Chapter 443 Water and Fire Tempering Dragon Stage

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao left the Dao Seeker Hall.

Yaoyao offhandedly said, “That Yuan Hong from Lu Hong’s faction seems to be pretty powerful. Even with the Heavenly Yuan Brush, the current you will not be his match.”

Zhou Yuan did not deny her words, nodding instead as he said, “He’s the first disciple Lu Hong has poured all his efforts into after all. I’ve heard that Yuan Hong was even personally dispatched by peak master Ling Jun. Someone like that is naturally no ordinary person.”

“It’s clear that Lu Hong’s faction is very determined to obtain the chief disciple seat.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression had turned rather grave as he spoke. If the chief disciple seat landed in Lu Hong’s hands, they may ultimately succeed in undoing the seal on the main peak.

If they did, the main peak would fall under the control of Lu Hong’s faction. When that happened, it would become much more difficult for Zhou Yuan to find the second Saint Rune.

In the worst case scenario, Lu Hong’s faction may even discover the second Saint Rune. Getting them to hand it over when that happened would be near impossible.

Zhou Yuan declared in a solemn voice, “No matter what, we cannot allow Lu Hong’s faction to obtain the chief disciple position.”

Even giving it to elder Lu Song’s faction would be far better.

Yaoyao nonchalantly said, “Shall I step forward then. There will be no difficulty in obtaining the chief disciple position.”

Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly when he heard this. “If you did, Lu Hong’s faction will certainly go crazy. Moreover, you’re strictly speaking not part of Shen Taiyuan’s faction.”


“This is a challenge I have to face. If I depend on you for everything, what would be the point of coming to the Cangxuan Sect in the first place?”

The road of cultivation required one to defeat numerous formidable foes. If Zhou Yuan were to seek Yaoyao’s help every time he encountered a little trouble, he would only end up slowly disappearing into the crowd.

Yaoyao glanced at Zhou Yuan as a faint smile appeared on her lips. “At least you’re aware of your own situation.”

These were the challenges that belonged to Zhou Yuan. If he were to rely on her all the time, it would be disappointing for her too.

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. All these tests that were being given to him all the time were really tiring.

Amidst their conversation, they arrived at the foot of the main peak.

The foot of the main peak was covered in mist all year round. When Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao landed outside the old temple, they immediately saw an old figure sweeping the fallen leaves.

Old Xuan lifted his murky gaze and looked at Zhou Yuan, before turning towards the beautiful and graceful Yaoyao.

Old Xuan’s eyes seemed to widen slightly the moment he caught sight of her. He had lived far too long, and had seen way too many people. However, this otherworldly beautiful young lady before him gave him an ungraspable and unreadable sensation.

Although he had seen Yaoyao once when Zhou Yuan and the other new disciples arrived for the first time in Saint Genesis Peak, old Xuan had only given them a casual glance back then. It was only now in such close proximity that this sensation had grown stronger.

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together and asked, “Elder, she won’t be a disturbance if she comes along, right?”

Old Xuan slowly withdrew his gaze and shook his head, before his raspy voice sounded, “It is not a problem.”

His gaze shifted towards Zhou Yuan, looking him up and down as he said, “You seem to be overflowing with vital energy like a boiling stove. It must be due to reaching the initial stage of the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, right?”

Zhou Yuan nodded. After creating the first Taiyi Green Wood Mark the day before, the flesh and blood in his body had been in a kind of constantly excited state. A little nudge was all it took to abundant energy to pour out, making it near impossible to feel tired.

“If that brat Gu from Hongya Peak saw you in this state, I’m afraid he might really abduct you to the Hongya Peak to train in their external cultivation techniques. In his words, you are what he would call a genius of external cultivation.” Old Xuan chuckled.

Zhou Yuan also laughed. The brat Gu the former spoke of was likely peak master Gu of Hongya Peak. With regards to seniority, beside the peak master of Lightning Prison Peak, old Xuan was likely the only one in the Cangxuan Sect who could address peak master Gu in such a manner.

However, Zhou Yuan was also once again enlightened on how amazing the Taiyi Green Wood Mark was. Merely practicing this technique would make one a genius of external cultivation. There was no need to say how awesome this was.

Of course, it must be said that this was only the beginning. To progress even further in the future, Zhou Yuan still needed to reach even higher levels in the Taiyi Green Wood Mark. A single Green Wood Mark would only give him an advantage in the initial stages of external cultivation.

