Chapter 475 Breakthrough!

Boom! Boom!

Under countless horrified gazes, the attacks from both parties collided on the chief disciple peak, as an enormous explosion of energy swept outwards. The top of the mountain had finally began to crumble at this moment.

Boulders continuously tumbled down as stone platform after platform collapsed.

The entire mountain began to fall apart layer by layer.

It was a clash that could be said to be earth-shattering.

The destruction caused the scalps of countless disciples to turn numb.

A giant cloud of dust rose from the wreckage, covering the sky.

Every gaze was glued to the collapsed mountain top. The frightening attacks from before should finally mark the end of the chief disciple selection, right?

Under these watching gazes, the dust cloud gradually dissipated.

Next, numerous disciples saw a thin figure floating in the air. It was Yuan Hong!

Berserk and powerful scarlet-red Genesis Qi continuously pulsed from his body as he stood in the air, while blood dripped from his hands.

The gazes shifted downwards, only to find that the mountain top had completely crumbled. Amidst the rubble was a deep, bottomless black hole that appeared to pierce straight through the giant mountain...

It was clear that Zhou Yuan had been blasted deep into the chief disciple peak by Yuan Hong’s frightening bombardment.

This scene made the Shen Taiyuan’s disciples turn deathly pale. They were truly unable to imagine just how terrifying Yuan Hong’s attacks had been.

But they knew that even Zhou Yuan had not been able to withstand that relentless and crazed explosion of power.

In contrast, Lu Hong’s disciples breathed a sigh of relief as if a heavy weight had been lifted from their shoulders. There were really too many twists and turns in this battle.

Lu Hong faintly trembled as he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, his tense body finally allowing itself to slowly relax, as a cold smile appeared from the corners of his lips.

Although it had been quite a rollercoaster, the ones who were able to laugh in the end was his faction!

Lu Hong mumbled with a slightly clenched jaw, “He shouldn’t be able to make any more comebacks, right?” 

The countless onlookers sighed in pity when they saw this scene. Zhou Yuan had only needed one more step to create a miracle.

What a pity that he had failed at the final moment.

It truly was quite regretful.

Yuan Hong stood in the air, his chilling gaze staring at the ruins of the mountain top. His senses told him that the Genesis Qi undulations deep in the mountain had indeed become very weak.

His opponent had evidently been gravely injured, making him the ultimate victor in this battle!


In the dark newly created depths inside the mountain.

Zhou Yuan's blood-drenched body was buried in the rubble. If he had not attained the silver bone stage, he would have been knocked out due to heavy injuries.

Even so, he could feel pain radiate from all over his body.

Yuan Hong’s earlier attacks had been rather unbearable despite achieving the silver bone stage.

“How troublesome…”

Zhou Yuan’s hoarse voice echoed in the darkness.

His gaze penetrated the cracks amidst the rocks, catching a faint glimpse of the scarlet-red silhouette in the sky.

Though there was a tired look in his eyes, it was dwarfed by a burning unyielding flame.

Even in such a terrible situation, it was impossible for him to give up!

He had suffered untold hardships to come this far, how could he allow himself to fall at the final step?!

Zhou Yuan’s burning eyes slowly closed at this moment, as the faint breathing of a dragon echoed from his nose.

The dragon breathing grew louder and louder, as if a giant dragon was breathing. While he breathed, the surrounding Genesis Qi began surging over, transforming into white mist that was sucked into Zhou Yuan’s body.

Dragon Breathing!

The breathing grew more and more hurried as it became louder and louder.

In the end, the entire interior of the mountain was filled by boundless Genesis Qi that frantically poured into Zhou Yuan’s body.

Zhou Yuan’s hand slowly began to clench tightly once more. Robust Genesis Qi flowed into his body, before being swiftly refined and cast into his Qi Dwelling.

The Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling swiftly began to grow.

In the darkness, Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly opened as a seemingly inexhaustible bright light shined in his eyes.

He had been stuck on the fourth layer Alpha-Origin for a long time, and had already faintly sensed the signs of a cultivation breakthrough while training on the water and fire tempering dragon stage.

However, those signs had been extremely weak. Hence, Zhou Yuan chose to suppress them instead of forcibly attempting a breakthrough.

But he was also preparing for it at all times, and after the bitter, desperate battle earlier, the indications of a breakthrough were finally slowly becoming clearer...

A natural feeling akin to the creation of a canal where water flowed.

Three months of slowly building his foundations bit by bit, and an intense battle to solidify it...

The feeling of a breakthrough finally reached its peak at this very moment.

The final trump card Zhou Yuan had prepared for the chief disciple selection was quietly being flipped open at this moment…


In the sky above the chief disciple peak.

Yuan Hong raised his head and looked towards the sky, clearly waiting for the final verdict to come. He was already the last man standing, and the position of Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple should soon fall upon his shoulders.

However, after waiting for some time, he realized that there appeared to be no movement from the six grand figures in the sky.

This was likewise detected by numerous disciples, causing them to burst out into confused noises. According to the rules, shouldn’t it be time to announce that Yuan Hong had obtained the chief disciple position of Saint Genesis Peak?

After all, he already had no opponents left.


While Yuan Hong and the numerous disciples were confused, a weak, barely audible dragon roar suddenly echoed.

Yuan Hong was slightly stunned, before he abruptly threw his gaze towards the depths of the mountain, where he had sensed a powerful Genesis Qi undulation begin to gather at an alarming speed.

“How can this be?! He still has strength to fight?” Yuan Hong’s pupils shrank as disbelief and shock flooded his face.

It should have already been concluded, how could the situation change once more?!


Everyone watched as an enormous thousand foot light pillar of golden Genesis Qi suddenly erupt from the depths of the mountain.

One would faintly see a giant python hissing in the Genesis Qi pillar, as a powerful aura engulfed the area.

Countless gazes were dumbstruck as they stared at the violently churning Genesis Qi. This was not an unfamiliar sight to them, the same thing would happen to them during a Genesis Qi breakthrough.

In other words...

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation had ascended to the next level!

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