Chapter 449 Wu Hai

Saint Genesis Peak.

A certain cultivation platform on one of the peaks.

Quite a crowd had already gathered here, while more and more figures were arriving from all directions and landing nearby.

The new arrivals had clearly split themselves into three different groups. The group with the greatest presence was completely made up of Lu Hong’s disciples. At this current time, all of them wore mocking expressions as they looked to the front, while occasionally bursting into loud laughter as they talked. They clearly showed no respect for the other two groups.

As a faction originally from Sword Cometh Peak, they were already looking down on the sorry Saint Genesis Peak even before coming here. In addition, the chief disciple selection was just around the corner. Once this important event was over, their faction would become the master faction of Saint Genesis Peak, making their status surpass the other two factions.

Thus, under Lu Hong’s indulgence, his disciples had gradually grown more and more arrogant ever since the list of participants had been announced.

For the past month, most of the conflicts between Saint Genesis Peak disciples had started because of Lu Hong’s faction, and to make matters worse, the majority of these disagreements had ended up with Lu Hong’s side as the victors. After all, regardless of whether it was quantity or quality, Lu Hong’s faction was indeed number one in Saint Genesis Peak.

Their repeated victories in these small squabbles only served to further fueled the embers of arrogance in Lu Hong’s faction… in this brief period of a month, it was as if Saint Genesis Peak was filled with gunpowder, even the slightest spark could cause an explosion.

At the front of Lu Hong’s numerous disciples stood a youth in blue with his hands behind his back. He wore a purple sash around his waist, his expression appearing rather cold and stern. His brows were like blades that gave off a cold and haughty aura.

This person was called Wu Hai, and was quite well known in Lu Hong’s faction. In fact, he was among one of the six chosen participants to participate in the chief disciple selection. From this information, one could tell just how powerful he was.

Wu Hao cast an indifferent glance to the side where Shen Wanjin was being physically restrained by several disciples. From his bloodied and batter face, it was clear that he had suffered quite a bit.

“Shen Wanjin, it seems that Zhou Yuan is a coward. I can’t believe he doesn’t even dare to protect his brother.” A mocking smile rose from the corners of Wu Hai’s lips.

There was a bitter look on Shen Wanjin’s face as he replied in deferential manner, “Senior brother Wu Hai, there’s no need for a great man like you to lower yourself to the same level as a small fry like myself. I’ve apologized earlier, and I really did hit your junior sister by mistake. How about I add in a little Genesis jade as compensation too?”

Wu Hao chuckled and said, “Compensation? That sounds like a good idea. A hundred thousand Genesis jade pieces will do.”

The surrounding disciples roared in laughter.

Shen Wanjin smiled awkwardly as he replied, “Senior brother Wu Hai, I’m merely a lowly black sash disciple, where can I possibly find so much Genesis jade.”

Wu Hai’s eyes slowly turned frosty. “Since you don’t have it, shut your mouth. If Zhou Yuan does not personally come here to collect you before sundown, I’ll throw you down the mountain.”

“Relax, you won’t die, though you’ll probably break half the bones in your body.”

Shen Wanjin hurriedly opened his mouth to speak again.


However, Wu Hai suddenly swung his palm, sending a force ripping through the air and loudly slapping onto Shen Wanjin’s soft face. A fresh red hand print immediately appeared.

Wu Hai icily said, “Shut up.”

Shen Wanjin’s fists tightened for a moment as anger flitted across the depths of his eyes. In the end, he slowly lowered his head.

Wu Hai was not someone the likes of him could afford to offend.

Upon seeing this, Wu Hai let out an icy chuckle as he crossed his arms. He was dying to see whether Zhou Yuan dared to come today. If he did not, Wu Hai would spread word of what had happened, causing Zhou Yuan to lose all face. After all, how capable could someone who could not even protect his dear brother be?

Some distance away was a group of Shen Taiyuan’s disciples. Their eyes also flashed with anger when they saw Shen Wanjin being beaten as they stared daggers at Wu Hai.

However, they did not dare to take action. Ordinary disciples like them could not take on someone like Wu Hai afterall.

“Quick, go find senior brother Zhou Tai or Zhang Yan…”

“Someone has already gone to find them.”

“What about senior brother Zhou Yuan?”

“No response… it seems that no one has found him yet.”

“Tch, he can’t have hidden away because he has already caught wind of this matter, right? Shen Wanjin has done so many things for him, does he not care now that his brother is in trouble?”

“I’m afraid that it will be useless even if he came. Wu Hai is no ordinary individual…”


These disciples whispered among themselves, clearly quite panicked about the situation. If Shen Wanjin was really thrown down the mountain by Wu Hai, it would be a big slap on their faction’s face.

At another corner of the place was elder Lu Song’s disciples. Quite a number of them were already gathered here, but since it was a conflict between Lu Hong and Shen Taiyuan’s faction, they naturally did not interfere.


