Chapter 460 One Strike

A sea of people surrounded the seven chief disciples peaks, their boiling hubbub of voices dashing into the sky and scattering the clouds.

All of the participants had already entered the battlefield. Berserk Genesis Qi soon began to erupt, as intensive battles broke out.

Compared to the other six chief disciple peaks, Saint Genesis Peak clearly had the least participants. After all, they only had three factions, while the other peaks had at least several dozen...

Although they had the least participants, the attention on the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple selection ranked number one or two among the other selections. A lot was on the line after all, and even the six hegemons would occasionally cast their attention over.

Due to the wager between Kong Sheng and Chu Qing, the former would also often cast his gaze over. When he saw that Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s factions had joined hands, he merely released an icy chuckle.

“These two factions at least have some brains.” Remarked Kong Sheng in an uncaring manner. With Lu Hong’s faction at an overwhelming advantage, if the other two were to fight among themselves, the only thing that awaited them would be a crushing defeat.

Since they had now joined forces, they would at least be able to put up a little resistance.

However, only a little...

He was not worried even if the two factions were working together. Though the numbers on both sides were now equal, unfortunately for them… the gap in quality still existed.

His gaze shifted, homing in on a certain stone platform where two figures were facing each other. 

Although Kong Sheng had previously heard of Wu Hai being caught off guard, and defeated by Zhou Yuan with a single punch, it was most likely due to carelessness. Zhou Yuan would certainly not have such an easy time winning this time.

As long as Wu Hai managed to delay Zhou Yuan, the other four should soon finish off the Han siblings. When that happened, the situation would become completely stable.

As for Yuan Hong...

Kong Sheng softly chuckled. If they believed that numbers could deal with Yuan Hong, Kong Sheng could only say that they were too naive.

In any case, regardless of how he looked at it, the other two factions did not have even a sliver of hope. The chief disciple seat would most certainly land in the hands of Lu Hong’s faction.


Under the countless watching gazes, atop the misty stone platform, Zhou Yuan gazed at the sinisterly smiling Wu Hai. The former’s expression was impassive, his five fingers slowly clenched into a fist as he smiled and said, “It seems that you didn’t suffer enough after the previous punch I gave you.”

Wu Hai’s expression darkened. A month ago, he had been caught off guard and defeated by a single punch from Zhou Yuan, causing him to lose a tremendous amount of face. If Lu Hong had not been worried that changing their line-up would affect their morale, he would have replaced Wu Hai right away.

This made Wu Hai hate Zhou Yuan even more.

Hence, he intended to wash away all that humiliation.

“I’m sure that you will be singing another tune when you’re kneeling before me later.” Wu Hai did not want to waste any more time. Vigorous Genesis Qi swept out from his body like a storm, violently churning around his body as an alarming pressure swept outwards.

Under this pressure, crack began to grow on the ground under his feet.

As Genesis Qi surged, Wu Hai made a grabbing motion, and a dark red broad appeared in his hand. When it appeared, the surrounding Genesis Qi began to converge towards it.

Wu Hai’s Genesis Qi undulations began to climb.

It was a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon.

After suffering at Zhou Yuan’s hands previously, Wu Hai obviously no longer dared to show any negligence. He immediately brought out the quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon Lu Hong had given him, allowing his battle power to reach its peak.

Wu Hai grew more and more confident as he felt the surging Genesis Qi in his body, while the gaze he directed towards Zhou Yuan became icier and icier.

“Zhou Yuan, you managed to take advantage of my carelessness to defeat me in a single punch last time. That’s why I’ll let you have a taste of what it felt like this time!”

Wu Hai’s body slowly rose into the air as the scarlet light on his dark red broadsword gradually grew deeper. Terrifying power pulsed from the edge of the sword as it frantically absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi.

An alarming Genesis Qi ripple began to unfurl from his body.

It was as if a whirlpool had formed around him, a spectacular and astonishing sight indeed.

This scene naturally fell into the eyes of the many watching gazes, causing gasps of surprise to sound. Anyone could tell that this was going to be Wu Hai’s strongest attack, and he was obviously planning to return an eye for eye.

Zhou Yuan had defeated him with a single punch, so he was going to finish off Zhou Yuan in a single move.

“Low grade Heaven Genesis technique, Light Slash!”

A thunderous roar boomed as the surrounding Genesis Qi poured into the scarlet red broadsword, causing resplendent and powerful sword light to rapidly gather on its surface.

