Chapter 45 Before the Class Ranking Exam

In the mountain forests.

Zhou Yuan stood on a rock, five snarling giant green wolves currently circling him.

These Wind Spirit Wolves were also grade 1 Genesis Beasts. They specialized in speed and were extremely difficult to deal with due to their pack nature. Even seven channel experts would avoid them as much as possible. They could be said to be the tyrants of this particular area.

However, there was not much fear on Zhou Yuan’s face but instead some eagerness.


One of the Wind Spirit Wolves took the lead and attacked, a green figure darting forward like a shadow, sharp claws ripping through the air as they mercilessly slashed at Zhou Yuan’s back.

However, its surprise attack was not the least bit effective. Zhou Yuan’s figure seemed to flicker as it turned blurry, causing the sharp claws to slice through empty air.


Zhou Yuan’s counterattack was as swift as thunder. Five fingers tightly clenched into a fist as vigorous Genesis Qi surged around it. A punch slammed into the attacking wolf’s waist, breaking bone with a crack and sending the wolf to its death.


The moment it died, scarlet red washed over the other four wolves eyes as they shot forward with a howl.

“Martial form!”

Zhou Yuan let out a hearty laugh as he charged towards the remaining four Wind Spirit Wolves. He grasped the growing Heavenly Yuan Brush and swung it horizontally like a long spear, sending one of the wolves flying.

Ch ch!

In the forest, a human exchanged vicious blows with four wolves. Zhou Yuan wielded the Heavenly Yuan Brush like a heavy metal spear, devastating force wreaking havoc as it swept forth, making it practically impossible for the four wolves to approach.

The snow-white hairs of the brush tip flickered with sharpness, cutting deep and bloody wounds everytime it swept across a wolf’s body.

The battle started intensely and ended quickly.

After several minutes, Zhou Yuan stood on the spot, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand standing on the ground at a slightly slanted angle. Fresh blood dripped from the tip of the brush while the corpses of five WInd Spirit Wolves gradually turned cold around him.

A breath was slowly spat out from Zhou Yuan’s mouth while a stern glint surged in his eyes like a sharp blade. Two months of training in the mountain forest had given Zhou Yuan a faint aura of ferocity.

“Culture form.”

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand swiftly shrunk, becoming a foot long again as Zhou Yuan stuck it back into his waistband.

He raised his head, eyes narrowing slightly as he watched sunlight spill through the cracks in the trees and mumbled, “Only a few days left till the class ranking exam. It’s about time to return.”

He had trained for about two months in the mountain forests and his fifth meridian channel had already been completely unblocked a month earlier.

He had not returned because his channel opening speed would drop once he left this Genesis Beast infested mountain forests. Instead, he used the Genesis Beasts in the forest to temper himself.

He bent down to dig out the Beast Spirit Crystals from the heads of the five Wind Spirit Wolves before turning around and leaving the forest. Half an hour later, he arrived at the valley.

“Are we returning?” When Yaoyao saw that Zhou Yuan had returned, she seemed to know that he was ready to go back. She stretched lazily, displaying the enchanting outline of her waist.

She had previously lived with Cang Yuan in a domain void of any other people and was used to this kind of life. Thus, her two months her had been rather leisurely.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded before whistling. After a brief period, a dozen figures flew out from the mountain forests. They were the imperial guards that had been protecting him from the shadows.

“Inform captain Lu to prepare our return to Great Zhou City.”

Zhou Yuan watched the imperial guards withdraw before turning his head. His gaze seemed to penetrate the dense forests and see Great Zhou City.

“The guards reported some time ago that Qi Yue has already unblocked his seventh meridian channel… that guy does have some ability.”

Zhou Yuan’s lips were tightly pursed as coldness surfaced in his eyes.

Qi Yue had constantly caused trouble for him ever since he entered the Great Zhou Institute and most recently even using such an underhanded tactic at the Jade Spirit Waterfall. Qi Yue had even tried to use Su Youwei to threaten Zhou Yuan after the former’s subsequent loss of the Auraflare technique.

These actions had already roused Zhou Yuan’s desire to kill.

“There were never any chances in the past, but in the class ranking exam… Qi Yue, it is time for us to properly write off these debts!”


Great Zhou royal palace.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu rushed over the moment Zhou Yuan arrived at the royal palace.

Qin Yu quickly walked forward the moment she saw Zhou Yuan, grabbing his shoulders as she said in a tender voice, “My child, you did not return for so long after you left, look at how thin you’ve become.”

The current Zhou Yuan had actually become leaner, but to Qin Yu, training in the mountain forests was purely suffering.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he hugged Qin Yu. After some consoling, he let Yaoyao accompany Qin Yu as he walked away with Zhou Qing.

“Unblocked your fifth meridian channel?” Zhou Qing grinned as he glanced at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan nodded.

“Lu Tieshan has told me what happened. I did not expect Qi Yue would be so bold and actually target you.” A cold look flitted across Zhou Qing’s face.

Looks like the past few years of tolerating Qi Manor’s actions had now made them fearless. However, he did have his difficulties. After all, if he fully fall out with Qi Manor, the Great Zhou Empire would definitely have to welcome a war that would hurt them to the very core. This would be extremely detrimental to Great Zhou.

Hence, he somewhat blamed himself for the attack on Zhou Yuan. If he was not such a useless father, Zhou Yuan would not have fallen into such danger.

Zhou Yuan knew how his father suffered in silence. With a smile, he fished out the Auraflare technique jade scroll form his clothes and said, “Don’t dwell on it too much father, I was not the one who suffered a loss this time.”

“Auraflare technique? It has indeed landed in your hands!” Zhou Qing was a little taken aback but soon burst out into laughter. He was naturally aware how Qi Manor had practically turned the place upside down in search of this very technique.

“Let them pay a little interest first. As for Qi Yue, father need not worry. I will properly resolve the debts between us in the class ranking exam three days from now.”

Although Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm, the confidence in his voice made Zhou Qing feel rather gratified as he nodded. Two months of training in the deep mountain forests had slightly unsheathed the blade that was Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Qing slowly said, “The upcoming class ranking exam is extremely important. If the A class is defeated by the B class again, the headmaster position might fall into Qi Manor’s hands. All their years of plotting have cumulated into this very day.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded. He clearly understood the importance of the upcoming class ranking exam. It might seem to be a contest between the two classes, but the truth was that it would affect both the Great Zhou royal clan and Qi Manor.

The him of the past was unable to find his meridian channels and naturally could not be of much aid with regards to this matter. But since he had now opened five channels, Qi Manor would have to first ask his permission if they intended on taking over the Great Zhou Institute.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as his eyes narrowed. All his months of bitter training were for this very day!

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