Chapter 450 One Punch

Wind blew across the cultivation platform.

Countless gazes were stupefied as they stared at the young figure that had just landed, clearly stunned by Zhou Yuan’s earlier words.

No one had expected that Zhou Yuan would not only show no indication of being submissive towards the clearly trouble seeking Wu Hai, but instead retort in an even more uncompromising manner.

One must know that Wu Hai was ranked among the top five in Lu Hong’s faction!

Shen Taiyuan’s disciples looked at each other. Zhou Yuan was usually quite a good-natured person, but the current Zhou Yuan clearly had nothing to do with good-natured at all.

However… though such an uncompromising approach felt great, it would only serve to make Wu Hai angrier.

“His balls aren’t small at all.”

Lu Yan stared at this scene in a dazed manner, before she softly exhaled. It seems that she was the one who had been wrong earlier. Zhou Yuan obviously did not know the meaning of fear.

“Although he has courage and backbone, these alone will not solve the problem. His words have only made this matter even more irreconcilable.”

The disciples beside Lu Yan nodded in agreement. “Zhou Yuan truly is someone who refuses to take a loss.”

“Senior sister, will you still step in later?”

Lu Yan crossed her arms as she pondered. She stared at Zhou Yuan and jokingly said, “On account that his bravery has surprised me, I will lend my aid when the situation becomes disadvantageous for him later.”

The fact that Zhou Yuan had been unafraid to take Wu Hai’s bait had surprised her a little. Hence, she did not mind lending a hand at the right moment.

Of course, she felt that she should first let Zhou Yuan suffer a little. Though he was talented, he was admittedly a little too prideful. She planned to let Wu Hai first teach him that a sharp tongue alone would not be able to change anything.

Under numerous astonished gazes, the smile on Wu Hai’s face completely receded. A playful look rose from the corners of his lips as he glared at Zhou Yuan.

Wu Hai slightly tilted his head to look at the numerous disciple behind him as he chuckled and asked, “Did you guys hear what he said earlier?”

The disciples burst into laughter.

“It seems that he has gone crazy due to anger…”

“Does he believe senior brother Wu Hai is anything like the opponents he faced before?”

“Well you have to admit he has a little courage, though it’s kind of wasted when paired with such stupidity.”


The gazes of Lu Hong’s disciples were filled with mockery, not a single one treating Zhou Yuan seriously at all, because the one standing in front them belonged to the highest class in their faction.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained impassive in the face of their laughter. With a flick, Shen Wanjin’s figure was lifted by the snow-white hairs and sent behind the former.

“Are you alright?” Zhou Yuan shot a glance at him.

Shen Wanjin foolishly scratched his head as he said in embarrassment, “I’m alright little Yuan Bro, how about we quickly escape from here?”

Zhou Yuan did not reply, his gaze merely pausing on the glaringly red hand print on the former’s face. His eyes turned even icier, before he waved at Shen Wanjin.

“You stand back first.”

Shen Wanjin could only let out a bitter laugh. He clearly wanted to say something more, but ultimately swallowed the words back into his stomach. In the end, he looked at Zhou Yuan’s back with deep gratitude.

How could he not know that Zhou Yuan intended to stand up for him.

Although Shen Wanjin was quite a thick skinned person that did not really mind that he had been humiliated, he could not help but sniff a little when he looked towards Zhou Yuan’s back at this moment.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, staring at Wu Hai as he chuckled, “Have you made your decision?”

Wu Hao also laughed, as he extended a finger and waved it at Zhou Yuan. “Brat… you’re quite the interesting one.”


In the next instant, vigorous Genesis Qi abruptly swept out from Wu Hai’s body like a storm, forcing numerous of the surrounding disciples to take several steps back.

A powerful Genesis Qi pressure pulsed from him.

This pressure was not the slightest bit weaker than Yang Xuan in the Black Flame Province. In fact, it even felt a little stronger.

Wu Hai’s expression turned ice-cold as the corners of his lips rose at a disdainful angle. “Fool!”

His five fingers reached out and suddenly clenched.

One could only watch as Genesis Qi dashed into the sky, transforming into several hundred sword shadows. Sharp and deadly sword aura rippled, causing everyone to feel a chill run down their spines.

Swish! Swish!

Several hundred Genesis Qi sword shadows shot forth like bolts of lightning, thrusting directly towards Zhou Yuan’s fatal spots at extremely fast speeds.

Every single sword shadow would terrify a sixth layer disciple, and with several hundred of them together, even a seventh layer would not dare to underestimate this attack.

“Senior brother Wu Hai has attacked. Looks like he’s really angry.” Lu Hong’s disciples could not help but smile when they saw this.

In contrast, looks of worry rose on the faces of the nearby Shen Taiyuan disciples.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As the sword shadows zipped through air, Zhou Yuan finally began to move. His figure swiftly turned ethereal as he dashed forward like a wisp of smoke.