This strike was powerful enough to split mountains.

Ferocity filled Wu Hai’s eyes as he swung the broadsword in his hands.


An over eight hundred feet long arc of sword light suddenly appeared. It hacked downwards with alarming power, furiously chopping towards Zhou Yuan below.


Countless disciples broke into an uproar outside the chief disciple peak as their expressions rapidly changed. No one had expected Wu Hai to play his strongest cards at the beginning… He had not only brought out a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon, but also used a Heaven Genesis technique.

Even an opponent of the same cultivation level would not dare to clash directly against such an attack.

Worry rose on the faces of Shen Taiyuan’s disciples when they saw this, even Shen Taiyuan’s old face tensing with anxiety.

Wu Hai was here with vengeance, and had no intentions of trying to feel out his opponent.

On Lu Hong’s side, Lu Hong gave a faint nod of approval. At least Wu Hai wasn’t stupid. Since Zhou Yuan practiced an external cultivation technique, there was no need to waste time. Send out a ruthless blow at the start to cripple him.

“This Light Slash technique is quite a famous Heaven Genesis technique in Sword Cometh Peak, and boasts astonishing power. With the power of the Scarlet Spirit Sword added into the mix, Zhou Yuan will not be able to put up any resistance.” Remarked Lu Hong in a nonchalant manner.

The other disciples nodded one after another. Looks like Zhou Yuan would be the first to be eliminated.


The giant arc of sword light swiftly descended as the stone platform began to crumble.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, his eyes narrowing slightly as he looked at the falling sword light. Wu Hai had indeed grown smarter...

With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared and transformed into its martial form. The surrounding Genesis Qi rapidly surged over, pouring into the brush as his Genesis Qi aura swiftly began to rise.

Not even a single ripple could be seen on his face as his hair danced wildly under the falling arc of sword light. The corners of his mouth moved slightly as a soft voice was spat out, “Genesis Breaker.”

The lotus shaped snow-white brush hairs at the tip of the brush gradually took on a night-black luster, appearing rather mysterious.

“Little Mythic Saint Body, jade skin!”

The skin all over his body began to emit a jade glow that rapidly swirl on the surface of his body.

The giant arc of sword light rapidly grew in his eyes, the sharp sword aura piercing thousands of holes on the shattered stone ground.

Zhou Yuan’s hands tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush. In the next instant, a shout abruptly rang out from his throat, “Million Whale Rune!”

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand was forcefully swung, its night-black brush tip swinging straight at the giant arc of sword light.

The silhouette of a giant whale seemed to appear around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as the cry of a whale echoed.

Under the countless watching gazes, sword light and black brush tip crashed into each other.


An enormous shockwave swept outwards, causing destruction in the surroundings. Sword light pulsed, as the mist rippled violently. Dust rose from the stone platform, as more and more cracks appeared.

The entire stone platform had been split open. One could easily imagine how much destructive power had been let loose in the clash.

Numerous disciples could not help but swallow at the sight of this scene. The strike from Wu Hai’s sword was as fierce as could be, and yet, Zhou Yuan had not tried to avoid it, but instead taken it head-on.

This was basically courting death!

A mocking smile appeared from the corners of Lu Hong’s lips. Looks like the first eliminee had finally appeared.

Numerous gazes looked towards the rising dust in pity as the stone platform began to fall apart. 

Wu Hai stood in the air, arrogantly looking down from above as a sneer emerged on his face.

The dust on the stone platform gradually dissipated.

Next, the view of the platform finally became clear again.

A figure holding a black brush silently stood on the broken remains of the platform. Jade light flowed on the surface of his body, as golden Genesis Qi swirled around him. 


Upon seeing the completely unharmed figure, a torrential uproar rose outside the chief disciple peak. The faces of numerous disciples were filled with disbelief.

Several of the more observant onlookers even realized that Zhou Yuan’s feet had not even moved from the spot.

In other words, he had not only received Wu Hai’s strongest attack, but had even done so with extreme ease.

The mockery on Lu Hong’s lips turned rigid.

In the sky, the expression on Wu Hai’s face also solidified little by little.

“How is this possible…”

On the stone platform, Zhou Yuan slightly relaxed his grip on the brush, neither panic nor alarm on his face as he lifted his head to gaze at Wu Hai with a slight frown.

“Was that your strongest attack?”

He shook his head, his tone completely indifferent.

“Time for you to leave then… stop wasting any more of my time.”

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