Chapter 461 One Punch


To no one’s surprise, a torrential uproar exploded outside the chief disciple peak the moment an unscathed Zhou Yuan appeared in the sights of the numerous watching gazes. Countless disciples were stupefied by the outcome that had clearly exceeded their expectations.

Who could have thought that Wu Hai’s full power would not only fail to defeat Zhou Yuan, but from the looks of it, not even pose any threat to the latter.

Countless people mumbled, “How can this be…”

After a brief shock, Shen Taiyuan’s disciples finally returned to their senses and quickly erupted into thunderous cheers, numerous gazes looking towards Zhou Yuan in amazement.

Just a second earlier, they had been preparing themselves to see Zhou Yuan become the first participant to be eliminated. Who could have expected such a twist towards the very end.

Shen Taiyuan’s tensed face slowly began to relax, gratification flooding his eyes as he gazed upon the unmoving figure on the shattered stone platform.

In contrast to the celebratory mood on Shen Taiyuan’s side, Lu Hong’s faction had fallen chockingly silent. Many disciples looked at each other, a little unable to believe the sight before their eyes.

Lu Hong’s stern and frosty face turned extremely dark, iciness blossoming in his eyes when he looked towards Zhou Yuan’s figure.

High up in the sky, Chu Qing immediately clapped when he saw this and said with a grin, “Zhou Yuan has indeed concealed his abilities very deeply.”

Kong Sheng frowned in silence for a moment, before he nonchalantly said, “It’s still a little early to make such an evaluation.”

Chu Qing merely smiled, not commenting any further.

Even higher up from them, six figures were seated on gigantic glowing lotuses, pulsing with power that made the surrounding area tremble faintly.

Their gazes seemed to flow with images as they viewed fight after fight. Likewise, the situation on Zhou Yuan’s side was also seen by them.


The first to make a noise was the peak master Gu of Hongya Peak. The bulging muscles on his well-built metal tower like body seemed to stir as if breathing, every breath they took accompanied by a muffled rumble from his body. If he was not purposely suppressing the sound at all times, even the surrounding space would begin to crumble under its might.

This was one of the phenomenons that occured when one’s physical body was cultivated to extremely terrifying levels.

Hongya Peak specialized in external cultivation. As such, peak master Gu had the strongest physical body in the Cangxuan Sect.

Light swirled within his eyes as he stared at the flowing jade light on Zhou Yuan’s body and remarked in surprise, “This is… the mythic jade skin?!”

“It can’t be… the mythic jade skin will only appear from the Mythic Saint Body.”

“But why is it so similar…”

Peak master Gu’s surprised voice was naturally heard by the other five.

Sect master Qing Yang also watched in amazement. The Mythic Saint Body was the one of the seven Cangxuan Sect arts that was unique to Hongya Peak. A purple sash disciple from Saint Genesis Peak such as Zhou Yuan should not have come into contact with it.

Sword Cometh Peak master Ling Jun indifferently said, “We’ll find out once we call him over and question him.”

Sect master Qing Yang shook his head. “There is no need to distract him while the selection is still ongoing. Although his body has achieved the jade skin, it is not the true mythic jade skin… if my guess is not wrong, he is practicing an external cultivation technique that was developed from the Mythic Saint Body.”

Peak master Gu spoke up in a bewilderment, “An external cultivation technique developed from the Mythic Saint Body? Such a technique does not exist even in Hongya Peak, how can he possibly have one?”

To develop a Genesis technique from the Mythic Saint Body was obviously not something an ordinary disciple could achieve.

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled and said, “Of course Zhou Yuan couldn’t have done it… the only one in the sect who has contact with the seven Cangxuan arts, and is even able to develop techniques from them is old Xuan, who currently resides deep in Saint Genesis Peak.”

“Old Xuan…”

Only then did peak master Gu understand. Everything made sense if it was him.

Peak master Ling Jun frowned slightly. “This is a little inappropriate of venerable old Xuan.”

Peak master Liu Lianyi icily chuckled and said, “You’re worried that Zhou Yuan will become an unpredictable factor, which may affect your plans for Saint Genesis Peak, right?”

Peak master Ling Jun’s expression did not change, long accustomed to how peak master Liu Lianyi’s always pitted herself against him on a daily basis. He looked towards Lightning Prison Peak master Lei Jun and said, “Peak master Lei Jun oversees the rules and punishment in the sect. Do you feel that old Xuan’s actions are out of line?”

Peak master Lei Jun was dressed in his usual black robes, his stern face causing respect to rise in anyone who looked towards him. He answered in an indifferent voice, “It is indeed a little out of line, but that blasted old man is as stubborn as a rock. If you feel that he has acted inappropriately, go ahead and tell him. My rules are likely unable to govern him.”

Peak master Ling Jun could only helplessly shake his head. Old Xuan and peak master Lei Jun were the most senior members of the Cangxuan Sect. If even the latter had no way to deal with old Xuan, anyone else would only be wasting their saliva.”

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled as he gently said, “It is Zhou Yuan’s luck to have obtained old Xuan’s guidance. There is no need for us to interfere in this matter.”

This basically meant the matter was settled, and there was no longer any need for the other peak masters to give their input.

Peak master Gu stared at Zhou Yuan with interest as he commented, “He should not have practiced any external cultivation techniques the last time I saw him. I never imagined he would achieve the jade skin stage so quickly… it seems that he has a lot of potential in external cultivation. If he were in my Hongya Peak, there will likely be another Shang Chunqiu in a few years.”

