Chapter 457 Chief Disciple Peak


The sound of an old bell echoed in every corner of the Cangxuan Sect. The instant it sounded, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured into a boiling deep fryer, instantly breaking the lingering peace from the night before as an explosion of excitement permeated the air.

Countless glowing figures could be seen flying out in the sky, accompanied by the sound of rushing wind as they swarmed towards the various peaks.

An intense and eager battle intent filled the Cangxuan Sect.


Zhou Yuan walked out of his little house and arrived at the entrance of the cave dwelling, where he saw a pretty figure gracefully standing. With an aura as ungraspable as the mist, it was naturally Yaoyao.

Yaoyao currently had her head slightly raised as she gazed upon the bustling atmosphere of excitement that had descended upon the sect. After accumulating for two months, everyone’s battle intent appeared to have simultaneously erupted at this very moment. Today was clearly going to be an exceptionally marvellous day for the Cangxuan Sect.

“Rested well?” She turned around, her body seemingly glowing as the morning rays shined onto her, a sight that one would find very difficult to shift away from. However, her beautiful face had regained its previous indifference, making it impossible to read the feelings in the depths of her heart.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile, regret filling his heart, before he sent a vicious glare at the nearby Tuntun. This little bastard! I’ll remember this grudge!

“What are you looking at?” Yaoyao immediately saw the look in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, and shot an angry glare at him.

Zhou Yuan coughed dryly twice.

“Let’s get ready… you’ve suffered quite a bit for the sake of today. Let everyone see the fruits of your efforts.” Said Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan exhaled a long and deep breath. These two past two months of training had not been easy indeed, and today was the time to test the results of his hard work.

Burning battle intent rose in his eyes, without even the slightest trace of fear to be seen. No matter what opponent he faced today, the chief disciple position of Saint Genesis Peak would definitely be his!

WIth a stamp, Genesis Qi rose from under his foot, swiftly carrying Yaoyao, Tuntun and himself into the air as they fly towards Saint Genesis Peak.

By the time the trio rushed there, they found the disciples from their faction already gathered. At the very front, Shen Taiyuan stood with a solemn expression on his face, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the rest standing closely behind.

Zhou Yuan landed in front of them and respectfully cupped his fist together in greeting towards Shen Taiyuan.

Shen Taiyuan acknowledged Zhou Yuan with a brief nod, before his gaze swept across the crowd. “Since everyone is here, let’s get going.”

With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi surged out, sweeping up everyone like a cloud. After roughly half an incense stick of time, they landed on a giant stone stage.

A giant peak towered in front of the enormous strong stage. From how the mountain was already covered in mist at its midway point, one could imagine just how titanic it was.

Shen Taiyuan pointed at the giant mountain before them and said in a solemn voice, “It is called the chief disciple peak and is also the battlefield of the chief disciple selection. There are a total of seven such chief disciple peaks in the Cangxuan Sect, and this one belongs to our Saint Genesis Peak.” 

“This is where the chief disciple selection of Saint Genesis Peak will unfold.”

There was a look of thought on Zhou Yuan’s face as he gazed upon the mountain. If this was the case, it would mean that the seven chief disciple selections were held separately, and the other six chief disciple peaks were likely already the focus of tens of thousands of watching eyes.


At this moment, the sound of rushing wind was heard from the sky. A Genesis Qi cloud descended and landed on a nearby stone stage, revealing numerous figures.

At their head was elder Lu Song, while Lu Yan stood elegantly behind him.

Lu Hong’s faction had also arrived..

Not long after they appeared, the sound of rushing wind was heard again as Lu Hong’s faction made their grand entrance, far surpassing the other two factions in both numbers and presence.

Lu Hong stood at the front of his numerous disciples with his hands behind his back. His indifferent gaze swept across the other two groups, only pausing briefly on Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan, the three more renowned disciples. As for Zhou Yuan, all he received was a quick glance out of the corner of the former’s eyes that was almost immediately withdrawn in an uncaring manner. It was obvious that Lu Hong did not view Zhou Yuan as a threat.

Behind him, the six disciples led by Yuan Hong gave off an imposing presence. This was a very strong line-up.

The other two factions seemed to grow a little restless after Lu Hong’s faction appeared. Most of the disciples wore extremely grave expressions, clearly under quite a bit of pressure.

