Chapter 458 The Ten Chosens

While the seven chief disciple peaks began to boil with excitement, vast Genesis Qi churned high up in the sky above the Cangxuan Sect. Countless disciples raised their heads, and saw the gathering Genesis Qi transform into six giant glowing Genesis Qi lotuses.

Six figures were seated upon the lotuses, spreading their overwhelming and immeasurable presences. They seemed to exude limitless power, causing respect to instinctively rise in everyone’s hearts.

They were naturally sect master Qing Yang and the other five peak masters.

When these six hegemons of the sect appeared, every disciple and elder in the Cangxuan Sect bowed their bodies as their voices echoed in every corner.

“We respectfully greet sect master and the peak masters!”

Sect master Qing Yang and the other five peak masters would naturally not be missing from the grandest and most important yearly event of the Cangxuan Sect.

At the center of the group, sect master Qing Yang gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. His expression was gentle, and yet also like a bottomless pool or an immeasurable peak, giving off a sense of stability that ordinary people could never possess, as if he would not be alarm even when the heavens began to crumble.

“I hope that the disciples will give their all in this year’s chief disciple selection. Show us your ability, and become a model for the numerous disciples of our Cangxuan Sect.” Sect master Qing Yang’s gentle yet grand voice rang out in everyone’s ears.

“Yes!” The many disciples responded in unison.

Not long after the six hegemons revealed themselves, another ten mini glowing lotuses began to form some distance to their front, as ten figures swept across the air and seated themselves on the lotuses.

When the ten figures were revealed, cheering swiftly arose from the countless disciples as they looked over with fervent gazes.

Because these ten figures were the ten great Chosens of the Cangxuan Sect!

The ten Chosens were usually busy with their training or on missions, making it nearly impossible to see all ten of them gathered in one place. Only during a grand occasion like the chief disciple selection, would they all show up together.

In contrast to the untouchable, almighty and revered six hegemons, the numerous disciples undoubtedly felt much closer to the ten Chosens, many even treating the group as targets of worship in their hearts.

This was why the appearance of the ten Chosens resulted in such a scene.

“All ten Chosens present together…” Zhou Yuan was also quite amazed by this. After all, it had been nearly an entire year since he came to the Cangxuan Sect, but he had to even see half of the Chosens before this.

He stared at the ten glowing lotuses. At the center was the most eye-catching shiny bald head. Sunlight reflected off its glossy surface, making it dazzle brightly.

It was the leader of the Chosens, Chu Qing.

As he looked at Chu Qing, Zhou Yuan swept a glance at Lu Yan from Lu Song’s faction. Sure enough, he found a look of adoration on the latter’s face as she dazedly stared at Chu Qing, little stars even glittering in her eyes. The usually arrogant manner she displayed was now nowhere to be seen.

On the left and right of Chu Qing were Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, followed by the rest of the Chosens. Every figure seemed to command the attention of the crowd.

After all, the fact that they could become Chosens was more than enough evidence of their talent. They were the cream of the crop even among the numerous elites of the Cangxuan Sect.

Chu Qing yawned atop his lotus, before turning his head to see Kong Sheng icily staring at him. The former immediately rubbed his shiny, bald head, displaying a dazzling smile as he said, “Ah, junior brother Kong Sheng, it’s been so long since we last met.”

Kong Sheng’s eyes stabbed at Chu Qing like swords, as he coldly responded, “Chu Qing, I sent you eighteen challenge letters. Why have you not responded at all?”

A shocked look appeared on Chu Qing’s face. “Eighteen challenge letters? Aiyyaa, why haven’t I seen a single one… I’m sure of it, someone must have secretly thrown them away. I’ll go back and find out exactly who has the gall to do such a thing.”

Kong Sheng icily chuckled. Fine, continue your acting.

With a wave of his sleeve, a challenge letter appeared in his hand, before being tossed towards Chu Qing. “Regardless of whether you’ve seen them previously, I believe you won’t be able to avoid this one, right?”

The challenge letter whizzed through the air, heading straight for Chu Qing.