Ch ch!

The sword shadows brushed past this wisp of smoke, leaving deep sword gorges in the solid ground below.

Zhou Yuan was as swift as a phantom, avoiding all of the sword shadows in a flash.

Upon seeing this, Wu Hai raised his eyes and moved his finger.

Even more Genesis Qi sword shadows filled the sky and began shooting towards Zhou Yuan.

Beside Lu Yan, a disciple asked as he watched, “Senior sister, can Zhou Yuan withstand this barrage?”

Lu Yan replied, “Without that Heaven Genesis Weapon, Zhou Yuan will not be Wu Hai’s match in a direct clash. Although he may be able to avoid the attacks, he will not be able to keep this up for long.”

“Once he shows an opening, Wu Hai’s attacks will drown him like a storm.”

“At the end of the day, his Genesis Qi cultivation is lower… this is his fatal weakness.”

At this point, she felt that it was such a pity. If Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation rose again, he may perhaps really become a dark horse in the chief disciples selection.

Unfortunately, he was currently still lacking.

Pch pch!

Countless sword shadows darted towards the smoke like figure as it slipped forward, instantly piercing numerous holes in the ground.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked towards the mockingly smiling Wu Hai nearby. The former’s eyes narrowed slightly as a faint jade glow appeared from his skin.


His foot smashed into the ground, cracking it as his figure swiftly shot towards Wu Hai.

It was an abrupt and rapid increase in speed!

Sword shadow after sword shadow descended, but not a single one was able to keep up with Zhou Yuan.

“Oh? Increased your speed huh?” Wu Hai merely sneered as his hands suddenly came together.

Vigorous Genesis Qi gathered, creating a three foot long sword in front of him. Lightning seemed to curl around its blade as thunder boomed from it.

“Lightning Sword Shadow!”

Wu Hai swung his palm as the lightning sword whistled forward, leaving a sonic boom in its wake. 

The reflection of the lightning sword rapidly grew in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. However, he showed no signs of dodging, only calmness visible on his face as he reached out to grab at the lightning sword.

“You’re courting death!” A sinister smile rose on Wu Hai’s face.

“Idiot!” Lu Yan could not help but cry out as well, her expression changing slightly. She never imagined that Zhou Yuan would not only not use his Heaven Genesis Weapon, but even dare to meet Wu Hai’s Genesis technique with his bare hand.


Amidst countless gasps, Zhou Yuan’s hand finally reached the lightning sword, his five fingers stretching out to enclose around the sword’s tip.

Many disciples could not help but close their eyes. They could already see Zhou Yuan’s entire hand being sliced a split second later.


Hand and sword finally met, causing sparks to fly. However, Wu Hai’s twisted smile suddenly froze at this moment, as his pupils abruptly shrank.

He had failed to see any blood spattering. Zhou Yuan’s hand had firmly caught the tip of the lightning sword, as if the formidable sword aura from it was completely ineffective against him.


The lightning sword was unable to escape Zhou Yuan’s hand no matter how it struggled.

“What?!” Numerous cries of alarm and shock immediately rang out on the cultivation platform.

Lu Yan was also stunned, an inconceivable look emerging on her pretty face.

She could not believe it. Even without the power of his Heaven Genesis Weapon, Zhou Yuan was able to grab Wu Hai’s deadly attack with his bare hand?


Under the numerous astonished gazes, jade light surged on Zhou Yuan’s hand as he suddenly tightened his grip, forcefully crushing the lightning sword without a single change in his expression.


In the next instant, his body dashed forward once again and appeared in front of Wu Hai.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless as his five fingers clenched into a fist and punched.

Jade light blossomed from his entire arm, while the Genesis Qi in his body roared like a flood.

A terrifying power abruptly erupted like a volcano.

The faint sound of cracking was heard from the space around it as the punch blasted through the air.

All of Wu Hai’s hairs stood on end as he hastily formed a hand seal. Genesis Qi immediately whizzed out, rapidly forming countless layers of Genesis Qi defenses in front of him.


However, these defenses were instantly crumbled in the face of Zhou Yuan’s fist.

All the defenses were shattered before a single breath could be taken.


Next, a piercing sonic boom was heard as Zhou Yuan’s fist slammed into Wu Hai’s chest.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was still unchanged.

In contrast, horror surged in Wu Hai’s eyes.


A ripple that could be seen with the naked eye unfurled. Under countless shocked and horrified gazes, Wu Hai vomited a mouthful of blood as his body was sent flying like a cannonball.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground was ripped apart.

In the end, Wu Hai crashed into the wall of a cliff. Cracks spread across the entire cliff, causing it to fall apart, the falling rubble burying his body.

The entire place was deathly silent.

The jade light slowly receded as Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at the now collapsed cliff. He grinned as a soft voice echoed.


“I already told you to jump down yourself…”

“What a waste of my time.”

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