Chapter 459 Start of the Chief Disciple Selection

After the ten Chosens appeared, numerous elders began to arrive in the sky above. The scale of this gathering was very impressive, showing just how important the chief disciple selection was to the Cangxuan Sect.

As time passed, the sun rose high into the sky.

Sect master Qing Yang glanced towards the sky and nodded, before gently waving his sleeve.


A loud ‘dong’ echoed across the land.

The atmosphere inside the Cangxuan Sect reached its peak at this moment. Everyone knew that the bell marked the beginning of the chief disciple selection.

“Let the chief disciple selection begin. Disciples, I hope that you will fully display the fruits of your labor over the past year!” Sect master Qing Yang’s powerful voice echoed by everyone’s ear.

It was quickly followed by a storm of cheering.

Go for it, senior brother Zheng Shi!”

“Senior sister Su Yun, you’ll definitely succeed!”


Countless disciples cheered for the participants they were supporting, creating quite an astonishing din.

The situation was the same on Saint Genesis Peak’s side. However, practically everyone from Shen Taiyuan’s faction was cheering for either Zhou Tai or Zhang Yan. These two were the main force after all.

“Go little Yuan bro, I bet two hundred thousand Genesis jade on you taking the chief disciple seat!” Someone suddenly yelled. The crowd looked over, only to discover that it was Shen Wanjin.

The declaration of his generous bet made quite a number of people jump in shock, as they could not help but say, “Are you crazy? You’ve actually bet two hundred thousand Genesis jade? You could have used that kind of money to treat us at the Hundred Fragrances House instead!”

Two hundred thousand Genesis jade was a fortune to even most purple sash disciples. Shen Wanjin had only been able to accumulate it because Zhou Yuan had extorted it from Wu Hai previously.

No one had expected that Shen Wanjin would wager all of it on Zhou Yuan.

In their eyes, this was undoubtedly the most foolish action anyone could take. You’ll at least get some nice splashes if you threw them all into the river, throwing them onto Zhou Yuan, on the other hand, won’t even net you a ripple!

Shen Wanjin did not mind the gazes that were looking at him as if he were a fool. In any case, Zhou Yuan was the one who had gotten him these Genesis jade, so it didn’t matter even if he lost them all.

His thought process was very simple. As Zhou Yuan’s most loyal fan, how could he possibly not give his support at such a time?!

Zhou Yuan was also rather alarmed by the huge wager, but was soon unable to hold back a chuckle as he shook his head. He did not say anything, only waving at Shen Wanjin.

Shen Taiyuan looked over and said to Zhou Yuan, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan, “Get ready.”

The trio nodded with serious expressions.


In the next instant, the trio dashed into the sky together, stepping on Genesis Qi as they descended towards the chief disciple peak.

At the same time, several figures also rose from Lu Hong and Lu Song’s factions amidst thunderous cheers.

A total of twelve figures flew past in the sky, swiftly approaching the chief disciple peak.

When they were a certain distance from the chief disciple peak, Zhou Yuan felt a pressure spread from it. Under this pressure, the flow of Genesis Qi turned somewhat slower.

In addition, it seemed that the closer they got to the summit, the greater the pressure.

However, Zhou Yuan did not panic, because Shen Taiyuan had already talked about this previously. Genesis Runes had been carved into the chief disciples peak that made the surrounding Genesis Qi heavier. When one was within range of the runes, one would feel as if there was a heavy mountain on one’s back, and the closer one was to the summit, the greater the pressure one would feel.

In such an environment, one’s Genesis Qi would be consumed at a much faster rate in battle.

This was a test of sorts. Those without sufficient strength would not have the qualifications to even ascend the summit.

Mists swirled around the giant mountain. Stone platform after platform had been chiselled into the mountain, like giant stone steps that reached upwards all the way to the summit currently concealed by mist.

At a certain distance from the mountain, the onlookers saw the twelve figures suddenly begin to sink rapidly. Genesis Qi quickly rose from their bodies to stabilize them.

After steadying themselves, their figures descended towards the stone platforms, using them as steps to ascend the mountain.

Among the twelve figures, Yuan Hong was unsurprisingly in the lead. Right behind him, was Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan, while Zhou Yuan and the rest were further behind.

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan gradually approached each other as they exchanged a look, before locking onto Yuan Hong’s figure at the very front and nodding faintly.


Their speed rose sharply, as they attacked together a split second later. Three torrents of Genesis Qi surged out, blasting towards Yuan Hong’s figure.