Several figures flew over and landed in the area where Lu Song’s disciples were. A pretty figure was revealed, that familiar slender body and long, slim legs could not belong to anyone else but Lu Yan.

She was evidently also aware of the situation. She looked towards Wu Hai and frowned as she said, “Has Zhou Yuan shown up?”

A disciple nearby answered, “Not yet.”

Lu Yan’s lips curled. “Not showing up is rational. Wu Hai is clearly targeting him. That Shen Wanjin is merely an excuse.”

If her guess was correct, Wu Hai was likely on orders to probe Zhou Yuan, because the upcoming chief disciple selection was just far too important for Lu Hong. Thus, even the lowest odds participant like Zhou Yuan was not neglected by Lu Hong. He intended to find out everything about Zhou Yuan such as to prevent any surprises from happening.

As such, Zhou Yuan being a no show would instead cause Wu Hai to fail in his mission.

However, even though Lu Yan knew this, she still shook her head in disappointment. Wouldn’t Zhou Yuan be a little too cunning and heartless if he could restrain himself even at such a time?

Everyone present were youths at their prime, who would naturally view such tolerance as weakness instead.

“Senior sister, shall we take action? Lu Hong’s faction is becoming more and more arrogant.” Said a disciple in an indignant tone.

Lu Yan fell silent for a moment, before she said, “Let’s wait a little longer. It’s almost sundown, and if Zhou Yuan still doesn’t appear till the end, I will move to save Shen Wanjin.”

They were currently in a temporary alliance with Shen Taiyuan’s faction. Hence, since she had seen it, she would naturally not stand by and let Lu Hong’s faction grow even more unbridled.

The sun slowly descended as the three groups waited.

However, Zhou Yuan was still not appearing.

Wu Hai could not help but shake his head. A disdainful smile rose from the corners of his mouth as he said to Shen Wanjin, “It seems that you’ve been abandoned. What a pitiful worm.”

Next, he waved his hand with cold, indifferent eyes.

“Since Zhou Yuan is so heartless, there’s no need for us to hold back. Throw him down.”

The disciples grabbing Shen Wanjin immediately grinned upon hearing this. Regardless of how violently Shen Taiyuan struggled, they lifted him up and threw him off the cliff.

“Stop!” Shen Taiyuan’s disciples hastily shouted, but no one paid any attention to them.

Shen Wanjin’s figure was thrown as he let out a miserable shriek.

Lu Yan shook her head in disappointment. Looks like Zhou Yuan had also guessed Wu Hai’s objective, and had thus chosen not to make an appearance.

“Zhou Yuan’s morality appears to be a little questionable.”

She indifferently said, before moving to catch Shen Wanjin’s falling body.


However, a split second before she could take action, the sound of rushing wind was suddenly heard. One could only watch as a flash of black zipped across the horizon, before embedding itself into the cliff wall.

Snow-white hairs transformed into ropes that wrapped around Shen Wanjin’s waist, catching him as he jerked and began swaying from side to side.

Countless gazes looked over. They saw a black brush embedded into the cliff, its snow-white brush hairs extended to wrap around Shen Wanjin.

The familiar black brush immediately caused a series of gasp to ring out.

“So he was unable to restrain himself in the end.” Wu Hai softly chuckled, before raising his head. A Genesis Qi cloud was rapidly approaching from some distance away. In the end, it landed on the cultivation platform under the innumerable watching gazes.

There was a slim figure on the Genesis Qi cloud. Who else could it be but Zhou Yuan!

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan!” The disciples from Shen Taiyuan’s faction immediately cried out in joy, before worry quickly appeared in their eyes. Since Zhou Yuan had appeared, the other party would not easily let things go today.

“I had thought you would continue hiding in your turtle shell.” A wide grin was plastered over Wu Hai’s face. However, there was no warmth in his smile, only mockery.

“It’s wonderful that you’re willing to show yourself. Your friend hurt my junior sister, but since he couldn’t pay a hundred thousand Genesis jade, you can settle the debt on his behalf…”

Wu Hai cocked his head, staring at Zhou Yuan as he continued, “I believe you will obediently hand over the compensation, right?”

“Elder Lu Hong sent you to feel me out, right?” There was a faint smile on Zhou Yuan’s face.

Wu Hai’s eyes narrowed slightly. “For the likes of you?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head, no intention on continuing this discussion as he displayed two fingers instead.

“Twenty thousand? That’s not enough.” Said Wu Hai.

Zhou Yuan sighed, before his voice rang out on the cultivation platform.

“I’m saying that you have two options…”

“Either you voluntarily jump down from here…”

“Or, I break your legs, and then throw you down.”

“So which will you choose?”

Little by little, the smile on Wu Hai’s face turned rigid.

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