Chapter 467 Tiger Obstructing the Path

When Chu Yang and Liu Xiang’s unconscious bodies came to a stop at Zhu Qing’s feet, his entire body began to tremble faintly, the fear in his eyes no longer concealable.

He looked towards Zhou Yuan with some difficulty, his face filled with terror and disbelief.

He would never have imagined even in his wildest dreams that the combined might of Chu Yang and Liu Xiang would ultimately end in them being beaten by Zhou Yuan...

Just how strong was he?

Zhu Qing was not the only one who was shocked. Han Yu’s pretty face was likewise overwhelmed by astonishment. She had clearly not expected that Zhou Yuan would defeat the Chu Yang duo and safely return.

Just how strong did one need to be in order to subdue the two of them alone?

Han Yu swallowed with some difficulty. At the very beginning, she had been quite hard stuck on the notion that Zhou Yuan would be a burden. Hence, the current reality made her a little panicky.

If Zhou Yuan had not swooped in to save them from this crisis, the ones lying unconscious on the ground would likely be herself and Han Yan instead.

Zhu Qing felt an ice-cold sensation spread throughout his entire body. If Liu Xiang could be said to have some will to battle earlier, Zhu Qing had completely lost all of his will to fight, because from the looks of it, all four of the other participants from his team had been defeated at Zhou Yuan’s hands...

Hence, Zhu Qing’s figure suddenly shot backwards in retreat a split second later, surprisingly not even having the courage to fight, selecting to retreat instead.

“He is too strong, I cannot try to face him. Quick! Gotta go to senior brother Yuan Hong!”

Fear suged in Zhu Qing’s eyes as he pushed his speed to the limits in hope of escaping from this area.

The moment his figure moved, however, the nearby Zhou Yuan had already etherealized, transforming into a wisp of smoke as he vanished from the spot.


A berserk Genesis Qi ripple quickly followed, spreading behind Zhu Qing as terrifying fist winds ruthlessly blasted towards him. Jade light flickered as scales gleaming  with eerie light appeared on Zhou Yuan’s arm.

Surging Genesis Qi shook the air like a peal of thunder.

Zhu Qing also sensed the vicious attack. Without a moment to waste, Genesis Qi frantically whizzed out from his body, forming layer after layer of Genesis Qi defenses around him.


However, the glowing fist instantly shattered every Genesis Qi defense, its reflection rapidly glowing in Zhu Qing’s pupils, before eventually slamming into his body.


It was as if a ferocious beast had rammed into Zhu Qing. Terrifying, earth-shaking power flooded out, causing him to violently vomit a mouthful of blood as his figure was sent arcing through the air.

Zhu Qing’s eyes were frozen with horror as they stared straight ahead, where Zhou Yuan’s figure was slowly appearing. That seemingly thin looking body seemed to take the form of a vicious ancient beast in Zhu Qing’s eyes.

The explosive power earlier had been enough to destroy mountains.

Only now did he understand why Wu Hai had been crushed by a single punch from Zhou Yuan...

When Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi and physical power was layered on top of each other, destructive power would surge with every wave of his fist.

Zhou Yuan tightly gripped the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he watched Zhu Qing being blown away. No emotion could be seen in the former’s eyes as his figure dashed forward once more, glaring sparks appearing as the snow-white brush tip swept across the ground.

The snow-white hairs slowly turned a deep mysterious black.


The brush tip darted forward, tearing through the air as it transformed into a shadow that thrust towards Zhu Qing.

The shadow rapidly grew in Zhu Qing’s pupils, causing the final bit of courage he had left to crumble as he anxiously shouted with a deathly pale face, “I admit defeat!”


The sharp brush tip stopped half an inch before Zhu Qing, the residual force cutting several shallow wounds on his face.

Zhou Yuan indifferently looked towards the dazed Zhu Qing, and slowly withdrew the Heavenly Yuan Brush. The latter was clearly no longer a concern to him.

Perhaps because of this nonchalant attitude, a wave of shame and anger surged through Zhu Qing. He immediately gritted his teeth and said in an icy voice, “Zhou Yuan, don’t be too happy. You’ll soon have a taste of everything I have experienced now!”

