Chapter 465 Reversal

Mist swirled around a giant mountain.


The mist was suddenly torn apart as a glowing figure shot out. Two glowing figures were right on his heels, surging Genesis Qi pulsing outwards to scatter the nearby mist.

The figure at the front was naturally Zhou Yuan.

While the two chasing him were Chu Yang and Liu Xiang from Lu Hong’s faction.

“Genesis Breaker!”

Zhou Yuan cast a quick glance behind him as he suddenly tightened his grip. The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s snow-white hairs instantly took on a deep black luster, making it appear exceptionally mysterious.


The brush shot forth as the surrounding Genesis Qi rapidly converged towards it, transforming into a thousand feet long tail of light. In the end, the brush pulsed with extreme sharpness as it thrust towards Chu Yang like a bolt of lightning.

Chu Yang’s eyes widened slightly as his hands formed a seal, causing a pillar of Genesis Qi light to dash out from the top of his head. The silhouette of a sword cried out from within the pillar, before moving to meet the Heavenly Yuan Brush.


The sound of metal on metal rang out, the sound wave blasting apart the nearby cliff walls.

The sword silhouette was a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon. For the sake of this chief disciple selection, Lu Hong’s preparations had been perfect, even giving each of the participants a treasure like a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon.

However, it was after all only a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon, and there was still some disparity between it and the low grade Heaven tier Heavenly Yuan Brush. As a result, the sword was knocked away after the clash.

In addition, when the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s deep black tip swept past, it tore apart the Genesis Qi around the sword.

After pushing aside the sword, the brush once again began to draw in the surrounding Genesis Qi as if it had a mind of its own, before darting towards Chu Yang like lightning.

However, when it was dozen feet from Chu Yang, another sword shot over and collided with the brush.

It was Liu Xiang this time, also using a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon.

The brief obstruction allowed the other sword to recover and return to the fray. As the weapons clashed, earth-shaking Genesis Qi explosions occurred.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan beckoned with his hand, causing the Heavenly Yuan Brush to return. As it landed in his hand, he frowned slightly while gazing at Chu Yang and Lui Xiang, who were only ten steps away.

Their teamwork was indeed very solid.

Moreover, they were extremely cautious, and refused to split up. Both attacking and defending were done with great coordination, and even while defending, their sharp eyes would constantly search for an opening. Once found, they would commit to a joint attack without any hesitation.

This was quite a problem for Zhou Yuan.

His gaze flickered in thought. Soon after, his speed suddenly increased as he dashed into the mist.

Behind him, Chu Yang and Liu Xiang let out an icy chuckle, before quickly giving chase. They had also realized that Zhou Yuan seemed to be quite powerless in the face of their formidable teamwork.

As long as they continued to maintain their vigilance while finding an opening, there would eventually come a chance for them to defeat this foe.

Hence, the three figures ended up shuttling through the mist at lightning quick speeds, fighting then pausing, then fighting again. Even so, anyone could tell that Zhou Yuan seemed to be quite powerless in the face of the formidable duo’s teamwork, unable to achieve the same overwhelming effect he had previously.

“Looks like Zhou Yuan has finally kicked an iron plate…”

“The Chu Yang duo are really smart. If this continues, it will only be a matter of time before Zhou Yuan breaks. Once he shows an opening, the Chu Yang duo will surely strike like thunder.”

“That’s normal, Zhou Yuan is at most equal to either of them in strength. As long as he’s not given the chance to take them by surprise, how can he possibly achieve anything in a one versus two scenario?”


Numerous disciples whispered outside the chief disciple peak, feeling that it was such a pity for Zhou Yuan. Looks like this was where the furthest the dark horse Zhou Yuan could go.

When elder Lu Hong, who was closely watching at all times, saw this, a cold smile appeared on his face as he said, “Brat, this is the end of the road for you.”


Swish! Swish!

Three figures zipped past in the mist at lightning quick speeds, one a little to the front, while the other two were right on his heels.

Chu Yang’s gaze was locked on to Zhou Yuan as a voice wrapped in Genesis Qi was transmitted into his ears, “Zhou Yuan, you currently resemble a stray dog that has lost its home.”