“Follow me.”

The broom in old Xuan’s hands swished across the ground as he turned around.

Zhou Yuan glanced towards Yaoyao, seeing her give a faint nod, before both of them caught up.

Under old Xuan’s lead, they once again stepped into the sealed main peak. Fortunately for them, old Xuan acted as their guide, allowing the group to avoid activating the seal.

This made Zhou Yuan wet his lips. It was likely that even in the entire Cangxuan Sect, only a handful of individuals besides old Xuan had entered this sealed main peak before.

The group of three walked for about half an incense stick of time.

Old Xuan’s footsteps finally stopped. Zhou Yuan lifted his head and looked to the front, as a look of surprise appeared on his face.

A giant river had appeared with a stone pillar standing in the middle like a platform.

Two stone dragons could be seen on the cliffs on both sides of the pillar. The dragons coiled around the cliffs, their giant mouths facing the pillar from the left and right.

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “What is this?”

He looked towards the two stone dragons upon the cliffs. In their giant mouths, he could just barely make out several faintly glowing runes that gave off peculiar undulations.

Old Xuan also gazed at the two stone dragons as a reminiscent look flitted across his eyes. “This is the Water and Fire Tempering Dragon Stage.”

“Water and Fire Tempering Dragon Stage?” Mumbled Zhou Yuan.

“These two stone dragons represent fire and water. Ancient Genesis Runes have been carved inside them that reach deep into the ground, where they are able to draw on fire and water Qi. Once activated, fire and water Qi will simultaneously pour out from their mouths…” Explained old Xuan.

“The water Qi will be extremely cold, while the fire Qi extremely hot. When the body is placed between them, it will be placed under the most intensive of tempering. Of course, the pain one has to endure will naturally also be extraordinary. As such, someone without sufficient willpower is forbidden from entering the stage.”

Zhou Yuan shivered slightly when he heard this, as if already imagining that dreadful scene.

“If you wish to master the little Mythic Saint Body, this will be the best place.” Old Xuan chuckled. “Moreover, this was also where master trained back then.”

Zhou Yuan was quite surprised. “Patriarch Cang Xuan also trained here?”

Old Xuan nodded. “Do you see the stone scales on the foreheads of the two dragons? There are a total of eighteen of them, and every one that lights up represents an increase in the level of intensity. The highest is naturally level eighteen.”

“Back then, master would place himself at level eighteen all the time. When that happened, half of the Cangxuan Sect would be at the mercy of extreme heat, while the other half would be miserably cold.”

“Of course, that’s still too unimaginable for you. Let alone the eighteenth level, just being able to endure the first level alone should be enough for you to reach the initial stage of the little Mythic Saint Body.”

Zhou Yuan sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Eighteenth level… what kind of inconceivable horror was that? He would surely be instantly vaporized if he were to face it.

Old Xuan grinned as he watched the changing expression on Zhou Yuan’s face, before pointing a gnarly finger at the stone stage.

“So? Do you dare to give it a little try?”

Zhou Yuan licked his lips. Though his eyes were filled with a grave expression, not even the slightest trace of fear could be seen.

Because he understood that he needed to grow stronger if he wanted to put up a fight against Lu Hong’s faction in the upcoming chief disciple selection. Otherwise, Yuan Hong would be a giant mountain that lay in his path, stopping anyone who wished to cross.

Since old Xuan had presented an opportunity to him, there was no naturally no way Zhou Yuan would back down because of some pain.

Hence, he displayed no hesitation in response to old Xuan’s teasing question. The tip of his foot pushed off the ground as his figure agilely leaped forward. He landed on the stone stage and sat down.

He directly used his actions to show his determination.

Old Xuan softly chuckled when he saw this. Without further ado, the broom in his hand made a gentle sweeping motion. The two giant stone dragons on the cliffs immediately began shaking. Zhou Yuan watched as burning steam began to rise from one, while cold Qi spread from the other, rapidly creating a layer of frost around it.


The ground shook as the river churned violently.

In the next instant, what seemed to be a deep dragon roar was heard. One could only watch as a hundred foot wide torrent of white burst out from one of the dragon’s mouths along with chillingly cold Qi.

From the other, a scarlet-red magma like flood poured out.


The two torrents ultimately met on the stone stage, instantly swallowing Zhou Yuan’s figure.


A miserable shriek rang out in the mountain forest at this moment.

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