As the hottest contenders, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan’s gazes were all gathered on the expressionless Yuan Hong, wariness and fear flashing across their eyes.

They were unafraid of the other participants from Lu Hong’s faction. Only Yuan Hong gave them a dangerous sensation.

Besides the members of these three factions, quite a number of disciples from the other peaks had also rushed to this place. They landed in the vicinity of the chief disciple peak, whispers quickly beginning to spread as they gazed upon the three groups.

“It seems that there won’t be any suspense in this chief disciples selection…”

“Yeah, Lu Hong’s side is too powerful, the other two groups really appear quite weak in contrast…”

“Looks like the chief disciple position will end up with elder Lu Hong’s faction.”


These voices were also transmitted into the ears of the many disciples from Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s factions, causing them to worry even more. As long as one was not blind, the overwhelming might of Lu Hong’s faction was clear as day.

In comparison, smiles were revealed on the faces of Lu Hong’s disciples when they heard these whispers, causing them to grow even more proud and arrogant. The gazes they occasionally sent towards the other two factions were filled with contempt.

At the sight of this situation, Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song exchanged a look, and ultimately faintly nodded at each other.

Shen Taiyuan withdrew his gaze, looking towards Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Zhou Yuan as a voice wrapped in Genesis Qi was transmitted into their ears, “Lu Hong’s side has an absolute advantage in this chief disciple selection, it will be very difficult for a single faction to take them on alone.”

Zhou Tai was taken aback. He soon asked, “What is teacher Shen trying to say?”

Shen Taiyuan indifferently replied, “Elder Lu Song and I have discussed this matter. After entering the chief disciple peak, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan, the two of you will join forces with Lu Yan to snipe Yuan Hong. You must defeat him first.”

Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan looked at each other, clearly not expecting that they would join hands with the other faction. After all, they were in a manner of speaking also competitors.

Even so, they ultimately nodded, because none of them had any confidence in facing Yuan Hong alone. The best possible scenario was indeed working together to defeat and disqualify the strongest Yuan Hong at the start.

“If the three of us are joining forces to deal with Yuan Hong, what about the other participants from Lu Hong’s side?” Inquired Zhang Yan.

Shen Taiyuan looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Zhou Yuan, you and the two other disciples from elder Lu Song’s side will obstruct Lu Hong’s five other disciples. Due to your disadvantage in numbers, you guys will definitely be under substantial pressure. As such, there is no need for your group to face the other party with your full power, but instead focus on delaying them as long as you can. If the situation turns dire, you may admit defeat and withdraw from the selection.”

“You guys only need to endure until the other group manages to defeat Yuan Hong, and it will be considered a success.”

Shen Taiyuan clearly felt that the main force this time was still Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan. Hence, he did not have high hopes for Zhou Yuan, and only wished that he would be able to delay for time.”

In Shen Taiyuan’s eyes, allowing Zhou Yuan to participate was mostly to give him some experience in preparation for the chief disciple selection next year.

Zhou Yuan was silent, but did not raise any objections. Instead, he only asked, “What happens if senior brother Zhou Tai and the rest succeed in defeating Yuan Hong?”

“Once Lu Hong’s side is dealt with, who ultimately takes the chief disciple position will depend on one’s capability.” Declared Shen Taiyuan.

Zhou Yuan nodded, no further questions. It was good as long as he was not forbidden from vieing for the chief disciple seat.

“Okay, I understand.”


“If Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and I join hands, it will not be too difficult for us to deal with Yuan Hong.” On the other side, Lu Yan had found out about the plan from elder Lu Song.

“However…” Her eyes swept towards Zhou Yuan’s figure as she frowned. “Are you certain that Zhou Yuan and the other two from our side will be able to delay the five participants on Lu Hong’s side long enough?”

She shook her head, evidently a little unsatisfied with the plan as she continued, “I feel that it will not work out… this is a little unbecoming of elder Shen. He could have chosen any other time to give his disciple the chance to gain some experience. Can’t believe he permitted that disciple of his to participate when the stakes are so high.”

Lu Song smiled helplessly and said, “It’s useless to say anything at this juncture. As long as you, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan succeed in defeating Yuan Hong as fast as possible, the situation will fall under our control.”

Lu Yan mumbled to herself, “I hope that he will not become a burden at the most critical point”

“Otherwise, I will not let him off.”

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