Chapter 468 The Final Yuan Hong

Outside of Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple peak.

Countless gazes were currently gathered on the misty mountain top. Even sect master Qing Yang and the others high up in the sky had cast their attention towards Saint Genesis Peak.

Sect master Qing Yang looked at the well-built figure seated on the stone throne as he sighed and said, “Yuan Hong is quite a capable disciple. With his strength, he will likely be a formidable contender for the chief disciple seat even in Sword Cometh Peak.”

While Zhou Yuan had successively defeated Chu Yang and the gang, an even more intense battle had erupted on the top of the mountain.

This fight was naturally observed by sect master Qing Yang and the others.

The battle had been extremely intense. Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan were after all elites amongst the numerous purple sash disciples. Unfortunately, they had ultimately ended up being defeated by Yuan Hong.

Because Yuan Hong’s strength had surpassed their expectations.

The Zhou Tai trio had reached the mid eighth layer level, while Yuan Hong was at the peak of the eighth layer, with only a single step separating him from the ninth layer.

This obviously far surpassed the Zhou Tai trio.

Therefore, they had lost in the end.

Peak master Ling Jun indifferently watched this scene as he said, “Yuan Hong had already displayed his impressive talent back in Sword Cometh Peak. It is not strange for him to have such battle accomplishments.”

Peak master Lian Yi snorted as she interjected, “I’ve heard that you even lowered yourself to personally give him quite a few pointers.”

She was obviously trying to ridicule peak master Ling Jun for even personally stepping in to ensure Lu Hong’s faction would win the chief disciple seat of Saint Genesis Peak.

Peak master Ling Jun calmly said, “He used to be a disciple of my Sword Cometh Peak. When I saw his outstanding talent and willpower, I naturally could not stop myself from trying to help him.”

He glanced at peak master Lianyi and chuckled. “There’s no need to be so anxious peak master Lianyi, isn’t the outcome yet to be decided. That disciple called Zhou Yuan has just ascended the peak. Who knows, he may be able to accomplish what Zhou Tai and the other two failed to do earlier.”

However, a joking tone accompanied the words from his mouth.

Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Chu Yang and the other four, it was nothing when compared to Yuan Hong’s victory over the Zhou Tai trio. Because any one of the trio would be able to accomplish exactly what Zhou Yuan had done.

And yet, their combined might had ultimately lost to Yuan Hong. One could easily imagine just how much stronger he was than everyone else...

Peak master Ling Jun’s words were in truth a display of his absolute faith in the victory of Lu Hong's faction.

How could peak master Lianyi not understand the true meaning behind his words. Anger appeared on her beautiful face, but receded just as quick as she let out an icy snort, unable to refute peak master Ling Jun.

From what they had seen, though Zhou Yuan’s performance had been remarkable, Yuan Hong’s was just so much more frightening.


“To think that Zhou Yuan managed to reach the peak. He’s quite the capable one.” At the area where the ten Chosens were seated, Kong Sheng looked towards the distant mountain peak as he smiled.

Although he was praising Zhou Yuan, there was a look of amusement in his eyes.

“I hope that Yuan Hong will not leave too much psychological damage, he’s a good sapling after all…” Kong Sheng looked towards Chu Qing with a faint smile.

Chu Qing rolled his eyes at the former, before helplessly rubbing his bald head, finally showing that he was a little worried. Zhou Yuan’s five successive victories may have been pretty good, but Yuan Hong’s achievement was even more astonishing. He had single handedly taken on the Zhou Tai trio, and walked away as the winner. 

Even in the other six peaks, such strength was absolutely top class.

By the side, Li Qingchan’s brows were slightly knitted together, worry clouding her pretty face. What awaited Zhou Yuan was nothing like the opponents he had faced earlier.

If he failed to overcome Yuan Hong, all his previous battle achievements would be worthless.

She was considerably close to Zhou Yuan, and naturally did not wish for the latter to receive such a huge blow. However, in the face of the giant obstacle that was Yuan Hong, she was unable to muster much confidence towards Zhou Yuan.

At this point in time, she could only hope that Zhou Yuan would not be too affected if he were defeated. 


Outside the chief disciple peak, Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Song’s factions were feeling a little depressed. The source behind this atmosphere was naturally the defeat of Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and Zhang Yan.

No one had expected Yuan Hong to be so powerful.

As such, none of them could feel any anticipation when they saw Zhou Yuan defeat the five other participants and ascend the mountain top. Instead, they could not help but sigh softly in disappointment.

Zhou Yuan’s performance had already been very spectacular. Unfortunately, the final test that awaited him was far too difficult.

The faces of the two elders, Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song, were stretched taunt. When Lu Yan, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan were defeated earlier, despair had begun creeping up in their hearts.

Although there was still Zhou Yuan, the situation was already at the worst possible scenario.

Nearby, Lu Hong’s originally ugly expression had gradually returned to normal. He cast a sideways glance in Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s direction, as the mocking smile on his face grew even wider.

What’s the use of being so happy earlier?

So what if Zhou Yuan had defeated five opponents? Before this final checkpoint, all of earlier efforts were nothing but laughable.


On the peak that was currently the center of attention.

When Zhou Yuan’s voice was transmitted into Yuan Hong’s ears, his shut eyes finally began to open. He glanced at the former in an amused manner, before he half heartedly asked, “Play?”

“Are you sure you can afford to play with me?”

His fingers lightly tapped against the back of the throne. The sound echoed across the plaza, making one feel a tremendous amount of pressure.

“While I’m still feeling too lazy to move, take this chance to admit defeat and withdraw. Otherwise, don’t blame me later if you end up being scarred for life.”

Behind them, Han Yu had already subconsciously taken a step back, the terror in her eyes plain for all to see.

Zhou Yuan helplessly sighed when he heard this and said, “You… talk too much crap.”

“If you don’t want to fight, shift that butt of yours away.”

The corners of Han Yu’s mouth twitched.

Yuan Hong’s fingers fell for the last time as the amused expression on his face receded. The savage aura in his eyes began to converge little by little, before he slowly stood up.


A terrifying presence exploded, engulfing the entire place.

It was as if a monstrous prehistoric tiger had opened its drowsy eyes, and bared its chillingly sinister fangs.

When Zhou Yuan saw this, he finally smiled and said, “Now this is right, there was no need to pretend that you were a generous and kind senior brother, right?”

Yuan Hong extended a finger and pointed at Zhou Yuan as he revealed a threateningly sinister set of eerily white teeth.

“You foolish and ignorant thing, if I do not break both your legs and make you crawl down the mountain today, my name shall be reversed in the future!”


Waves of berserk Genesis Qi erupted from his body like a volcano.

Under this pressure, the surrounding ground began to crack inch by inch.

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