Chapter 446 Discussion Hall

Day after day flowed by in the Cangxuan Sect, as everyone became more and more excited about the chief disciple selections. As the grandest yearly event in the sect, the amount of interest garnered by the chief disciple selections far surpassed that of the purple sash selection.

In fact, even sect master Qing Yang and the other five peak masters had turned their attention towards this event, the list of participants already placed on the desks of these big shots since quite some time ago.

After all, the chief disciples of each peak were basically the ones who stood at the apex of their respective peaks, existences whose talent and attitude were essentially top tier. If properly nurtured, they would most definitely become important pillars that supported the sect in the future.

This was what the so-called new blood referred to, and its importance was obvious.

As such, even the few big bosses of the Cangxuan Sect had differing opinions about this event.


The discussion hall.

This was essentially the place of greatest power and authority in the Cangxuan Sect. Mist swirled around the large and majestic hall that stood on the tallest peak of Cangxuan Peak. It was a place that even ordinary elders did not have the qualifications to enter.

In the hall, Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi said, “I feel that the situation in Saint Genesis Peak for the upcoming chief disciple selection is not appropriate. Elder Lu Hong’s faction was basically inserted in from nowhere, and while the other two factions may have failed to show much result after so many years, they have toiled hard and put in their best effort for Saint Genesis Peak. Therefore, I propose we postpone the chief disciple selection for Saint Genesis Peak and hold it next year instead.” 

In her hand was the list of participants for the various peaks. At this current moment, her gaze was on the portion for Saint Genesis Peak, which had the smallest number of participants. However, it was obvious that Lu Hong’s faction had an overwhelming advantage.

Sword Cometh Peak master Ling Jun frowned when he heard this. “All of us agreed to transfer Lu Hong’s faction back then, why are raising such objections now?”

“In addition, if elder Lu Hong’s faction successfully secures the chief disciple position, it will naturally lead to the quicker unsealing of the main peak. Once the seal is broken, we can let more disciples enter Saint Genesis Peak in the future, allowing it to flourish once more.”

Liu Lianyi icily chuckled. “I’m afraid that Saint Genesis Peak will instead become the second Sword Cometh Peak when that happens.”

Peak master Ling Jun’s handsome and youthful face darkened as he slammed his hands onto the table. “Liu Lianyi, don’t go overboard!”

Peak master Liu Lianyi’s icy gaze shot over. “Oh? Has speaking about your sore spot made you angry?”

A sharp look rose in peak master Ling Jun’s eyes. The surrounding Genesis Qi began to stir restlessly, as ripples that could be seen with the naked eye spread.

The spreading ripples seemed to form a giant domain, in which silver sword Qi rapidly condensed into swords that filled the entire sky. In that moment, it was as if the entire place was under peak master Ling Jun’s control.

Law Domain!

In this sword Qi Law Domain, peak master Ling Jun was basically a god that had control over the life or death of any living being inside.

The Genesis Qi of the entire Cangxuan Sect began to tremble at this moment.

“Oh? You plan to retort with force?!”

Liu Lianyi’s gaze turned frostier when she felt the looming sword Qi Law Domain. She clenched her hand as snow-white Genesis Qi rays dashed into the sky, before rapidly extending outwards with her at its center.

The world turned to ice and snow, as if a wintry Law Domain had descended. The temperature of the entire Cangxuan Sect plummeted at this moment, as if winter had suddenly arrived.

These abrupt changes caused numerous disciples to be filled with bewilderment and fear.

The confrontation between two Law Domains caused the sky to gradually darken. Only a Law Domain could match another.

However, the clash between Law Domains was an extremely terrifying thing.

Although both individuals had been angered, they were still rational enough to restrain themselves. Otherwise, fully bringing out their two Law Domains would turn the area within a hundred thousand miles into a world of snow, ice and millions upon millions of swords.


While peak master Liu Lianyi and Ling Jun’s eyes were growing increasingly frosty, an old hand loudly slammed onto the table. Ten thousand peals of thunder seemed to boom together at that moment as violent undulations swept outwards, forcibly creating a world of thunder and lightning between the two clashing Law Domains.

“Both of you had better not push the rules too far!”

A deep booming voice thundered. The stern and solemn looking black robed elder seated beside sect master Qing Yang had opened his eyes. It was as if there was a world of lightning within these eyes, a sight so glaringly bright and dazzling that it would shake anyone’s heart.

It was Lightning Prison Peak master Lei Jun.

Peak master Lei Jun was the most senior in the Cangxuan Sect, and even sect master Qing Yang was respectful towards him. In addition, he was in charge of the rules and punishments, making him the most intimidating and imposing of the hegemons.

