Chapter 463 Three Left


Streams of berserk Genesis Qi collided on a misty stone stage. At the instant of impact, one of the Genesis Qi streams was barbarically torn apart, while the figure behind was swept away by the remnant force.

The figure was sent flying while vomiting blood, leaving a long mark on the ground as he slid across the stone stage. He was clearly in an exceptionally sorry state.

“Heh heh, Han Yan, is that all you have?”

A participant from Lu Hong’s faction sneered as he sent out a bunch. Genesis Qi surged and roared, shredding through the air with a shrill noise as it viciously blasted towards the figure.

Han Yan rolled to his feet as he hastily crossed his arms in front of him, while Genesis Qi poured out to protect his body.


The blast struck his arms, causing his body to jerk violently, as his entire body was sent sliding backwards once again. His arms looked somewhat twisted, a sign that he had clearly sustained heavy injuries.


Yet another mouthful of blood hurled out from his mouth.

Han Yan’s face was covered in blood, but he merely wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth without a word, a fierce glint still shining in his eyes as he glared at the two figures to his front.

They were the two participants from Lu Hong’s faction.

Up against two opponents, it was obvious that he had soon fallen into a disadvantage.

The two disciples from Lu Hong’s faction stared at Han Yan like cats toying with a mouse. It was impossible for someone like him to contend against the two of them alone.

While Han Yan was wiping away the blood on his face, another figure landed behind him, and stumbled to his side.

The petite little figure naturally belonged to Han Yu.

However, she was currently not in a much better state than Han Yan. The other two disciples from Lu Hong’s faction grinned from ear to ear as they moved to surround the two siblings, ensuring that they would not be able to escape.

Han Yan gazed at Han Yu and asked with a bitter smile, “Are you alright?”

Han Yu gritted her teeth and shook her head.

“Looks like the two of alone won’t be able to stop the four of them.” Han Yan sighed. Both of them had done their best, but the outcome was evidently not as good as expected.

“Let’s persevere a little longer. Zhou Yuan is dueling with Wu Hai, and I heard that he previously defeated the latter before. If he attains victory again this time, he will be able to come to our aid. When that happens, a three versus four scenario will be much easier than now.”

Han Yu shook her head when she heard this, her lips curling as she said, “You’re placing your hopes on him? Zhou Yuan only managed to defeat Wu Hai previously because the latter was careless, and would definitely not give Zhou Yuan the same chance in a match like this. So stop deluding yourself that we’ll eventually receive support.”

Han Yan was a little speechless, a pained look visible on his face. In the end, he took in a deep breath and said, “I’ll force open a gap for you, while you will run as fast as you can. Don’t try and take them on directly, and delay them as long as you can.”

Han Yu bit her lips, her eyes filled with unwillingness. She knew that Han Yan would likely immediately come under focus fire when he did so. When that happened, he would not only suffer more, but also be eliminated.

“You’re faster than me, and more suited to delaying them. It’s decided then.” Han Yan waved his hand, his tone firm.

Han Yu gritted her teeth even harder as she reluctantly nodded.


Vigorous Genesis Qi zoomed out from the top of Han Yan’s head, reaching nearly a thousand feet. It quickly split into four torrents that transformed into glowing Genesis Qi seals and whizzed towards the four figures.

This was basically an all or nothing attack. He had squeezed out every drop of power he had left, making it an especially ferocious sight.

Hence, even Lu Hong’s four disciples were a little taken aback. Genesis Qi rose around them, accompanied by sharp whistles as they met the attack head on.


While the Genesis Qi collided, Han Yan sternly shouted, “Go!”

Han Yu did not dare to waste the opportunity Han Yan had given everything to create. Genesis Qi surged as her figure transformed into a blur that swiftly shot forth.


The four torrents of Genesis Qi only lasted for a few dozen breaths, before Han Yan’s Genesis Qi shattered. Follow up attacks rapidly arrived, blasting onto his body.

The stone stage crumbled, burying Han Yan’s figure in the rubble. He violently spat out mouthfuls of blood, evidently gravely injured and very close to being eliminated.

Han Yu’s eyes turned red when she saw this from the corner of her eye. However, she did not dare to pause, Genesis Qi throttling even harder in her body as she raised her speed to the limits.

However, just as she was about to dash into the mist, Genesis Qi rippled in front of her and a figure appeared like a phantom, blocking her path.

An ice-cold mocking laughter was transmitted into her ears, “You’re pretty quick, but unfortunately not as quick as me!”

The figure was revealed to be one of the four participants from Lu Hong’s faction.

