Chapter 470 Are You Done?


A torrent of berserk Genesis Qi whizzed out, rising up like a giant dragon, before ramming into a frail looking figure with terrifying power under the many shocked watching gazes.

The figure was immediately sent hurtling through the air, before crashing into a rock wall. Cracks grew across the entire wall, with the figure now deeply embedded within.

Boulders began to crumble and fall, completely burying his body.

It was a scene so pitiful and miserable, that it was unbearable to watch.

Outside the chief disciple peak, the countless onlookers sighed in pity when they saw this scene.

It was a essentially one-sided fight. Zhou Yuan was being dominated by Yuan Hong, showing that the two were obviously on completely different levels.

“Why is he still not admitting defeat?”

“He’s really very tenacious… unfortunately, such tenacity will do nothing for him here.”

“To have come this far is already an amazing achievement. It won’t be shameful if he loses to Yuan Hong.” A disciple sighed deeply, a sliver of respect in his tone.

After all, even the trio of Lu Yan, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan had been beaten. Even if Zhou Yuan were defeated, it would not hurt his reputation.

Over at the area Shen Taiyuan’s faction was occupying, numerous disciples were silent as they watched Zhou Yuan being blasted away by Yuan Hong time and time again, tenaciously gritting his teeth each time, and stubbornly charging forward once more. Soon, they began to grow angry as they turned their gazes towards Yuan Hong.

“Zhou Yuan!”

No one knew who had suddenly shouted.

“Zhou Yuan!”

“Zhou Yuan!”

More and more of Shen Taiyuan’s disciples began to roar, the sounds ultimately gathering together to boom across the land like thunder. 

This was the method they chose to cheer and encourage Zhou Yuan.

As their roars grew louder and louder, Lu Song’s disciples looked at each other, before also beginning to shake their arms and yell.

“Zhou Yuan!”

“Zhou Yuan!”


More and more voices began to gather, alarming everyone. Even the disciples from the other peaks cast their gazes over, complicated expressions rising in their eyes when they saw the tenaciously fighting figure.

A sight like this would always touch the hearts of the people.

The disciple called Zhou Yuan was teaching them the meaning of being unafraid.

Yaoyao sat on a boulder, listened to the booming voices echoing around her, as her clear eyes focused on the chief disciple peak far away.


Tuntun released an angry roar from her lap, as its tiny body began to show signs of growing. Ferocity swirled in its eyes as it stared at Yuan Hong’s figure.

Although it often fought with Zhou Yuan and looked down on him, it was likely that no one could truly comprehend the inborn pride in its heart. The nobleness flowing in its blood gave it the right to ignore ordinary humans.

Hence, taking the time to play with Zhou Yuan showed that Tuntun had already accepted the latter.

In its heart, only Cang Yuan, Yaoyao, and now Zhou Yuan were the only ones that it had accepted.

Hence, Tuntun felt that though it may bully Zhou Yuan, others were absolutely forbidden from doing so, because such an act would be a challenge to its dignity.

Yaoyao gently caressed Tuntun’s head, calming the somewhat out of control rage in its body. The expression on her gorgeous face was completely unchanged, but when her gaze swept across Yuan Hong’s figure, a faint icy light flashed past in her eyes.


Lu Hong’s disciples were rather taken aback by the sudden thunderous cheering. They tried to cheer on Yuan Hong too, but their voices were immediately drowned out by the din.

Lu Hong merely watched with indifferent eyes as he laughed, completely unfazed by it.

These were merely the cries of despair that belonged to the weak.

But even if all of you broke your throats cheering, Zhou Yuan will still be incapable of turning the tables!

He must pay the price for his earlier arrogance!

As Lu Hong gazed upon the pitiful figure on the mountain top, a pleased smile slowly crept up from the corners of his mouth.


On the messy mountain top.

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan’s expressions turned somewhat ugly as they watched the bitter scene.

Zhou Tai's jaw was tightly clenched, his eyes practically spitting fire as he glared at Yuan Hong. If not for his elimination, he would have dragged his heavily injured body over to duke it out with the latter.

Zhang Yan’s expression was likewise rather ugly. He clearly could see that Yuan Hong was merely toying with Zhou Yuan. As a disciples from their faction, being toyed in this manner was naturally akin to stepping on their faces.

Lu Yan was also watching the with a complicated expression. Zhou Yuan tenacity had touched even her heart, while also making it feel extremely unbearable to watch.

