Chapter 469

Waves of Genesis Qi violently swept out from Yuan Hong’s body like a storm, stirring the mist on the entire mountain peak as a dreadful pressure spread.

Under this Genesis Qi pressure, Zhou Yuan’s expression gradually turned solemn. From the pressure alone, he could tell that Yuan Hong was nothing like the likes of Wu Hai and the rest from before.

Behind them, Han Yu had already withdrawn long ago, fear covering her entire face. All her courage had already been scattered, not that she was prepared to fight Yuan Hong either. Hence, it was clearly impossible to expect any help from her.

The pressure surged in all directions in a spectacular manner. However, it failed to even crack Zhou Yuan’s courage, and instead caused burning battle intent to rise in his eyes.

His hands slowly tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush, a buzzing noise emerging as it swayed slightly.

He had suffered untold hardships, and trained tirelessly for a year to finally reach this place. All he needed now was one final step to become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak. Hence, Zhou Yuan was not going to back down regardless of who was standing in his way.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan… be careful…”

While battle intent was surging in his heart, an extremely faint voice was suddenly transmitted towards him. He was a little stunned as he shifted his gaze, finding the three bloody figures struggling up from the rubble nearby. The one who had spoken was Zhou Tai.

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan had been gravely injured, making them disqualified according to the rules.

The awakened trio stared at Zhou Yuan with complicated expressions, especially Zhang Yan and Lu Yan. They had been the ones who thought the least of Zhou Yuan, and thus never imagined that he would manage to appear here.

They understood that the fact that he had made here meant that the other five participants from Lu Hong’s team had already been eliminated.

They had a very clear grasp of Han Yu and Han Yan’s strength. Hence, the only one who could have accomplished such a feat was undoubtedly the biggest variable, Zhou Yuan.

Zhang Yan leaned against a rock as he looked at Zhou Yuan. In the end, he powerlessly said, “You’re already very amazing to have made it here. That’s why you shouldn’t force yourself.”

Although Zhou Yuan’s appearance had been surprising, in Zhang Yan’s opinion, challenging Yuan Hong would still be asking for trouble.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He knew that Zhang Yan did not have any ill intent, but instead hoped to prevent a potentially crippling setback. As such, Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “I should give it a try first, right? What if that million and one chance happens?”

Upon hearing this, Lu Yan nearly laughed out in mockery like she always had before. However, the intense pain from her injuries made her bite into her lip as she sullenly hissed, “Are you dreaming?”

It was not that she was looking down on Zhou Yuan, but since even the three of them working together had lost to Yuan Hong, she was truly unable to believe that Zhou Yuan had the qualifications to fight the latter.

The only outcome that awaited him would surely be a one-sided crushing defeat. What’s more, it may even leave a shadow in his heart that may impede his cultivation progress in the future.

Zhou Yuan shook his head, not bothering to continue the conversation. He withdrew his gaze, and concentrated on Yuan Hong again.

Yuan Hong indifferently said, “It seems that they failed to dispel your death wish.”


However, the only response he received was a buzzing noise from the Heavenly Yuan Brush. A sharp light rose in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, along with a jade glow from his body. His figure rapidly etherealized, transforming into a wisp of smoke that disappeared from the spot.

He had chosen to take the initiative!

Yuan Hong merely watched with an expressionless face. With a grasp of his hand, torrential Genesis Qi unfurled, transforming into a thousand foot wide giant Genesis Qi hand that mercilessly swatted downwards.


An enormous shadow loomed as the entire peak shuddered under the giant Genesis Qi hand.

“Genesis Breaker!”

A deep voice rang out.

Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared with a flash and gazed at the giant Genesis Qi hand falling from the sky. The hairs of the Heavenly Yuan Brush turned pitch-black as the Genesis Qi in his body churned wildly.

Jade light gleamed across his skin as scales emerged.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush streaked upwards like a shooting star, clashing directly against the enormous hand.


A berserk shockwave of destruction immediately unfurled at the instant of impact. Zhou Yuan’s eyes hardened as the pitch-black brush tip released a unique power that neutralized the Genesis Qi from the giant hand.

In the short span of a few breaths, the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s ptich-black tip had penetrated deep into the hand.

However, the neutralization effect did not last for long. It felt as if the tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush encountered solid metal, stopped in its tracks by the robust and berserk Genesis Qi.

Genesis Breaker had failed to destroy the giant Genesis Qi hand.

Zhou Yuan’s expression sunk slightly. Although Genesis Beaker possessed the unique power of neutralizing Genesis Qi, it had its limitations. That limitation depended on his strength and cultivation.