However, the figure in front did not appear to be the least bit affected by such taunting, instead fully focused on dashing forward.

The mockery that hung from the corners of Chu Yang’s lips grew even greater. He turned his head to the side to exchange a look with Liu Xiang, as both of them increased their speed. They intended to be right on Zhou Yuan’s tail till the end.


Their figures charged into the mist once again.

At that very instant, however, they suddenly felt a strange disturbance from the surrounding Genesis Qi. Mist began to swirl around them as the scenery rapidly changed.

In the process, the two of them lost sight of each other’s figures.

“A Genesis Rune Boundary?!”

Chu Yang’s expression immediately changed. This was clearly a Genesis Rune Boundary!

His expression turned somewhat ugly. That crafty Zhou Yuan! He had made it seem as if he was fleeing, but it turns out that he had in prepared a trap and was merely luring them into it!


Extremely berserk Genesis Qi rapidly began to converge as lightning and fire surged out from nowhere, looming towards him from all directions.

Chu Yang’s brows were tightly furrowed as a thousand foot pillar of Genesis Qi soared into the sky. The pillar blocked the lightning and fire as a sword shadow dashed forward and viciously slashed at the space in front of him.


It was as if space itself had been torn open, revealing a crack that Chu Yang’s figure swiftly flew towards.

Once he was out, the surrounding Genesis Qi returned to normal as the familiar mist appeared once more.

Chu Yang breathed a sigh of relief. Looks like he had managed to break out of the Genesis Rune Boundary. The trap Zhou Yuan had set turned out to be rather frail.

“Liu Xiang?”

However, he suddenly realized that something was amiss a split second later and violently turned his head around. The mist was churning wildly behind him, thunder rumbling and fire cackling madly, while he could just make out a silhouette trapped deep within.

It clearly was Liu Xiang.

It turns out that the boundary’s power was focused on Liu Xiang, hence why Chu Yang had managed to escape so easily.

“You’re finally alone.”

A calm voice echoed from in front of him. Chu Yang raised his head with a dark expression, only to find Zhou Yuan standing in the air, his emotionless eyes glued to the former.

He had set-up this Genesis Rune Boundary after defeating Wu Hai earlier with the intention of utilizing it to limit the numbers advantage the other side possessed.

Chu Yang glanced at the Genesis Rune Boundary behind him as he sneered and said, “Do you really believe your boundary will hold Liu Xiang for long?”

He clearly understood Liu Xiang’s strength, and although the boundary was no pushover, Liu Xiang should soon be able to free himself.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “Though it will not last for too long… it is enough to deal with you.”


His figure shot forward the instant the final word was said. Jade light surfaced on his body, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand buzzing as its snow-white hairs rapidly turned pitch-black.

“Million Whale Rune!”

“Heavenly Serpent Scales!”

The silhouette of a giant whale appeared above the brush as scales quickly grew on Zhou Yuan’s glowing skin.

Dreadful energies surged.

Zhou Yuan was holding nothing back in this attack.

As the brush was swung downwards, the mountain below split apart.

Chu Yang’s expression turned exceedingly grave at this moment, clearly sensing the terrifying power in Zhou Yuan’s attack. He did not dare to waste any time. A sword slowly rose as he grasped it in his hand.

The blade of the sword was as thin as a cicada's wing, gleaming icily under the light in an eerie manner.

“Low grade Heaven Genesis technique, Heavenly River of Swords!”

Genesis Qi whizzed out as the surface of the sword seemed to swirl, turning it into a torrential river of sword Qi. The river ferociously charged into the sky, smashing mercilessly into the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

Chu Yang was clearly using his full power too.


Two frightening attacks collided, causing a wave of destruction to unfurl. The nearby mountain tops were instantly destroyed, rocks blasting in every direction.


The river of sword Qi was smashed to pieces by the brush, the sword letting out a miserable wail as it was sent flying.


Chu Yang was also caught in the aftershocks, his face turning pale as he vomited a mouthful of blood. His figure was tumbled through the air, while a horrified look filled his eyes.