Their actions immediately caused quite a stir outside the chief disciple peak. Almost no one had expected the two factions to join hands against Yuan Hong.

Yuan Hong naturally noticed the berserk Genesis Qi rushing towards him from behind. However, there was no panic as a giant thousand feet long torrent of Genesis Qi whizzed out and, coiled around him like a giant python.


The three blasts of Genesis Qi arrived, shockwaves violently unfurling as Genesis Qi collided.

Further behind, the expressions of the other five participants from Lu Hong’s faction changed slightly, as they sped up in order to provide support.

However, Zhou Yuan and the other two disciples from Lu Song’s faction now stood before them, obstructing their path.

Wu Hai shot a chilling glance at Zhou Yuan, before shouting, “Will you have trouble senior brother Yuan Hong?”

Yuan Hong swept a glance behind him, and waved his hand as he nonchalantly replied, “I’ll play with them for a bit, you guys only need to finish off the three of them.”

He then looked towards the three figures that were rapidly surrounding him as a mocking smile rose from the corners of his mouth. “You guys plan to join forces? Smart move, but do you really believe that your combined might is enough?”

“Follow me if you have the guts!”

With an icy laugh, his figure suddenly rose into the air and dashed towards the misty halfway point of the mountain. He was evidently planning on pulling the battleground to a higher location.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Tai turned towards the Zhou Yuan trio and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, we’ll be troubling the three of you to delay the rest. We’ll come back to help you guys after finishing off Yuan Hong.”

As his voice faded, the three of them had already soared into the sky, as they hurriedly gave chase.

For this chief disciple selection, they needed to first gather their strongest power to deal with the biggest threat, Yuan Hong. Otherwise, neither of their two factions would have any chance of victory.

The four figures flew forward, swiftly disappearing into the mist.

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change as he watched them leave, before turning his head to look at the two disciples from Lu Song’s faction consisting of one guy and a girl.

The guy was called Han Yan. He had a large muscular frame, and looked like a straightforward person. The girl was called Han Yu, and was quite a pretty dainty little thing.

The two of them were brother and sister.

Han Yan returned Zhou Yuan’s gaze with an honest smile, while Han Yu frowned a little. She and Lu Yan were very close, and they could be considered best friends. Hence, she had naturally been influenced by Lu Yan, and also felt that Zhou Yuan would be a burden.

“Brother Zhou Yuan, let’s do our best to delay them…” Said Han Yan.

Three against five, an absolute disadvantage in numbers. Once things started, the other side would surely gain the upper hand.

Han Yu swept a glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “Since we’ve chosen to stay behind, we’ve already resolved ourselves to fight to the bitter end, and have no intentions of retreating unscathed. It will be a success as long as we can delay them and win a little more time for senior sister Lu Yan and the rest.”

The two of them were evidently planning to go down fighting.

“I’ll do what I can.” Said Zhou Yuan with a slight smile.

Han Yu was clearly not very satisfied by Zhou Yuan’s lack of resolution, but ultimately did not say anything. She did not expect much from him in the first place after all.

Genesis Qi rose from Han Yan and Han Yu, their expression turning grave and wary as they stared at the five figures nearby.

Meanwhile, the five disciples from Lu Hong’s faction looked back with ridicule.

Wu Hai’s mocking gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan as he grinned and said, “So that’s what you guys are planning. Delay us while concentrating your forces to deal with senior brother Yuan Hong?”

“I have to say…”

“That your plan is truly delusional.”

The rest of them burst out into laughter. From the looks of it, they were not the slightest bit worried about Yuan Hong.

Wu Hai’s chilling gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan as he said to the other four, “Leave this one to me, I intend to wipe away my previous humiliation.”

From start to end, he still believed that he had only been defeated by a single punch because he had been caught off guard. If they were to duel again, it would not be so easy for Zhou Yuan to win.

The other four also understood that Wu Hai was intent on washing away his previous defeat, and naturally had no objections.


Upon seeing this, Han Yan and Han Yu made their move, flying away towards another location.

“Be careful brother Zhou Yuan!”

The other four participants from Lu Hong’s faction merely laughed, before swiftly giving chase, as if they were cats toying with a mouse.

In the wake of their departure, only Zhou Yuan and Wu Hai were left facing each other on the stone platform.

Wu Hai stared at Zhou Yuan, as a sinister smile rose from the corners of his mouth.

“Zhou Yuan, do you know how I will  torment you this time?”

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