Chapter 445 Discussions

While Zhou Yuan continued to temper his body on the Water and Fire Tempering Dragon Stage to practice the little Mythic Saint Body, the participants of the chief disciple selections for each peak were finalized and announced.

The peace that had shrouded the Cangxuan Sect for the past few months began to fracture, as slowly brewing excitement took its place.

Everyone knew that the chief disciple selections were the grandest event in the Cangxuan Sect every year, and even the earlier purple sash selection was not on the same level.

The birth of every chief disciple represented the very best of each peak, the ones who could truly be called the number one disciple of their peaks. They were second in status only to the ten great Chosens.

The current chief disciples of each peak had to face numerous challenges from countless talented disciples during the selection each year. To maintain their positions as chief disciple, they naturally had to work hard and continuously improve themselves.

On the other side, disciples that were eyeing the chief disciple seat were constantly preparing themselves to replace the chief disciple.

Hence, the start of the chief disciple selections each year was always a heart pounding time. Several normally low-key disciples may suddenly sprout wings and soar, becoming swift dark horses that quickly left their numerous fellow disciples in the dust.

Such overnight celebrities would often draw gasps of admiration and respect from countless disciples.

Due to these various reasons, the chief disciple selections was the grandest yearly event in the Cangxuan Sect. Powerful disciples were eager to take on the challenge, while those who felt themselves lacking would become audience members that cheered on and encouraged their peers from the sidelines with respect. The onlookers would often gaze upon their amazing senior brother and sister disciples with envious eyes as they looked forward to the day that they too would be able to step on this glorious stage.

Hence, the announcement of the participant list immediately drew the attention of innumerable disciples in the sect, becoming a hot topic for a time.

Every name on the list caused many fierce debates. The participants were after all the most outstanding disciples of each peak that were naturally rather well known figures.

While numerous disciples were discussing the list, they suddenly caught sight of a certain name.

Saint Genesis Peak, Shen Taiyuan’s faction, Zhou Yuan.

This was quickly followed by an unsurprising uproar.

“Isn’t this Zhou Yuan the one who was recently promoted to purple sash? Is he really going to participate in the chief disciple selection so soon?”

“I’ve heard that he did pretty well in the recent Heaven mission, and was shockingly awarded the chief credit. He even defeated Yang Xuan from the Sacred Palace, meaning he’s clearly quite formidable in battle.”

“Even so, isn’t this a little too premature? All of the other participants have trained hard for several years, and are no ordinary individuals either.”

“It seems to me that Zhou Yuan is a little too arrogant.” Those who made such comments were usually jealous people. After all, Zhou Yuan had progressed far too rapidly in the past year, a fact that would draw out envy in nearly anyone.

“It seems that he believes Saint Genesis Peak to be the same as it had been before… hehe, but this year’s chief disciple selection will not be as remarkable as previous years. Elder Lu Hong’s faction was ranked amongst the top five factions back in Sword Cometh Peak, while Yuan Hong is no simple individual, and has even received personal guidance from peak master Ling Jun before.”

The surrounding disciples nodded in agreement.

“The upcoming chief disciples selection of Saint Genesis Peak will definitely be won by elder Lu Hong’s faction. The other two factions don’t even have the qualifications to compete. As for Zhou Yuan, he’s probably only there to make up the numbers, so there’s no need to pay any attention to him.”

“Hehe, I agree. Elder Lu Hong’s faction alone has a formidable line up of six participants, while the other two factions combined were barely able to gather six, Zhou Yuan included. The quality of both parties are on completely different levels.”

A voice of sympathy spoke up, “If elder Lu Hong’s faction takes the chief disciple position, and subsequently succeed in unsealing the main peak, they will become the master faction of Saint Genesis Peak.”

“When that happens, elder Lu Hong’s faction will be able to command both elder Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Song’s factions.”

“These two factions are actually quite pitiful. They’ve been trying so hard to sustain Saint Genesis Peak for so many years, and yet they’re still unable to escape the fate of being replaced by someone else. The disciples of these two factions will be put in a rather awkward position in the future.”

“They have no one to blame but themselves. They may have persevered for many years, but they ultimately failed to unseal the main peak. We can only say that it isn’t fated. As such, it will be better for someone else to take on this important task. Once the main peak is unsealed, numerous cultivation resources will become accessible, so things may not be all that bad for them.”


Similar discussions were held in every inch of the Cangxuan Sect. It was clear that the majority favored elder Lu Hong’s faction.

They were after all unable to imagine how Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s factions would be able to match Lu Hong’s lineup.

As such, almost everyone treated Zhou Yuan as someone who was just there to make up the numbers, quickly forgetting about him after a good chuckle. After all, in the face of Lu Hong’s formidable lineup, a mere Zhou Yuan had neither the qualifications nor strength to change anything.


Sword Cometh Peak.

“He really knows how to stir up a fuss. It’s barely been a few months since he’s been promoted to a purple sash disciple and he’s already planning on participating in the chief disciple selection?” Beside a stone table atop a cliff, Zhao Zhu smirked as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand. The participants of the chief disciple selections had been recorded on the paper, and included among them was a certain name that made him feel very irritated.