When Zhou Yuan displayed his true power, Chu Yang finally understood how terrifying the former was.

It was no wonder that Wu Hai had been defeated.


However, while Chu Yang’s figure was still hurtling through the air, Zhou Yuan appeared in front of him like a phantom. The latter’s cheeks abruptly ballooned, as a low voice quickly followed. 

“Heavenly Sun Flame!”

Azure flames shot out, spouting towards Chu Yang along with a dreadful heat.

Chu Yang’s expression rapidly changed when he felt the intense heat from the azure flames. He had no time to bother with the injuries he had just sustained as he hurriedly began circulating his Genesis Qi. Chilling sword aura poured out and clashed with the azure flames.

Ch ch!

As the two forces clashed, the space around seemed to distort.

Flames suddenly emerged on the mountain below them, melting even the solid rock.


Chu Qing’s complexion was an ugly shade of ash gray. Zhou Yuan’s attacks were both relentless and ferocious, forcing the former into such a miserable position after a brief exchange.

“I can’t face him directly, but stall for time instead. Liu Xiang will soon break free from the Genesis Rune Boundary. I need to hang on till he’s done so we can join forces and reverse this situation!”

With such thoughts in mind, Chu Yang took in a deep breath as the Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling began to shake one after another. Vigorous Genesis Qi streamed out, swiftly leaving his body to defend against the encroaching azure flames.

However, while the chilling sword Qi was doing it best to push back against the azure flames, an arm suddenly reached out from behind the flames. Scales gleamed on the arm as it grabbed at him.

Sword Qi ripped through the air, but only managed to tear off a few of the scales. Jade light quickly appeared beneath the scales, blocking the sword Qi.

The five fingers at the end of the arm clenched tightly as it punched through the Genesis Qi, accompanied by a sonic boom as it rapidly enlarged in Chu Yang’s pupils.

Layer after layer of Genesis Qi defenses were shattered one after another.


Chu Yang was basically unable to do anything else as the fist filled with frightening power slammed into his chest.


Chu Yang wildly vomited a mouthful of blood, his complexion deathly pale and his eyes seemingly frozen in place as he stared straight ahead. The azure flames slowly retreated, revealing the slim figure standing within.

“See, didn’t I say that there’s enough time.” Zhou Yuan raised his head, displaying a dazzling smile as he looked at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang’s face was filled with agony, and his heart filled with regret. Zhou Yuan was far too cunning and crafty. They should have sent the majority of their forces after him from the beginning to expel him from the selection as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately… the overwhelming advantage they had was already lost.

“Zhou Yuan… don’t be too happy. So what if you manage to beat us? You’ll never be able to get past senior brother Yuan Hong!”

“None of you will never be his match!”

Chu Yang held Zhou Yuan’s wrist in a death grip, as a mocking smile flowed out from the corners of his mouth. In the end, his eyelids slowly fell, falling unconscious due to his heavy injuries.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes remained indifferent as he grabbed Chu Yang and lifted him up.

“It is too early for you to say whether or not I’ll get past him.”



On the stone stage, the Genesis Rune Boundary suddenly exploded.

A figure flew out from within, revealing himself to be Liu Xiang. He charged out of the boundary, accompanied by a stern roar, “Zhou Yuan, did you really think a mere boundary can stop me?”

He raised his head and looked to the front, only for his pupils to abruptly shrink.

A figure was seated on the edge of a cliff, his legs hanging off the edge, while a black brush leaned against his shoulder, its snow-white brush hairs dangling from its tip like white chains.

At the end of the brush hairs was a pitiful looking bounded figure. It was impossible to ascertain if he was dead or alive at a single glance.

Chu Yang!

The young figure seated on the cliff slightly lowered his head, calm indifference in his eyes as he gazed at Liu Xiang, who had just managed to break out from the boundary. The figure slowly stood up, casually flinging the bounded Chu Yang to the side as he looked down upon Liu Xiang from above.

“Finally out?”

“Since you’re out, get ready to accompany your senior brother.”

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