“Senior brother Yuan Hong will make you understand the meaning of fear!”

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled when he heard this. “I do plan on seeking his guidance.”

After speaking, he paid no further attention to Zhu Qing, and cast his gaze towards Han Yu instead.

Han Yu had yet to recover from the shock of seeing Zhou Yuan’s overwhelming attack. She had pulled all the stops earlier, only to be stuck in a deadlock with Zhu Qing. In comparison, Zhou Yuan had crushed Zhu Qing in a flash.

The gap between them was clear as day.

Zhou Yuan gazed at the absent-minded Han Yu and said, “I’m heading to the peak.”

Han Yu finally returned to her senses. Her brows soon furrowed deeply as she worriedly said, “I wonder how senior sister Lu Yan and the rest are doing.”

Although they had obtained a great victory here, she knew that decisive battle was still the one occurring at the peak. If even the combined might of Lu Yan, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan failed to defeat Yuan Hong, Han Yu was truly unable to imagine who could possibly be capable of stopping him.

Even Zhou Yuan… should not be up to the task, right?

“We’ll know once we have a look.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed, before his figure soared into the sky once again, dashing past layers of mist as he headed directly to the peak.

Han Yu hesitated for a moment, before swiftly following.

Since they were already at this point, she felt that she should go and take a look.

The two figures flew past stone platform after platform, gradually ascending the peak under the countless watching gazes. As they climbed, broken stone platforms began to enter their sights.

It was clear that an extremely intense battle had erupted here.

Han Yu’s face grew increasingly nervous when she saw this. Such destructive power was far beyond them.

Furthermore, the most alarming observation was that she was still unable to sense any Genesis Qi ripples as they steadily approached the peak. Did this mean that the battle was already over?

Had senior sister Lu Yan’s side won?”

Han Yu’s pretty face fluctuated indeterminately.


The two figures ultimately pierced through the mist, landing on the mountain top of the chief disciple peak. Thick mist covered their surroundings, greatly hindering their senses.

Zhou Yuan gazed to the front, no fear visible on his face as he walked forward.

There was a vast, giant plaza on the peak that was completely silent as Zhou Yuan slowly walked within it. After some time, his footsteps suddenly came to a halt as he gazed straight ahead.

With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis QI surged out to sweep away the thick mist.

As the mist was swept away, the surroundings finally became clearer.

Next, Zhou Yuan and Han Yu saw a towering stone throne at the center of the plaza. It was the chief disciple seat.

At this current moment, a figure was reclining on the throne.

Zhou Yuan’s brows slowly began to furrow as he gazed upon the figure, while Han Yu’s face had turned deathly white.

Because the figure belonged to Yuan Hong from Lu Hong’s faction!

“Yuan Hong, where are senior sister Lu Yan and the others?” Han Yu’s voice was trembling.

On the stone throne, Yuan Hong lightly tapped the back of the throne, as he slowly raised a pair eyes that were filled with savagery and ferocity, making him look like a terrible violent beast.

He seemed to be a little surprised when he saw the Zhou Yuan duo, but soon began to laugh, revealing his eerily white teeth as if he were a wild beast.

Next, he raised a finger and pointed behind him.

If one looked over, one would see that the ground had fissured, and a good chunk of the mountain top had collapsed. Three bloody figures lay amidst the rubble, releasing weak breathing sounds.

Han Yu hands were tightly clenched over her mouth.

Yuan Hong slowly cracked his neck. He did not appear to be very interested in the two individuals before him as he waved his hand at them as if trying to chase away flies.

“Though I am rather surprised that you two were able to come here…”

“It will be best for the both of you to admit defeat and withdraw.” Yuan Hong leaned against the back of the throne, indifference on his face as he slowly closed his eyes.

Han Yu trembled as fear rose in her eyes. She looked towards Zhou Yuan, only to find that the latter seemed to be smiling.

Zhou Yuan slowly walked forward with firm and steady steps, showing no fear at all.

He gave a small twist to the Heavenly Yuan Brush, causing a buzzing noise to emerge as he slowly raised it and pointed towards Yuan Hong.

“Senior brother Yuan Hong, won’t you come down and play with me?”

“I too want to have a seat on that throne.”

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