Chapter 464 Gradually Turning the Tables

Outside the chief disciple peak, countless individuals were dumbstruck as they stared at the young figure standing on Chen Gong’s body, unable to stop themselves from swallowing repeatedly.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to suddenly appear at this juncture.

In that split second earlier, his falling figure had been akin to an almighty god descending onto the mortal realm.


At the sight of this scene, Shen Taiyuan silently breathed a sigh of relief. If Han Yu had also been eliminated, Zhou Yuan would have to face four opponents by himself, which was undoubtedly a very disadvantageous scenario.

Zhou Yuan’s sneak attack had been both extremely decisive and swift as thunder. He had struck at the most timing, leaving Chen Gong almost no time to respond. As a result, the attack had been overwhelmingly successful, resulting in the latter being knocked unconscious and eliminated.

There was naturally no one who would fault Zhou Yuan for his sneak attack in a battle like this. The other party had the numbers advantage after all, and choosing to take them on directly would only be foolish.

“Him again!” Lu Hong’s expression darkened. The two disciples from Lu Song’s faction had been moments away from being eliminated, but Zhou Yuan just had to barge in and make a mess. Lu Hong needed no reminder about how vile this felt.

He did not know why, but Lu Hong kept feeling that when the situation looked to be headed towards certain victory, Zhou Yuan’s appearance would somehow tilt things a little off course.

“Tch, how can it be? Does he think he can reverse the situation with his abilities? Who the hell does he think he is?!”

However, such thoughts were immediately thrown out by Lu Hong as he snorted disdainfully. It was clearly impossible for him to admit that Zhou Yuan possessed such capabilities.

In the face of the absolute advantage they had, Zhou Yuan was merely akin to a mantis trying to push a cart!

“Humph, I’ll let you be happy for now. When my faction becomes the master faction of Saint Genesis Peak, I will naturally make all of you suffer.”

With a stormy look on his face, Lu Hong began to think of how he would repay these debts in the future. Once they became the master faction, his status would be the highest in Saint Genesis Peak. When that happened, it would be an easy matter for him to cut and shrink the cultivation resources of the other two factions.

He was already itching to find out what Zhou Yuan could do without the support of sufficient cultivation resources.

Humph. So what if you’re a genius, I’ll make you understand that if you chose the wrong team, even a genius will end up as a dusty pearl that will never see the light of day!


On the stone stage.

The three disciples from Lu Hong’s faction stared at Zhou Yuan with ugly expressions. Soon after, they took in a deep breath as a serious look gradually emerged in their eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s sudden appearance had indeed been out of their expectations.

The first to speak was a disciple called Chu Yang, whose strength was second only to Yuan Hong in Lu Hong’s faction. He darkly stared at Zhou Yuan as he demanded in a low voice, “Where’s Wu Hai?”

Zhou Yuan lowered his head to look at the unconscious Chen Gong, before lifting his head and replying in an offhand manner, “Eliminated.”

The pupils of the Chu Yang trio shrank slightly. Wu Hai was not weaker than them, and yet he had fallen so quickly by Zhou Yuan’s hands? They knew full well that after being defeated by Zhou Yuan previously, Wu Hai would definitely not underestimate his opponent this time.

In other words, Zhou Yuan had beaten Wu Hai in a direct clash.

If so, they could not afford to underestimate him either.

A petite figure landed beside Zhou Yuan, as Han Yu cast a complicated glance at him. She had likewise not expected that the one to save her would be the same person she had zero expectations since the beginning.

Zhou Yuan did a quick sweep of her and asked, “Are you alright?”

Han Yu nodded. “I can still fight.”

“That’s good.” Zhou Yuan nodded, before casting a glance at the unconscious Han Yan. Due to the heavy injuries he had sustained, he was basically out of the fight.

Han Yu hesitated for a moment, before she asked, “What do we do next?”

Zhou Yuan had dealt Wu Hai and crushed Chen Gong in the blink of an eye, saving her in the process. Han Yu obviously no longer dared to show the same neglect towards him.

“What else can we do… we’ll fight.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

Although Han Yan had been eliminated, the odds were slowly turning in their favor. After all, there were only three participants left on the other side.

“What big words!” Chu Yang could not help but let out an icy laugh upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s words. “Though I do not know how you defeated Wu Hai, we will not make the same mistake.”

“Junior brother Zhu Qing, you deal with Han Yu, while junior brother Liu Xiang and I will work together to finish off Zhou Yuan!” Said Chu Yang in a low voice. The truth was that he had already felt their advantage being slowly nibbled away, all because they had underestimated Zhou Yuan. If they had left two more people behind with Wu Hai previously, Zhou Yuan would have likely been eliminated long ago.

Hence, he no longer had any intentions of taking on Zhou Yuan alone. What they needed to do now was to concentrate their forces, and expel this uncertainty factor called Zhou Yuan from the chief disciple peak.

The other two nodded, as they carefully watched Zhou Yuan and Han Yu.

Worry rose in Han Yu’s eyes as she softly said, “The two of them have trained together for many years, and are extremely compatible in both Genesis Qi and Genesis techniques. Their teamwork will likely be flawless, making them very challenging to deal with. Will you be okay?”

Though Zhou Yuan had defeated Wu Hai, neither Chu Yang nor Liu Xiang was weather than the former. Most importantly, they were especially good at joint attacks, and their combined might would surely be greater than the sum of their parts.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled when he heard this, before he said to Han Yu, “You should be careful. If you’re no match for your opponent, just try to stall for time.”

As his voice faded, his figure had already dashed away.

Chu Yang and Liu Xiang let out an icy chuckle when they saw this. Their figures also shot forward a split second later, chasing Zhou Yuan.

Han Yu watched the three figures disappear into the mist as the expression in her eyes grew increasingly complicated. By drawing away the strongest two, he had undoubtedly eased the pressure on her.

“Zhou Yuan, please persevere a little longer. When I’m done here, I’ll go help you straight away!”

A solemn look filled her eyes. As she stared at the remaining disciple, Genesis Qi began to rise around her body.


“Wow, he’s quite the bold one. To think that he would dare to face the two of them alone.” High up in the sky, Chu Qing could not help but chuckle in surprise when he saw the scene of Zhou Yuan drawing away the two disciples.

“He’s merely a reckless fool.” Remarked Kong Sheng in an indifferent manner.

He had heard of Chu Yang and Liu Xiang before. They seemed to have an extremely good relationship ever since joining the sect. Hence, their teamwork had always been exceptional when paired together.

With the two of them joining hands against Zhou Yuan, there would naturally no longer be any variables.

Chu Qing lazily said with a smile, “Junior brother Kong Sheng, haven’t you realized that the five disciples from Lu Hong’s side are gradually losing their initial advantage?”

Kong Sheng was silent. How could he not have realized that what was originally an absolute advantage of five disciples was now reduced due to two being eliminated.

In contrast, only one participant from the other two factions had been eliminated.

All of this was because of Zhou Yuan’s existence...

If Zhou Yuan really managed to deal with the Chu Yang duo, Lu Hong’s entire team, with the exception of Yuan Hong, would essentially have been singlehandedly wiped out by Zhou Yuan...

Just what kind of achievement would this be?

Kong Sheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. Moments later, he slowly said, “Don’t worry, against the combined might of Chu Yang and Liu Xiang, he will definitely be hard pressed this time!”

As long as Chu Yang and Liu Xiang did not underestimate their opponent, it will not be easy for Zhou Yuan to take on the two of them by himself!

Chu Qing stared at the misty chief disciple peak as he placed a knuckle beneath his chin and chuckled.

“We shall wait and see.”

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