.

His eyes were lightly shut, feeling the surging Genesis Qi in his body as a smile rose from the corners of his lips.

“Four thousand Genesis Qi stars.”

After reaching the fifth layer, the number of stars in his Q Dwelling had grown to over four thousand.

One must know that he had about a thousand two hundred stars in his Qi Dwelling when he rose to the fourth layer, which had slowly increased to two thousand at the peak of the fourth layer.

This cultivation breakthrough had doubled that number.

If this number was made public, many people would be astonished. After all, even some eighth layer disciples may not even have four thousand Genesis Qi stars.

Hence, if one were to talk solely about Genesis Qi foundations, the current Zhou Yuan was already no weaker than Yuan Hong.

Zhou Yuan gazed at Yuan Hong with faint indifference. The danger levels of the extremely high threat opponent from before had already begun to plummet in his eyes.

“Since I managed to achieve my cultivation breakthrough, it should be time for us to end this fight, right?” Said Zhou Yuan with a slight smile.

Yuan Hong’s eyes turned frosty as he retorted, “What boastful words! Do  you truly believe ascending to the fifth layer will change anything?!”

Fury surged in Yuan Hong’s heart. These words were just far too disrespectful. It was as if all the times he had been down in the earlier fight was merely him patiently enduring for his cultivation breakthrough.

Zhou Yuan did not continue the exchange of words. His hands came together as he rapidly made a series of hand seals.

Genesis Qi churned in his body, as a pressure spread, causing even the fabric of space to tremble faintly.

The air around him abruptly heated up at this moment.

Yuan Hong’s expression darkened. He did not dare to be negligent as a similarly powerful and sharp burning aura spread. The Heaven Flame Sword that had been fused into his body had bestowed his Genesis Qi with fire properties.

He was currently the Heaven Flame Sword, while the Heaven Flame Sword also him!


The surrounding Genesis Qi swiftly gathered towards Zhou Yuan as his cheeks abruptly ballooned. A split second later, azure flames ferociously spouted from his mouth like a sea of fire.

The azure sea of fire swept towards Yuan Hong like lightning, causing the surrounding temperatures to rise rapidly.

“Heavenly Sun Flame?” Yuan Hong was a little taken aback by this sight, but was evidently prepared for it as he sneered and said, “You intend to defeat me with just this?”

Zhou Yuan acted as if he had not heard anything. As the last bit of flame was blown out from his mouth, he suddenly spat out a very faint dark golden light. The light fused into the azure sea of flames, instantly dyeing in a dark golden hue.

A dark golden sea of flames charged past like a raging bull, the terrifying heat rapidly climbing higher and higher. The forest on the mountain below began to burn, while the ground started to melt.

“Heavenly Sun God Record, third level, dark golden Heavenly Sun Flame!”

Yuan Hong’s expression finally changed at this moment as fear rose in his eyes.

“He has achieved the advance stage of the Heavenly Sun God Record!” Shock flooded Yuan Hong’s heart. The Heaven Sun God Record was a low grade Heaven Genesis technique which comprised three stages. No one would have expected Zhou Yuan to reach the advance stage in a single year.

One must know that even Yuan Hong himself had not managed to reach the advance stage in any of his Heaven Genesis techniques.

As the dreadful heat rapidly approached, Yuan Hong did not dare to waste any more time. He clapped his hands together as the cry of a sword loudly erupted from his body. Scarlet light unfurled, transforming into a sky full of scarlet swords behind him.

It was basically another sea, but one made of swords.

Swoosh! Swish!

In the next instant, countless scarlet-red swords shot forth and clashed with the dark golden Heavenly Sun Flames.

Ch! Ch!

However, the swords were instantly evaporated upon contact with the sea of flames, though they did manage to halt the advancing flames with sheer numbers alone.

But as more and more of the swords were evaporated, several burns began to appear on Yuan Hong’s body. These swords were part of the Heaven Flame Sword’s power, and burning them would also cause harm to Yuan Hong’s body.

However, there was nothing else he could do at this time.

An ominous glint surfaced in Yuan Hong’s eyes as his cheeks abruptly ballooned, before his mouth suddenly opened a split second later.

“Sword Flame Torrent!”

A scarlet torrent spouted forth from his mouth, the sharp aura pulsing from it evidence that it was actually composed entirely of sword Qi. Sword Qi swept forth, colliding with the dark golden sea of flames. With the sharpness of the sword Qi, the sea of flames was finally split apart.

The scarlet-red in Yuan Hong’s pupils began to wane, a sign that this move had greatly exhausted him.

Before Yuan Hong could breathe a sigh of relief, however, he suddenly sensed space rippling above him. He abruptly jerked his head upwards, and discovered a figure appearing with a flash.

Zhou Yuan looked down at his opponent from above with a gaze with cold indifference.

He suddenly pounced a split second later, an overwhelming torrential presence surging from him like a tiger that was about to deal the killing blow to its prey.

“Jade skin!” His figure descended like a bolt of lightning as a jade glow blossomed from his skin.

“Silver bone!”

“Magical Serpent Scales!”

“Fifth layer!” Dazzling rays exploded from the four thousand Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling as torrential Genesis Qi flooded out.

“Myriad Transformations!” Snow-white hairs tunnelled out from Zhou Yuan’s body and twisted around his arm, creating a snow-white gauntlet over his fist.

These were brush hairs from the Heavenly Yuan Brush!

“Genesis Breaker!” The snow-white gauntlet instantly turned a deep, mysterious pitch-black.

At this current point in time, Zhou Yuan’s aura had reached an indescribably terrifying level.

With Yuan Hong’s figure reflected in Zhou Yuan’s pupils, a twisted, sinister grin appeared from the corners of his lips

“Million Whale Rune!”

In this very moment, the strongest blow he had prepared was finally unleashed with bold, unstoppable momentum.

The fabric of space around him rippled violently as the remains of the chief disciple peak below began to collapse once more.

This punch was far too great, possessing overwhelming power that could reshape the very land itself!

In the face of such a punch, even Yuan Hong’s expression changed drastically as terror flooded his eyes. However, he was also a person of extraordinary calibre, and was thus not completely paralyzed.


He roared as ferocity swelled in his eyes. He knew that only defeat awaited him if he allowed himself to yield even half a step.

“Heaven Flame Sword!”

With a furious roar, his fingers clenched tightly into a fist that was sent blasting forth. Scarlet light frantically surged as the silhouette of a sword superimposed itself on his arm, the sword’s power and his own fully erupting at this moment.

At this point in time, he could only pour all of his power into this final clash!


Under attention of countless shocked gazes, the mightiest, full-power attacks of the two individuals clashed in the sky above the chief disciple peak with unequaled ferocity.

It was akin to a meteor collision. 

A flurry of emotions colored the faces of countless disciples as they watched.

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