Chapter 455 Yaoyao’s Anger

As the date of the chief disciple selection gradually neared, it felt as if the entire Cangxuan Sect had been placed into a boiling cauldron. The various factions from the various were eagerly rubbing their hands together in anticipation, their eyes set on a certain position.

After all, it was a position that represented the number one disciple of each peak, while also a road one needed to traverse in order to become a Chosen...

From the very first day every Cangxuan Sect disciple entered the sect, the chief disciple position was the target they would strive towards for many years to come.

Hence, when the chief disciple selection arrived every year, its magnificence would far surpass the earlier purple sash selection.

It was known as the grandest event of the year after all.


Yaoyao leisurely walked through the mountain forest, her slim, beautiful figure looking as if it had gracefully walked out from a painting. At her feet, Tuntun closely followed on its short stubby legs.

She advanced with the aid of several markings to avoid the seal. The forest before her soon became a wide open space, as a cliff and the water and fire tempering dragon stage appeared in her sights.

The next thing that entered her eyes was an unconscious figure lying on the ground. It was Zhou Yuan, except he was currently in an extremely sorry state, as if he had just been scooped up from a boiling pot. All of his flesh seemed to be undergoing necrosis, and he had clearly sustained grave injuries.

Yaoyao was first taken aback, before her pretty face turned ice-cold as her eyes pointed towards the smoking old Xuan like a sword.

She had not come here ever since the talk she had with old Xuan, but she never expected to see such a situation today.

“What did you do to him?” Yaoyao's voice was as cold as ice.


Tuntun also released a low roar, its beady eyes staring at old Xuan. Black light began to appear in its mouth, its tiny body starting to grow as its ferocious aura was revealed.

Upon seeing this, old Xuan helplessly said, “It has nothing to do with me. He’s the one who insisted on increasing the water and fire Genesis Qi to the third level.”

Yaoyao let out an icy snort, before she quickly walked forward and placed a finger under Zhou Yuan’s nose. Only after sensing his faint breathing did she breathe a small sigh of relief.

Her eyes proceeded to scan Zhou Yuan's bare upper body. Under the dying flesh, she could faintly see dark green light emerging. As the light soaked into the body, black sludge poured out from his pores.

As the sludge dispersed, his body slowly recovered.

However, even in this unconscious state, his body was instinctively trembling. One could easily imagine just how much pain he had endured earlier.

“Truly reckless!”

Yaoyao’s brows were furrowed, nearly shifting till they were vertical. So this was why he was returning back to the cave dwelling later and later, and appearing weaker and weaker each time. It turns out that he had raised the water and fire Qi to level three.

This was something he had not informed her about.

She turned her head and looked towards old Xuan as she frostily said, “He may not have fully understood the severity of this, but can you say the same for yourself? If one over tempers the body, it will rapidly break down! Can you afford to compensate him if his body is destroyed?”

Old Xuan opened and closed his mouth, clearly not expecting that he would receive such a scolding. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry. However, old Xuan constantly felt an unexplainable feeling of heart shaking fear of Yaoyao. Hence, he could only smile in an embarrassed manner as he said, “It’s not as bad as it looks. He practices the Taiyi Green Wood Mark that allows him to swiftly recover from even the most serious injuries. The only catch is that he has to suffer a little during the process.”

“You call this a little suffering?” Questioned Yaoyao.

To leave the tenacious Zhou Yuan in such a state, it was easy to imagine how terrifying the third level water and fire Qi was. 

Old Xuan resentfully shook his pipe, realizing that she was just being unreasonable. Hence, he intelligently shut his mouth, sullenly hugging his broom as he squatted in a corner and gnawed on his pipe.

Yaoyao coldly snorted, paying no further attention to old Xuan. She too could tell that although Zhou Yuan’s injuries were extremely grave, the Taiyi Green Mark was rapidly repairing his body.

An incense stick of time passed as she stood there.

Only then did Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes finally slowly crack open as a pained groan escaped from his lips.

He lay on the ground, facing the sky as waves of powerlessness pulsed through his body. The third level had been too huge of a burden on his body, resulting in a drastic loss of vital energy.

Fortunately, the Taiyi Green Mark in his body was releasing vital energy to replenish this loss.


While Zhou Yuan was thinking about silently lying there, a dry cough sounded. It was from old Xuan.

Zhou Yuan powerlessly croaked, “Let me rest a little longer.”

“How long do you plan on lying there?” A clear as spring water like voice sounded.

Zhou Yuan was startled as he hastily turned his head, quickly spotting the graceful as a willow figure. He immediately sat up and said, “Yaoyao?”

An awkward smile soon appeared on his face. “Why are you here?”

There was no expression on Yaoyao’s face. “If I came any later, I won’t even know when you will be tortured to death.”

In the stone pavilion, old Xuan gloomily breathed out a mouthful of smoke. Countless individuals in the Cangxuan Sect would die for his guidance, but it had become so unwanted and useless when mentioned by Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the depressed old Xuan and hurriedly said, “I’m fine, I can manage this training.”

Yaoyao ignored him and said, “Pack your things and follow me back.”

The sight of Yaoyao’s frosty expression caused a chill to rise inside Zhou Yuan. He obediently climbed to his feet, and nervously tidied himself the best he could.

“Kid, your recent training has been quite fruitful. Although you have yet to reach the silver bone stage, a breakthrough should be just around the corner. You should be able to achieve your goal with a little more effort.” Said old Xuan.

Zhou Yuan felt somewhat regretful. He did not expect that he would still fail to reach the silver bone stage even after so much suffering. The road of external cultivation was indeed a difficult one to walk.

Yaoyao paid no attention to them as she turned around and walked away, clearly still very discontent with old Xuan.

Zhou Yuan waved at old Xuan before quickly following.

Old Xuan watched Zhou Yuan leave as he puffed out a breath of smoke and slowly said, “Kid, do your best in the chief disciple selection tomorrow… Saint Genesis Peak has been sealed for so many years, and it should be about time for it to see the light of day once more.” 

Zhou Yuan’s footsteps paused as he turned his head and said, “Does elder hope that I will unseal Saint Genesis Peak?”

However, old Xuan did not reply. His old face seemed to fade and reappear within the thick smoke, making him seem quite mysterious.

Zhou Yuan did not ask again either, and turned back. However, just as he was about to step into the forest, a voice echoed.

“Don’t worry elder, the chief disciple seat of Saint Genesis Peak will definitely be mine!”

The duo gradually faded into the distance. Old Xuan’s murky eyes pierced through the smoke to watch them leave, before he lifted his head to gaze upon the misty main peak.

“It’s been so many years… it should be about time for Saint Genesis Peak to reopen, right?”

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