Sect master Qing Yang helplessly shook his head, waving his sleeves as he scolded, “Are the two of you still not going to withdraw your Law Domains?!”

Only then did peak master Ling Jun and Liu Lianyu let out an icy snort. With a grasp of their hands, the dreadful Law Domains rapidly shrank, turning into halos of that withdrew into their bodies.

The temperature returned to normal, while the agitatedly stirring Genesis Qi also quietened down.

In the discussion hall, the other peak masters also helplessly shook their heads. These two were always bickering with each other. Master was still able to control them somewhat when he was still around, but the situation had only grown increasingly worse after master’s death. If not for sect master and peak master Lei Jun, the two of them would have come to blows countless times.

Sect master Qing Yang already had a headache. He pondered for a bit, before looking towards peak master Lei Jun. “What does peak master Lei Jun think? Should we postpone Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple selection?”

Peak master Lei Jun calmly replied with a solemn face, “Since we previously agreed on this, how can we make last minute changes?”

“Though Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song have worked hard in Saint Genesis Peak for many years, they were ultimately unable to achieve any results. Since this is the case, we’ll let someone else take on this task to unseal the main peak as soon as possible. Only then can we allow more disciples to enter Saint Genesis Peak to cultivate.”

Sect master Qing Yang nodded. “I too am of the same opinion.”

He then looked towards the frosty face of peak master Liu Lianyi and said, “Junior sister, this matter concerns the reopening of Saint Genesis Peak, and is of utmost importance to our Cangxuan Sect. We should not allow our personal feelings to influence our decisions.”

Peak master Liu Lianyi was expressionless. She pointed at the participant names from Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s factions and said, “How has such decisions ever given any chances to these two factions?”

Lu Hong’s faction was on a completely different level than the other two. Hence, she felt that there was basically no point in Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple selection.

Although Lu Hong’s faction should no longer have any relation with Sword Cometh Peak, at the end of the day, they could not change the fact that they were from Sword Cometh Peak, and would naturally lean towards peak master Ling Jun even in the future.

Though Lu Hong lacked the qualifications to become the peak master of Saint Genesis Peak, his status would become much higher than ordinary elders if he obtained the peak master seal. 

If so, peak master Ling Jun’s influence and authority would rise.

Peak master Ling Jun indifferently said, “There is no such thing as absolute fairness in this world. It’s not like we haven’t given these two factions any chances, but they were ultimately unsuccessful in unsealing the main peak. Hence, they naturally cannot blame anyone else.”

“Moreover, I also made a wager back then. If Lu Hong’s faction fails to obtain the chief disciple position, it will naturally mean that my Sword Cometh Peak is incompetant. We will not only give up a fifth of our cultivation resources to be split among the other peaks, but also restrict ourselves to half of our original quota for the next disciple recruitment…”

“My Sword Cometh Peak has already taken on such risks, and now peak master Liu Lianyin wants to invalide everything just as we’re about to succeed?”

Peak master Liu Lianyi fell silent. They had naturally argued over which peak should send their disciples to Saint Genesis Peak back then, but Ling Jun had ultimately been the most ambitious. 

He had put a fifth of Sword Cometh Peak’s cultivation resources and half their disciple recruitment quota on the line. The other peak masters were not people who liked to make a fuss, and thus backed down upon seeing peak master Ling Jun’s resolve. As such, Sword Cometh Peak ended up being the ones to send a faction to Saint Genesis Peak.

From the looks of things, the chief disciple position of Saint Genesis Peak would most likely end up with Lu Hong’s faction. In other words, peak master Ling Jun was basically about to win his grand gamble.

This was why peak master Lianyi did not feel comfortable about this situation.

Sect master Qing Yang gave a slight nod, before letting out a sigh. He was the sect master after all, and needed to mediate the relationships between the various peaks. As such, he waved his hand and said to peak master Lianyi, “There shall be no more discussions about this matter. Everything will proceed as we had agreed on previously.”

“If Ling Jun loses this wager, he will have the price in accordance to what he promised before.”

Peak master Lianyi’s face was ice-cold. She glanced at peak master Ling Jun and sneered, “Don’t celebrate too early. In the thousand in one chance that something unexpected happens, I’ll see if you’ll still be smiling.”

After finishing, she stood up and left the hall.

At the sight of her leaving, the others in the hall chuckled helplessly.

Peak master Ling Jun did not appear to mind her final words. He reached out to flick the list in his hand as his gaze indifferently swept across the participants of the other two Saint Genesis Peak factions. In the end, the corners of his lips curled slightly into a mocking and disdainful smile.

“Something unexpected?”

“With these participants? What a joke.”

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