He smiled coldly as he stared at Han Yu, while his figure rapidly closed in like a phantom. A hand reached out like an eagle’s claw, sinister sword aura flowing upon it as it grabbed Han Yu’s throat.

Han Yu’s body turned rigid, as she gritted her teeth and viciously glared at the person before her. However, powerlessness and disappointment also appeared in her eyes.

“Still not going to admit defeat? Although I won’t destroy a flower like you, if you really force my hand, it won’t end well for you either.” The disciple said with a wide grin.

In the distance, the other three disciples also laughed mockingly when they saw this.

They turned towards the heavily injured Han Yin in the rubble and said, “Hoping to stall the four of us with just the two of you? Aren’t you guys looking down on us too much?”

Han Yan’s body was drenched in blood as he powerlessly lay on the ground. He could only let out a bitter laugh when he saw the now captured Han Yu. They had already done their best. He hoped that senior sister Lu Yan and the rest had managed to defeat Yuan Hong by now...

Outside the chief disciple peak, numerous disciples burst out in to noise when they saw that Han Yan and Han Yu had been captured.

Lu Song’s disciples had ugly looks on their faces, while elder Lu Song was frowning. Though he had long anticipated this result, Lu Hong’s disciples were going a little overboard.

In contrast, Lu Hong’s faction were loudly cheering, the awkward and stifling atmosphere from before due to Wu Hai’s defeat had been swept away completely. They knew that once these four senior brothers were free, Zhou Yuan will no longer be able to make any splashes.

All of the face their faction lost previously would definitely be taken back from Zhou Yuan later on.

Lu Hong’s stern and frosty expression eased slightly at this moment. His gaze turned towards the other two factions as he let out an icy chuckle.


“Concede junior sister Han Yu.”

The disciple from Lu Hong’s faction smiled as he stared at the unresigned Han Yu, before he playfully said, “Junior sister Han Yu may commit my name to memory. I am Chen Gong, and I welcome junior sister to come seek guidance from me any time if you’re unwilling to accept this defeat.”

“However, there’s no time for such things now…”

Genesis Qi frantically gathered on his other hand. In the end, he threw a punch, clearly intending on first seriously injuring Han Yu to cripple her battle power.

As Han Yu gazed at the incoming attack, she closed her eyes in despair.


However, just as Chen Gong’s blow was about to hit his target, his brows suddenly furrowed slightly. He seemed to have heard the faint sound of rushing wind.

The sound was extremely faint, but a split second later, it suddenly exploded like thunder above him.

The mist above was abruptly torn open.

An ethereal figure swiftly descended, vigorous Genesis Qi erupting as jade light flowed on its body. The figure pulsed with terrifying power, ramming into Chen Gong’s body before he could come back to his senses like a swift and deadly thunderbolt.


Everyone could only watch as Chen Gong’s figure fell from the sky like a cannonball. He was ultimately stomped into the stone stage, causing dust to rise as the entire stage slowly began to crack open.

This scene instantly gave rise to thunderous cries of alarm. 

On the stone stage, the expressions of the other three disciples from Lu Hong’s faction changed rapidly. Genesis Qi drummed through the air, blowing away the dust. Next, they saw Chen Gong’s body lying amidst the rubble in a very sorry state indeed.

A figure was stepping on Chen Gong’s body.

Gaze after gaze looked over, only to be startled.

The three disciples from Lu Hong’s faction cried out in unison, “Zhou Yuan?!” 

In the air, Han Yu was still a little dazed. All she had seen previously was a blur from the corner of her eye, before Chen Gong was sent hurtling downwards...

She slowly lowered her head, and saw the youthful figure stepping on Chen Gong’s body below. Her mouth hung slightly ajar as she mumbled to herself in disbelief, “...Zhou Yuan?”

She never imagined that Zhou Yuan would be the one to appear at the final juncture to save her.

“Zhou Yuan, get off him!” The three disciples angrily shouted, the rising Genesis Qi around them locking onto Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan paid no heed to them. He merely lowered his head to gaze at Chen Gong. The latter’s entire face was a bloody mess, but he still managed to viciously stare at the former and roar, “You dare to attack me from behind! You’re dead meat!”

Zhou Yuan’s chuckled, before he raised his leg with an indifferent look in his eyes.

“You should also remember my name… if there’s time in the future, feel free to come to me for some guidance.”

Next, Genesis Qi swirled around his foot as he ruthlessly stomped at Chen Gong’s face.


The ground below shattered as Chen Gong was directly knocked unconsciously.

The faces of the three disciples nearby turned ashen.

Zhou Yuan patted his hands together as he lifted his head and grinned at them. “Three left...”

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