The Genesis Qi attacks of Wu Hai and the rest had been easily neutralized by Zhou Yuan earlier, but when faced with Yuan Hong, its effectiveness had been diminished because his Genesis Qi was stronger and more concentrated.

“Your Heaven Genesis Weapon is rather strange. Can’t believe it can neutralize so much of my Genesis Qi.” Yuan Hong stood with his hands behind his back, somewhat surprised by this scene.

He had sensed the black brush break through numerous layers of Genesis Qi in the giant hand, a feat that the Zhou Tai trio from before had barely managed to achieve. From how Zhou Yuan had managed to accomplish this alone, one could observe just how peculiar the black brush was.

“Unfortunately, the gap between us is far too great!”

Yuan Hong let out an icy chuckle as his hands suddenly came together.


Rays of light exploded from the giant Genesis Qi hand as a frightening power poured out and slammed into Zhou Yuan’s body.


Countless gazes could only watch as Zhou Yuan’s figure was sent flying, his feet ripping open two long and deep scars on the ground.

The scales on his body had shattered and cracked, while the flowing jade light had also dimmed slightly. Receiving a direct blow from Yuan Hong had clearly injured Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s face turned extremely grave. He was clearly on the losing end after the very first clash. Yuan Hong was a tough foe indeed.

“I’ve heard that you even practice an external cultivation technique? Good, allow me to shatter your turtle shell inch by inch today. Let’s see if you’ll still dare to act so arrogantly in the future!”

Yuan Hong clawed at the air with his hands as robust Genesis Qi whizzed forth. The Genesis Qi lifted up an entire cliff, before viciously smashing it towards Zhou Yuan below.

Even the air was blasted away at this moment.

“Million Whale Rune!”

Zhou Yuan tightly gripped the Heavenly Yuan Brush with both hands as he swung with all his might. Genesis Qi surged around the brush as the silhouette of a giant whale appeared.


Heavenly Yuan Brush and cliff collided. The tip of the cliff was immediately torn apart, causing boulders to rain down upon the plaza.


A torrent of Genesis Qi pierced through the rain of boulders like thunder, heading straight for Zhou Yuan.

“Mystical Python’s Great Golden Bell!”

Genesis Qi poured out of Zhou Yuan’s body, emitting a dazzling golden light as a giant python seemed to coil around him and transform into a golden bell.


The torrent of Genesis Qi struck the golden bell, causing a loud clang to echo. Cracks rapidly began to spread on the bell, before it ultimately exploded with a bang.

Even Zhou Yuan’s strongest defensive technique had been incapable of enduring for long in under the assault of Yuan Hong’s overwhelming Genesis Qi attack.


The golden bell burst apart as Zhou Yuan’s body was sent flying as if struck by a heavy blow. He crashed into a rock wall, causing boulders to tumble down and bury half his body.

More and more scales had shattered, while the jade glow on his skin turned even dimmer.

Blood appeared from the corner of his mouth.

The countless onlookers could not help but sigh at this sight. Though Zhou Yuan was strong, Yuan Hong was clearly even stronger. The disparity between these two was still far too large.

“Is that fool still not going to give up?” Lu Yan’s brows were tightly knitted together as she gritted her teeth.

From what they had seen, it was impossible for Zhou Yuan to win.


The rubble was blown away by Genesis Qi as Zhou Yuan’s figure flew out. He wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth as he gazed at Yuan Hong and grinned. “Is this all you have? It’s far from sufficient.”

Yuan Hong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he indifferently looked towards the still so lively Zhou Yuan.

“Looks like you haven’t suffered enough.”

His hands abruptly clapped together as vigorous Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head. Like billowing smoke, it descended towards Zhou Yuan from above.

Bang! Bang!

The ground on the mountain top continuously cracked open.

However, Zhou Yuan showed no indication of avoiding the violent attack, and instead rose to meet it head-on.


Every blast tossed Zhou Yuan’s figure about like a doll. The flood of Genesis Qi possessed enough power to destroy a mountain...

As such, everyone watched as Zhou Yuan’s body was thrown around like a sandbag on the mountain top, the miserable sight making several people involuntarily close their eyes.

They were truly unable to understand who Zhou Yuan would insist on being so stubborn when he was clearly not his opponent’s match, choosing to fight in such a desperate manner...

“Is he… crazy?” Lu Yan was flabbergasted. Zhou Yuan’s actions were basically courting death.

Cries of bewilderment filled the surroundings of the chief disciple peak.

The seemingly unstoppable Zhou Yuan from before appeared to have finally encountered a foe who was even tougher than himself.

However, no one had realized that as Zhou Yuan’s body was blasted away again and again, and the jade glow on his skin grew dimmer and dimmer, a faint, almost undetectable glimmer of silver light was flashing in the deep within his flesh and blood.

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