Chapter 474 Sword Feeding Technique


The entire area seemed to turn hot the instant the scarlet-red broadsword fully submerged into Yuan Hong’s head. At the same time, the deep cry of a sword echoed across the land.

The sword cry felt eternal and unending, seemingly transforming into omni present sword Qi that filled the area within a several thousand feet radius of Yuan Hong.

Ch ch!

Yuan Hong stood in the air as countless scars were cut open on the ground below his feet, revealing insides that were smooth as mirrors.

The pressure from Yuan Hong’s body steadily grew more and more powerful.

These changes were naturally immediately detected by Zhou Yuan. His expression instantly changed, because Yuan Hong’s Genesis Qi now felt extremely scorching and deadly.

It was completely different from before.

“What’s going on?” Confusion flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

On the mountain peak, Lu Yan, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately in confusion, evidently also sensing the changes in Yuan Hong.

Outside the chief disciple peak, countless gazes also watched in confusion.

Elder Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s brows were tightly furrowed, their eyes rapidly flickering in thought as they stared at Yuan Hong’s figure. A long while later, they seemed to recall something as their pupils shrank a little.

“It’s the Sword Feeding Technique?”

Their expressions turned ugly. The Sword Feeding Technique was a rather unorthodox Genesis technique of Sword Cometh Peak. It fed one’s flesh and blood to the sword, allowing one to temporarily achieve a pseudo state of ‘sword and man as one’. In this state, the wielder’s strength would be augmented, while also being bestowed the powers of the sword...

However, this Genesis technique was extremely damaging to the wielder, and would leave serious repercussions. In fact, even the sword would be tainted by a demonic aura that would make it difficult to control in the future.

It was precisely because of this high price that very few disciples would attempt learning it. Moreover, even if they did, they would not resort to it unless it was a life or death situation.

No one had expected Yuan Hong to activate at this juncture...

Numerous disciples broke out into whispers, many criticizing Yuan Hong. The latter’s methods were clearly quite unscrupulous.

High up in the sky, sect master Qing Yang frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

“Humph, it’s only a match between disciples of the same sect, and yet he even used such a technique that would even harm himself. What a vicious disciple.” Peak master Lianyi swept a cold glance at peak master Ling Jun.

The other peak masters also shook their heads as if they had something to say about the matter.

Peak master Ling Jun’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “Yuan Hong’s thirst for victory is indeed a little too strong. After this is over, he shall be reprimanded for such actions. However, the rules do state that one must do one’s best, and has never restricted or forbidden such techniques.”

Sect master Qing Yang fell into thought for a brief moment, and could ultimately only shake his head in a helpless manner. Though this action of Yuan Hong was quite unsightly, it did not break any rules. Hence, it was not appropriate for him as sect master to be overly critical. 

He looked towards Zhou Yuan’s figure on the mountain top with some pity. The fact that Zhou Yuan, a newly promoted disciple, had been able to push Yuan Hong to this point was already more than proof of his ability. This had perhaps been a little too difficult to swallow for the latter, forcing him to use such a sacrilegious technique.

Given Yuan Hong’s current state, things would likely become quite dangerous for Zhou Yuan.


Buzz buzz!

The humming of a sword continuously echoed across the area.

Yuan Hong’s originally muscular body began to shrivel at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. Scarlet light surfaced in his pupils, making him look quite the terrifying sight.

Zhou Yuan could sense an increasingly dangerous aura from Yuan Hong’s body, causing him to tightly grip the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he focused all his attention on the latter.

“I truly never imagined… that the first time I use the Sword Feeding Technique would be because of you.” Scarlet light surged within Yuan Hong’s pupils, his voice turning eerie and raspy as he stared at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan did not respond, merely continuing to watch his opponent with cold eyes, while his body tensed up in high alert.

“I’ll make you understand the meaning of fear!” The corners of Yuan Hong’s mouth were lifted, creating a sinister smile.


His foot powerfully slammed into the ground, the hum of a sword seemingly echoing as his body strangely disappeared from the spot.

“So quick!”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank a little. Yuan Hong was undoubtedly much faster than before.


Just as Zhou Yuan began to retreat, the sound of a humming sword was suddenly heard above him. He abruptly lifted his head, to find Yuan Hong’s gangly figure appear, staring at him with a chillingly eerie gaze as a bony hand ferociously chopped downwards.


As the knife-hand fell, scarlet light spouted out, transforming into a glowing thousand foot long sword. Intense heat and power pulsed from it, as if it were an legendary evil sword that had just been pulled from a volcano.

Sword light rushed past, leaving scars in the fabric space itself.

Every motion and every attack was even fiercer and more powerful than when he had been wielding the Heaven Flame Sword earlier.

Scarlet light rapidly grew in Zhou Yuan’s pupils. He did not dare to waste any time as the tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush swiftly turned pitch-black. SIlver light flickered in his body as he drew upon every ounce of his power and swung with all his might.


The glowing scarlet sword hacked onto the tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, causing a loud clang to explode. A scarlet-red shockwave unfurled, causing a violent gale to sweep across the area.

Everyone watched as Zhou Yuan’s figure was sent hurtling away from the scarlet light. He landed hard on the ground, his feet rapidly crushing the floor below him as his sleeves were ripped apart by an invisible force.

After sliding a hundred feet, Zhou Yuan finally managed to stabilize his body as his expression turned extremely grave. Blood dripped from his hands, while the web between his thumb and index figure had been torn.

“What a terrifying attack.”

Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth. Yuan Hong’s strength was far too alarming in this state. In contrast to how they had been almost equal earlier, Zhou Yuan was now clearly being overwhelmed again.

The chief disciple selection was much more difficult than expected.

The many trump cards he had prepared were being forced out one after another.

In the sky, Yuan Hong’s savage scarlet pupils turned towards and locked onto Zhou Yuan. In the next instant, his body plunged from the sky, clearly intent on properly finishing off the latter in this state.


Sonic booms were heard as his figure rocketed through the air.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, a flurry of chops were thrown by Yuan Hong, creating giant scarlet sword after sword that seemed to fill the entire sky as they rained down, a sight that made the scalps of the countless watching disciples turn numb.

In the face of Yuan Hong’s crazy offensive, Zhou Yuan also felt his scalp grow numb. However, there was already nowhere to escape. He could only tightly grip the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he low roar left his throat.

“Jade skin!”

“Silver bone!”

“Genesis Breaker!”

“Million Whale!”


Frightening power erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body without any reservation. In the face of Yuan Hong’s attacks, Zhou Yuan had no choice but to squeeze out every bit of power he possessed.

This was going to be a clash of their strongest power!

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