However, Chu Qing did not even move or cast a glance to the side, allowing the challenge letter to brush past his face, before floating away into the distance.

Kong Sheng, “......”

Li Qingchan, “......”

The corners of the other Chosens’ lips pulled outwards.

Veins could not help but pop out on Kong Sheng’s forehead, evidently not expecting that Chu Qing would be so thick skinned as to directly ignore the challenge letter right in his face. Just how cheeky could this person get?

Chu Qing looked towards Li Qingchan with a smile. “Junior sister Qingchan, let’s change places.”

Li Qingchan responded with an annoyed glance, completely ignoring his request.

Upon seeing that there would not be any response from her, Chu Qing helplessly shook his head and turned back to the now black faced Kong Sheng with a smile, “Don’t be so rash junior brother Kong Sheng. Sending out such a challenge letter with no warning will only hurt the relationship we have as fellow disciples.”

“If you really want to compete, we can do it in any way.”

“What way?” Kong Sheng was expressionless.

“Wuu…” Chu Qing blinked several times, before a bright smile emerged on his face. “We can bet on the chief disciple selection… hmm, let’s guess who the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak will be!”

“The loser will have to pay a hundred thousand Genesis jade!”

Kong Sheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. “And also accept a challenge letter!”

Chu Qing felt rather helpless and could only nod in agreement.

Only then did Kong Sheng let out an icy chuckle. “What’s there to guess, the chief disciple seat will definitely end up with Yuan Hong.”

Lu Hong’s faction was from Sword Cometh Peak, and Kong Sheng naturally had a clear understanding of Yuan Hong’s strength. There was no one from the other two factions who could put up a fight against him.

Chu Qing merely grinned and said, “I hold a different opinion.”

Kong Sheng laughed mockingly. “Oh? Are you supporting Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan or Lu Yan?”

Chu Qing pondered a little, before he said, “I feel that the chief disciple position might land in the hands of Zhou Yuan.”

These words not only elicited another chuckle from Kong Sheng, but also caused the other Chosens to look over. They had heard of this Zhou Yuan before, but no matter how amazing his achievements were over the past year, he was ultimately a new disciple.

When compared to Yuan Hong, the gap between them was quite huge.

So how could he possibly obtain the chief disciple seat of Saint Genesis Peak?

In fact, even Li Qingchan, who was more well acquainted with Zhou Yuan, frowned slightly, feeling that it was going to be quite impossible. Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Yang Xuan, none of the participants in the chief disciple selection would be weaker than Yang Xuan.

Let alone someone like Yuan Hong...

“I did not expect you to think so highly of him.” Remarked Kong Sheng.

Chu Qing sighed and said, “As the one who can make that monster Zhou Xiaoyao submit, Zhou Yuan is definitely no simple individual…”

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched. So this was the reason? This was why he felt Zhou Yuan would obtain the chief disciple seat?

Upon seeing the strange looks on the faces of the other Chosens, Chu Qing immediately began explaining, “You guys have never tasted Zhou Xiaoyao’s methods. She’s definitely a heartless witch who can sell you away without even blinking. If Ye Ge did not keep insisting that she was a Cangxuan Sect disciple, I would have suspected that she was sent from the Sacred Palace to cause trouble!”

His voice was filled with resentment, clearly recalling the Heaven mission previously, where he had been forced by Zhou Xiaoyao to use his full power in battle. There had been no choice but to do so, just look at how Ye Ge had nearly been killed...

Over the years, this was the first time that Chu Qing had been forced into such a situation by someone else.

Kong Sheng let out an icy chuckle and said, “I don’t care what reason you have, but since you’ve chosen Zhou Yuan, let us get ready to watch how things will unfurl. I hope that you will obediently accept my challenge letter after you lose!”

After speaking, he withdrew his gaze and turned towards the distant Saint Genesis Peak. Disdain flitted across his eyes as his gaze swept across a certain young figure.

Was Zhou Yuan thinking of taking the chief disciple seat from Yuan Hong?

How delusional!

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