She softly mumbled, “Please don’t get up anymore… and admit defeat.”

As long as he admitted defeat, Yuan Hong would no longer be able to intentionally humiliate him in this manner.

In addition, admitting defeat at his juncture would not sully his reputation, because his performance was already extremely perfect.

At this current moment, the thunderous voices from outside the chief disciple peak faintly echoed on the mountain top.

“Zhou Yuan!”

“Zhou Yuan!”


As if hearing these voices, the rubble began to move as a figure slowly crawled to his feet once more, while fresh blood dripped from the surrounding rocks.

Lu Yan tightly gritted her teeth as she looked away, unable to continue watching.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan… please, ad… admit defeat!” Zhou Tai eyes had already turned red.

Zhang Yan was also tightly clenching his jaw. Although he had always found Zhou Yuan to be an eyesore, the latter’s tenacity had begun to stir even his heart a little.

Yuan Hong stood in the air with his arms across his chest. His indifferent gaze looked towards the moving rocks, before he tilted his head slightly, as if listening to the noise faintly echoing from outside the chief disciple peak.

Yuan Hong seemed to chuckle as he said, “It seems that you’re quite popular.” 

He shook his head and said, “However, I feel that you do not deserve this as the loser.”

“I’ve had my fun. If you still refuse to admit defeat, I can only break one of your legs and see whether you’ll still be able to stand…”

Alarming Genesis Qi frantically converged towards the tip of Yuan Hong’s figure as a loud rumbling noise began to shake the ground.


As the Genesis Qi gathered, an enormous Genesis Qi sword slowly appeared in front of Yuan Hong.

The moment the sword appeared, a torrential flood of sword Qi of matchless sharpness ferociously unfurled, tearing open deep gorges on the surrounding ground.

Anyone could see that this sword would be able to cleave even a giant mountain into two. If it landed on Zhou Yuan’s body, the latter would surely be unable to bear its power.

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan’s expressions changed drastically.

“Stop!” All three of them yelled out in unison.

However, a trace of mockery merely rose from the corners of Yuan Hong’s lips as he ignored them and flicked his finger.


Everyone could only watch as a flash of sword light sliced across the land.

Such speed was as fast as lightning.

Many people could only see the ground being torn open rapidly torn open, as the countless boulders scattered near the wall split apart, revealing interiors that were smooth as mirrors.

A flash of sword light headed directly for the figure that was still struggling to its feet.

It arrived in an instant.

“It’s over.” Yuan Hong nonchalantly declared.

Sword light swept past, splitting countless boulders as it charged into the wall.

Sword Qi swept outwards, devastating the surroundings. A smooth, glossy cut seemed to instantly appear on the wall, before he began to fall apart.

A cloud of dust rose in the air.

Countless individuals could not help but close their eyes, unable to watch on.

Yuan Hong shook his head, and proceeded to turn around to declare the end of the chief disciple selection.


However, just as he was about to turn, Genesis Qi suddenly exploded from the mountain of rubble, blowing countless rocks away.

Countless gazes immediately looked over in astonishment.

Yuan Hong was a little stunned as he muttered in surprise, “You still have some strength left?”

He lifted his head to look towards the shattered remains of the wall. The pile of rocks had already been blown away, revealing a standing figure.

Amidst the dust, it could be seen that the figure’s hands were outstretched, tightly grabbing something in front of it.

A glow appeared, revealing the ‘something’ to be a giant Genesis Qi sword!

Yuan Hong’s pupils violently shrank at this moment.

The sword was obviously the attack he had sent out earlier. But why… was it being firmly grabbed by Zhou Yuan with his bare hands?

Why had it not chopped off his arms?

“How can this be?!” Confusion flashed in Yuan Hong’s eyes.

A clamour rose from the area like a wave.


Zhou Yuan’s entire body was drenched in blood, his lacerated flesh a gruesome sight to behold. He spat out a mouthful of spit mixed with blood, before slowly lifting his head. Silver light seemed to slowly swirl in the depths of his pupils, making him look extremely mysterious.

“Are you…”

As he panted, a voice was slowly spat out from between his bloody teeth.

“done attacking?”

When the final word sounded, 


He clenched harder as the space around his hands seemed to slightly distort. Next, countless gazes stared in shock as the enormous Genesis Qi sword shattered with a loud bang in Zhou Yuan’s hands!

At the same time, Zhou Yuan’s chilling voice rang out.

“If you’re done…”

“It should be my turn, right?!”

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