To Zhao Zhu’s front, Kong Sheng, dressed entirely in white, had his head lowered as he cleaned his sword. He did not look up as he remarked, “You seem to be a little overly concerned about him.”

Zhao Zhu let out a snort. The mere thought of the previous Heaven mission, where Zhou Yuan had somehow landed himself the chief credit, filled the former’s stomach with the embers of anger. Although Zhou Yuan deserved some recognition for defeating Yang Xuan, if it were not for Zhao Zhu and Li Qingchan’s efforts in warding off the other party’s Chosens, Zhou Yuan would have been instantly pulverized by them.

That’s why Zhao Zhu felt that he and Li Qingchan’s were more deserving of the chief credit.

Moreover, he was the vice leader, and the unspoken rules said that the chief credit should belong to them. But Zhou Yuan obviously lact any form of tact or discernment. Zhao Zhu could not believe that the former actually had the gall to accept the chief credit, this was just far too arrogant.

That Li Qingchan as well! He could not comprehend why she insisted on siding with Zhou Yuan. Otherwise, if the two leaders were to object, Zhou Yuan would never be able to touch the chief credit no matter how much he contributed.

In their Cangxuan Sect, almost every chief credit would end up in the hands of the the team leaders. And yet, Zhou Yuan just had to snatch it away from Zhao Zhu. In his opinion, this was a complete loss of face that was very difficult to swallow.

Kong Sheng put down the white cloth, before he raised his head and looked towards Zhao Zhu with a smile, “It’s only a single Heaven mission, there’s no need to be so concerned… as for Zhou Yuan, he doesn’t have many happy days left.”

“Elder Lu Hong’s faction is determined to obtain the chief disciple seat of Saint Genesis Peak, and from the looks of things, there are unlikely to be any surprises.”

“You only have to wait till elder Lu Hong’s faction becomes the master faction. If you’re still unhappy then, you only need to say the word and elder Lu Hong will naturally make Zhou Yuan suffer.”

From the casual way he spoke, it was clear that he blieved Lu Hong’s faction would surely become the master faction of Saint Genesis Peak.

Zhao Zhu’s expression relaxed somewhat as he nodded. It would not be too late to vent his pent up anger when that happened.

“Right, Chu Qing has returned. Didn’t you say you were going to challenge him again? What was the outcome?” Asked Zhao Zhu.

Kong Sheng’s handsome face immediately darkened. The sword in his hand slammed into the table as he hissed through gnashed teeth, “That bastard! I have no idea where he’s hiding. The duel requests I sent were all thrown away by him!”

Zhao Zhu was speechless, and could only let out a hollow laugh in the end. Given Chu Qing’s character, it was more than likely that he would sigh upon receiving the duel request and grumble about how troublesome it would be, before immediately finding somewhere to hide.

Over the years, with the exception of a few unavoidable situations, every duel request sent by Kong Sheng had been evaded by Chu Qing with all kinds of illogical reasons.

No matter how harsh, rude or provoking Kong Sheng had written these requests, the latter had always been able to receive them with a grin, admire them for a moment, before casually tossing them away. He just refused to accept any of Kong Sheng’s challenges.

The was how extreme Chu Qing was with regards to things he viewed as inconveniences, causing numerous individuals in the Cangxuan Sect to be stuck between crying and laughing.

Zhao Zhu had a deep understanding of Kong Sheng and knew just how cunning and intelligent the latter was. However, Chu Qing would always manage to leave Kong Sheng boiling with anger, and completely helpless about the situation.

To face Chu Qing and defeat him in a real battle had already become Kong Sheng’s sole purpose.


A certain location in the Genesis Reservoir.

Li Qingchan and Bai Li were soaking in a hot spring, their seductive curves just barely visible in the water though wrapped by a thin layer of cloth.

Bai Li suddenly asked, “Is Zhou Yuan really going to participate in the chief disciple selection?”

Li Qingchan lazily opened her eyes and looked at Bai Li. “The amount of times you’ve mentioned him has multiplied many fold after returning from the Black Flame Province. Could you have fallen for him?”

Bai Li rolled her eyes. “I owe him a debt.”

Li Qingchan’s hand skimmed across the water, pondering in silence for a moment, before she said, “But this is too impatient of him. Lu Hong’s faction was dispatched to Saint Genesis Peak by peak master Ling Jun with the aim of becoming master faction. As a result, Lu Hong’s faction has amply prepared themselves, and their momentum is practically unstoppable. The other two factions really do not stand any chance at all.”

“As for Zhou Yuan… although his battle power will not lose to any veteran purple sash disciple when wielding that black brush of his, every individual who can participate in the chief disciple selection will not be weaker than that Yang Xuan he fought in the Black Flame Province.”

At this point, she shook her head in pity.

“If Zhou Yuan was given a year, he may be able to stop Lu Hong’s faction…”

“But at this point in time… Zhou Yuan’s efforts will only be akin to a praying mantis trying to stop a cart in the face of Lu Hong’s invincible lineup.”

Bai Li let out a soft sigh.

“It truly is… a pity.”

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