Chapter 441 Lively Cave Dwelling

After leaving the Mission Hall, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao headed back to their cave dwelling.

As they stepped into the peaceful cave, Zhou Yuan could feel Yaoyao’s body quietly relax a little, while a trace of gentleness appeared in her bright, indifferent eyes.

Now that they were back, Yaoyao left Tuntun to Zhou Yuan, and walked into the little house.

Zhou Yuan sat down in the stone pavilion in front of the little house and placed Tuntun on the table. The latter dragged its body towards him and released a little whimper as it pointed towards its fatty tummy with a paw, before rubbing it with a sulky look.

Zhou Yuan could not help but chuckle when he saw this. Looks like Tuntun had suffered quite a lot on the mission with Yaoyao. At the very least, its appetite had not been sated.

When he recalled how Tuntun had lost essence blood in order to help him suppress the Dragon’s Resent Poison previously, Zhou Yuan grandly gestured with his hand as he generously declared, “I’ll get the Hundred Fragrances House to send you an entire table of food later so you can eat your fill.”

Tuntun’s eyes immediately glowed brightly as it stretched out a pink tongue towards Zhou Yuan in a fawning manner.

While Zhou Yuan was playing with Tuntun, Yaoyao unhurriedly walked out from the house. She had evidently taken a bath, her soft black hair still glistening under the light, while a healthy and clow exuded from her beautiful face. Long, slender legs, a slim, tiny waist, a full, ample bosom, plus that misty, ethereal aura. For a time, even Zhou Yuan’s eyes were nearly about to pop out from their sockets.

It truly felt as if all the blessings and fortunes of the world had been gathered in a single person.

Yaoyao was long used to such a gaze from Zhou Yuan. She entered the stone pavilion and sat down, propping one cheek with a hand as she lazily said, “You didn’t make me lose face on the mission, right?”

Zhou Yuan grinned and replied, “How could I. In fact, I was even awarded the chief credit.”

Surprise flitted across Yaoyao’s eyes. She retrieved a jade bottle and poured herself a small cup of wine, before she asked with interest, “Tell me about it.”

Thus, Zhou Yuan began to recount the tale of his mission in the Black Flame Province. When he reached the point where he had encountered Zuoqiu Qingyu, Yaoyao gave a faint nod and said, “It seems that she and Luluo are doing quite well in the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.”

After listening to the entire story, a very faint smile rose on her lips. “Your performance was pretty good. It’s good that you didn’t make me lose face in front of Li Qingchan.”

She was after all the one who had forced Li Qingchan to give Zhou Yuan a spot on the  team. If Zhou Yuan performed terribly, it would undoubtedly make Yaoyao look bad too. 

“What about you?” Asked Zhou Yuan as he chuckled.

Yaoyao gently patted her Universe bag, causing a bundle of light to rise from it and hover in front of her. Inside, one could see a foot long piece of brown wood. There were extremely profound and mysterious patterns on the wood that resembled a giant coiling dragon, while a faint dragon roar seemed to echo from it.

“This is the Dragon Suppressing Wood, one of the main ingredients needed to draw your Dragon Subduing Rune.” 

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips, feeling a surge of warmth in his heart. The fact that someone as cold and distant as Yaoyao would specially take on a mission for him was already enough proof that his status in her heart was different from others.

“Was the mission dangerous?” Asked Zhou Yuan with concern.

Yaoyao nonchalantly replied, “It wasn’t too bad. There were several Chosens from the Sacred Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect, and even more unaffiliated practitioners, none of which were pushovers. In the end, quite a grand battle broke out.”

“While Chu Qing and Ye Ge were confronting the others, I took the opportunity to secretly retrieve the Dragon Suppressing Wood. Next, I used them as bait to lure everyone into a boundary, which allowed us to successfully escape.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned. Soon after, he let out a helpless chuckle. The matter was obviously not as simple as she had described. Chu Qing and Ye Ge had likely been tricked by Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “What do you think of Chu Qing?”

He was quite interested in the one who was called the leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosens.

Yaoyao cocked her head and pondered for a moment, before she said, “He’s very strong, but he’s too mischievous and lazy. He often thinks about how to minimise his efforts in battle, if he can get away with using thirty percent of his battle power, he will absolutely refuse to use forty percent…”

“In fact, he may have even completed this mission alone, but it would force him to pay quite a substantial price. Thus, he chose to call for help instead of relying on himself.”

Zhou Yuan was speechless. To think that Senior brother Chu Qing was such a peculiar person.

“He’s the complete opposite of you…”

“When you’re in battle, you always force yourself to the limit. If you can give your hundred percent, you will never hold back ten percent…” Said Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan released a bitter laugh. “It’s likely due to the environment I grew up in. I was born in the Great Zhou Empire that was plagued by internal problems while also under great external pressure. If I did not use everything I had to grasp at that tiny chance to live, how could I possibly have arrived here today?”

Chu Qing could be mischievously lazy because he had the qualifications to be so. In comparison, when had Zhou Yuan ever been in a situation where he did not have to struggle with everything he had? If he had entertained any thoughts of preserving his strength, he would not be standing here today.

Yaoyao nodded. The two of them had been born into different environments, and naturally exhibited different behaviours. Chu Qing’s methods did not suit Zhou Yuan, because the things he carried on his shoulders were far heavier than Chu Qing’s.

Zhou Yuan raised his head to look at Yaoyao as he said, “You must bring me along if you go on such missions again. I worry when you go alone.”

“What use will bringing you be?” Yaoyao appeared to smile in amusement.

Zhou Yuan softly said, “I promised master Cang Yuan… that even if I’m unable to protect you, at the very least… those who want to hurt you will have to first walk over my dead corpse.”

Yaoyao was taken aback. Her gaze lowered slightly, causing her long black hair to cover half her face, creating a soul stirringly beautiful silhouette.


In the end, she gave a faint nod, the usually aphetic eyes filling with vibrant life and emotion for a moment.

After finishing her wine, Yaoyao pulled back her hair and unhurriedly went to her most beloved garden where she began to tend to the plants she had left behind for the past two months.

Zhou Yuan smiled slightly as he watched her figure amongst the flowers.

Only after Yaoyao’s return did the cave dwelling become full of life once more.


Zhou Yuan was in no hurry to meet old Xuan again during the next two days. Instead, he focused on absorbing the few remaining tree scales.

Now that his Taiyi mark had already taken shape, the Yimu Qi absorbed by it would finally be condensed into the Tiayi Green Wood Mark that Zhou Yuan had constantly dreamt of.

Deep inside the cave dwelling.

Zhou Yuan happily lifted his hand. He could sense dark green light blossoming from his flesh and blood as a faint, ancient mark slowly emerged.

This mark seemed as if it had grown naturally from his flesh. Perfect, flawless and filled with rich life energy.

“The first Taiyi Green Wood Mark has finally been created…”

Although there was currently only one Taiyi Green Wood Mark, it continuously gave off rich life energy that soaked into Zhou Yuan’s blood, flesh and bones.

With this Taiyi Green Wood Mark, Zhou Yuan’s arm could be regrown even if it was cut off, saving him the painstaking effort of finding some rare Genesis resource that could produce the same effect.

In addition, the Taiyi Green Wood Mark also caused Zhou Yuan’s vital energy to grow increasingly abundant.

If Zhou Yuan were to begin practicing the little Mythic Saint Body in this state, his progress would surely be rather swift.

“Looks like I can go meet old Xuan tomorrow and begin practicing the little Mythic Saint Body.”

Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself as excitement and anticipation appeared in his eyes.

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