He had evidently grown fond of Zhou Yuan’s potential. As for Shang Chunqiu, he was a disciple of Hongya Peak, and was ranked four among the ten great Chosens.

Spirit Rune Peak master Bai Mei’s lips curled downwards as he said, “What’s the point in training your arms and legs. The kid’s talent in Genesis Runes is pretty good too, and he will obviously have a brighter future if he comes to Spirit Rune Peak.”

Most importantly, if Zhou Yuan came to Spirit Rune Peak, Zhou Xiaoyao would surely follow.

“What do you know!” Peak master Gu’s eyes bulged from their sockets as his muscles stirred agitatedly, causing thunder to boom in the surroundings.

Old man Bai Mei’s white brows drifted upwards. Just as he was about to retort, sect master Qing Yang raised his voice and said, “Don’t make a scene.”

As such, the two could only snort before jerking their gazes away.


A sinister looking crack spread across the stone platform, practically splitting it into two.

Jade light surged on the surface of Zhou Yuan’s body, making him appear even more mystically handsome than usual. With the Heavenly Yuan Brush in hand, he calmly raised his head and looked towards the shocked Wu Hai in the air.

The other party’s previous attack had indeed been formidable, but unfortunately for the former, that Genesis Qi attack was incapable of doing any harm to Zhou Yuan when he activated the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Genesis Breaker.

Wu Hai finally returned to his senses and immediately roared out in anger, “Impossible! How did you do it!”

However, Zhou Yuan ignored the questions as he shook his head and said, “It seems that you don’t have any intentions of leaving by yourself.”

Wu Hai’s expression darkened as he laughed loudly in anger. “Don’t be too pleased Zhou Yuan. No matter how tough your tortoise shell is, I only need to delay you and wait for my teammates to finish off the other two before coming back to support me. When that happens, let’s see if you’ll be able to withstand the attacks from all five of us!”

After experiencing the cruel reality, he had no choice but to accept the facts. However, Wu Hai ultimately did not lose his rationality. Since he had no way to deal with Zhou Yuan, he would have to change tactics and delay the latter instead.

In any case, they still had the absolute advantage.

It was impossible for a single Zhou Yuan to change anything.

Zhou Yuan did not say anything in response. Instead, his legs slowly slid outwards, while his body leaning forward like a cheetah that was about to pounce at its prey. It was an offensive stance.

He was obviously about to make his move.

Wu Hai’s expression immediately turned serious, his hands tightening around the scarlet broadsword as Genesis Qi surged around his body. He did not dare to show any negligence.

He no longer held any thoughts of washing away his previous shame with Zhou Yuan’s defeat. As long as he managed to delay Zhou Yuan, there would naturally be an opportunity for revenge in the future.


The ground under Zhou Yuan’s feet suddenly collapsed. Jade lick flickered on his body as a terrifying power burst out like flood, flowing to his limbs and skeleton.

It felt as if an angry dragon was roaring in his body.


In the next instant, vigorous Genesis Qi also exploded in his body as his figure shot forth, leaving numerous after images behind as the ground rapidly shattered  under his feet.

He was indescribably quick, like a flash of light zipping through the air. In a single breath, he appeared within a hundred feet radius of Wu Hai.

“Heavenly Sword Wings!”

Wu Hai’s pupils tightened as Genesis Qi rushed out from his body, forming a pair of giant sword Qi wings on his back. The glowing sword Qi wings spread outwards, before wrapping around him like a shield.

This was the strongest defensive technique he knew.

He had failed to use it in their previous encounter due to being caught off guard, since he was prepared today, there was naturally no way he would allow a repeat of the last time.

“Humph, I’d like to see if you are able to break my defense!” Wu Hai sneered.

He was a hundred percent confident in himself this time.


Under the countless watching gazes, Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared in front of enormous glowing sword Qi wings like a bolt of lightning, before clenching his fist and throwing a punch.

Jade light appeared on his fist, as if it were made from jade.

“Omni Python Qi, Heavenly Serpent Scales!”

While he punched, a deep voice rang out in Zhou Yuan’s heart.

Ch ch!

Scales emerged on his skin, covering his entire fist.

The power of the punch began to rise once again, reaching completely new heights.

This was the perfect combination of Zhou Yuan’s little Mythic Saint Body and Omni Python Qi.


Though his expression remained impassive, a sharp light surged in his eyes. A fist which contained extreme power blasted through air, ultimately smashing into the sword wings under the watching eyes of the crowd.


An alarmingly loud noise echoed at the instant of impact.

Storm like ripples unfurled, causing destruction all around. The stone platform below was unable to bear such power, swiftly disintegrating to dust.

Countless gazes converged towards the place where fist met wing.

Next, everyone’s eyes violently shrank.


Behind the fist, cracks had begun appearing on the sword wings at an astonishing pace, instantly covering the entire wings.

Behind them, horror began to flood Wu Hai’s face.


A berserk without equal fist wind swept forth as the sword wings finally shattered, transforming into countless specks of light.

The terrifying fist wind seemed to pierced through space itself, as a punch landed on the horrified Wu Hai’s body.


A miserable shriek rang out.

Wu Hai’s body was forcefully blown out of the chief disciple peak, before crashing into another mountain, his entire body embedded into the rock.

Boulders tumbled down as the mountain started to crumble.

It was completely silent outside the chief disciple peak, numerous gazes watching this scene as if in a daze...

Wu Hai… had once again been sent flying by a single punch...

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