Chapter 440 Chu Qing

Yaoyao stood at the center of the grand hall with a calm look on her beautiful face. She carried Tuntun in her arms as numerous awed gazes were continuously cast at her, unable to shift away.

She lowered her head and nudged Tuntun, somewhat longing for their tiny little cave dwelling while she wondered if he was back...


A soft cough was heard from the side as Ye Ge looked at Yaoyao and smiled, “It’s mostly thanks to junior sister Yaoyao this time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to escape from the encirclement by the Chosens from the Sacred Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect…”

“Ye Ge, has your head been knocked around too much…” Beside Ye Ge, the extremely handsome but shiningly bald as a light bulb youth swept a glance at the former, before looking towards Yaoyao as he listlessly said, “If she hadn’t secretly went off to steal the treasure while we were facing off against the Sacred Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect Chosens, they wouldn’t have ganged up on us in the first place.”

“We could have properly talked things over, but we ended up fighting instead. *Sigh*. Fighting is so tiring, won’t things be so much better if everyone just sat down and discussed how we could divide the treasures?”

He rubbed his shiny head with a pained expression as he lamented, “So troublesome.”

“If they were willing to split the treasures with you, you wouldn't have sent out an aid request. Given your character, you’ll do anything extra if you don’t have to.”

Ye Ge chuckled. “Junior sister Yaoyao merely slipped away so she could secretly establish a Genesis Rune boundary. Moreover, didn’t all of us successfully return in the end?”

Chu Qing patted Ye Ge’s shoulders with sympathy. “You were almost finished off, and you call it a success? She was purely using us as bait!”

“Well there will always be risks no matter what you do, right?” Ye Ge shrugged, not seeming to mind it.

Even more pity filled Chu Qing’s eyes. “You’re done for Ye Ge. I already told you that this woman is a heartless witch! You’ll never be able to make her submit!”

By the side, Yaoyao’s pretty face remained as calm as water from start to end, basically ignoring the two of them. The mission had indeed been quite dangerous, because they had faced numerous Chosens from the Sacred Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Sect, and even several ruthless unaffiliated cultivators of the Shengzhou Continent.

To resolve these annoyances, Yaoyao had secretly set-up a boundary while using Chu Qing and Ye Ge as bait. In the end, they managed to force all of these ruthless individuals to retreat, allowing the trio to escape in one piece.

Of course, Chu Qing and Ye Ge had to pay the price of fighting a bitter battle, while Ye Ge had even sustained some injuries.

However, Yaoyao did not feel apologetic. She was cold and distant by nature, and if she felt the need to, abandoning the two of them to secure her safe retreat was not out of the cards.

Furthermore, she could sense that Chu Qing was indeed very powerful, though he was excessively lazy and often did not use his full power in a fight. As such, Yaoyao had no qualms about using his skiving self as bait.

However, Chu Qing constantly called her a heartless witch, to which she felt was an unreasonable appraisal.

While Chu Qing was speaking, he looked towards the unmoved Yaoyao as he muttered in his heart, “I’ve only been away for half a year, how the hell did such a witch appear in the Cangxuan Sect?”

Not only did she possess astonishing strength, she was also astonishingly indifferent and cold!

In fact, she was even colder than Li Qingchan.

Although Li Qingchan was cold as ice on the outside, she hid a warm interior. Yaoyao on the other hand, though her tone did not have the same frostiness as the former, there was a certain indifference in her voice as if she viewed all things like the grass on the ground.

Such indifference seemed to originate from the soul and bloodline.

This girl was indeed outrageously pretty, but she was just far too indifferent. During the two months they had been on the mission together, Chu Qing had not seen her smile a single time.

“Maybe she doesn’t know how to?” Such was Chu Qing’s thinking.

However, just as this thought flashed past in his head, he saw something seem to awaken on Yaoyao’s calm face as tiny glimmer rose within those rippleless eyes.

Her red lips seemed to raise a teensy bit, as an almost undetectable angle appeared.

In that moment, even Chu Qing felt his breath being taken away.

He was somewhat shocked as he followed Yaoyao’s gaze, only to find a young man walking out from the crowd and waving towards her.

The changes in Yaoyao’s expression was clearly due to this young man.

The young man was naturally Zhou Yuan.

The calmness on Yaoyao’s face faded slightly at the sight of Zhou Yuan, ignoring Chu Qing and Ye Ge as she walked towards him with Tuntun.

When the two met, Chu Qing saw the lazy little creature in Yaoyao’s arms jump onto Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, a sign that it was quite intimate with him.

“Who is he? I can’t believe he made that witch smile?!” Blurted Chu Qing in shock.

Ye Ge felt somewhat complicated as he watched this scene. “He’s the new disciple called Zhou Yuan I told you about… in less than a year, he has already become a purple sash disciple, even faster than you were back then.”

Chu Qing stroked his bald head as he mumbled, “Amazing.”

Ye Ge nodded. “He is indeed very talented. In fact, he may even catch up to you in the future.”

Chu Qing said, “I’m saying he’s really amazing for subduing that witch!”

His tone was genuinely filled with admiration. In Chu Qing’s opinion, Yaoyao was an evil, heartless witch that no one could subdue, and yet, the impossible had happened. Someone who could make her less indifferent had appeared.

Ye Ge was stunned, before he unhappily said, “You’re the leader of our Cangxuan Sect Chosens, why are you so against her?”

Chu Qing rubbed his chin as he responded, “After so many years, she’s the first person that used me as bait. What I hate the most is being forced to fight!”

Ye Ge laughed helplessly. It seemed that Chu Qing held quite the grudge.

On the other side, Zhou Yuan also cast his gaze over, before exchanging a smile and nod with Ye Ge.

However, Zhou Yuan was rather surprised when the equally eye catching Chu Qing also smiled at him in a rather casual manner. None of the pride shown by Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and the other Chosens could be seen.

What slighly puzzled Zhou Yuan was that Chu Qing’s smile seemed to say, ‘Brother, you’re goddamn awesome, I’m seriously in admiration of you.’

However, before he could go over to say hello, Yaoyao turned around to leave.

“Let’s go back to our cave dwelling.”

As such, Zhou Yuan hurriedly followed with Tuntun in his arms.

Chu Qing watched the duo leave, before shrugging at Ye Ge. “I feel that you have no chance…”

“Why not stop living in your delusions… it’s just a girl after all. Look at me, I no longer have any feeling towards pretty girls and my heart is as calm as water.” Chu Qing beamed.

Ye Ge softly snorted. He glanced at the former and indifferently said, “Do you think I don’t know the reason why?”

Chu Qing let out a hollow laugh as he guiltily robbed his shiny bald head.

Ye Ge watched Yaoyao’s figure disappear, before also withdrawing his gaze as he said in a disappointed voice, “I’m going back to recuperate. You should also return to the Cangxuan Peak. Since you’re constantly missing all year long, I’m sure sect master has prepared some punishment for you when you return.”

As he spoke, he waved and turned around to leave.

A look of agony rose on Chu Qing’s handsome face. In the end, he let out a long sigh.

“What a bother!”

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