Chapter 436 Little Mythic Saint Body

Seven glowing jade scrolls floated in the air. Their light was reflected in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, causing his breath to turn ragged and his eyes to turn a crazy red as his heart violently thudded.

He clearly understood just what these seven jade scrolls represented...

Although they were not the real seven Cangxuan Arts but the simplified versions, they were obviously still incomparable to ordinary Heaven Genesis techniques. Once mastered, any of the seven Cangxuan Arts one subsequently obtained in the future would be learnt in the shortest possible time.

Thus, even someone, who was usually able to keep level-headed like Zhou Yuan, felt his mind go blank for a time in the face of the seven hovering jade scrolls. In fact, he even felt the urge to snatch them and run.

Fortunately, this urge quickly passed and Zhou Yuan gradually regained his wits.

Although old Xuan did not seem to have any Genesis Qi, his frightening seniority was in the open for all to see. If Zhou Yuan were to try grabbing the scrolls and running, he would most definitely be kicked out of the sect on the very spot.

Zhou Yuan licked his lips. When he looked towards old Xuan again, the originally vigilant look in his eyes were gone, replaced by a flattering smile.

“So? Is this satisfactory?” Asked Old Xuan as he smiled from ear to ear.

“Satisfactory! Absolutely satisfactory!” Zhou Yuan rapidly nodded like a little chick, practically drooling with desire as he said, “Elder, are these seven jade scrolls for me?”

If he could obtain all of them, wouldn’t he become the only person in the Cangxuan Sect to have gathered all seven Cangxuan Arts? Though they were admittedly the simplified versions...

However, old Xuan merely cast a disdainful glance at the former. He did even bother replying to the question, merely letting out a sarcastic laugh, “Haha.”

Such a huge appetite… wasn’t this kid afraid of dying from bloatedness?

From old Xuan’s sarcastic laughter, Zhou Yuan understood just how naive his question had been, causing him to chuckle awkwardly in response. After all, there was likely no  disciple in the sect who could remain calm in the face of the seven Cangxuan Arts.

Old Xuan ignored Zhou Yuan’s delusional thoughts and lazily said, “Pick one of them.”

Zhou Yuan immediately began to frown deeply when he heard this, his gaze continuously sweeping left and right across the seven jade scrolls. He was clearly very conflicted for a time, because such a choice was truly too difficult to make!

These seven jade scrolls were a simplified version of the seven Cangxuan Arts. Each one possessed mysterious and wondrous abilities, making it insanely difficult to eliminate any one of them.

“Should I select the little Saint Spirit Art?” Zhou Yuan hesitated. This could prepare him for when he obtained the Omega Saint Spirit Art in the future.

After mulling over it for a long time, Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth and reached for the little Saint Spirit Art.

When old Xuan saw this, he said, “If i were you, I will not make this selection.”

“Why?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

Old Xuan rolled his eyes at Zhou Yuan. “Won’t you be able to obtain the real Omega Saint Spirit Art after you distinguish yourself in the upcoming chief disciple selection? When that happens, won’t these two Heaven Genesis techniques overlap?”

Zhou Yuan blinked repeatedly. There seemed to be some logic behind this reasoning.

Old Xuan leisurely said, “If you trust this old man, allow me to give you some advice.”

“Of course I trust you!” Said Zhou Yuan without the slightest shred of hesitation. After seeing old Xuan’s collection, the former no longer dared to look down on the latter.

Old Xuan pointed, and a jade scroll drifted towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hastily received it. His gaze swept across it as he muttered, “Little Mythic Saint Body?”

Zhou Yuan was stunned. This appeared to be the simplified version of Hongya Peak’s Mythic Saint Body, and should be an external cultivation technique that specialized in cultivating one’s body.

“Elder, this is an external cultivation technique, and I’ve never cultivated my physical body before.” Said Zhou Yuan with some hesitation. He had never practiced any Genesis techniques that would temper his body. Instead, he mostly walked the path of inner cultivation, which focused on growing the breath of Genesis Qi in his abdomen.

Old Xuan indifferently said, “Little one, both inner and outer cultivation have their own marvels, but a true expert will walk the complete path. Only by mastering both inner and outer cultivation would one become truly powerful.”

“Most importantly, you’re already practicing the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, which bestows boundless life force onto your body, and gives you incredible recovery abilities… with the Taiyi Green Wood Mark as the base, you will be able to practice external cultivation at a rate that far surpasses any ordinary individual.”

“Where did you think the amazingness of the Taiyi Green Wood Mark lay in? It does not directly bestow overwhelming power, but is priceless to anyone who practices external cultivation.”

Zhou Yuan was a little moved by these words. So this was the greatest advantage of the Taiyi Green Wood Mark.

The bodies of external cultivation practitioners would often easily sustain damage. Thus, a good amount of natural cultivation treasures and resources were required to repair the body, nourish it, heal injuries and strengthen one’s vital energy. All of these headache inducing problems to others were easily solved in Zhou Yuan’s case.

The Taiyi Green Wood Mark allowed Zhou Yuan to fearlessly temper and strengthen his body.

As such, the little Mythic Saint Body was indeed the most suitable technique for him at this current time.

He fell into thought for a brief moment as he tightly grasped the jade scroll. “Alright, then I’ll be choosing the little Mythic Saint Body!”

Old Xuan nodded and kept the other six scrolls with a wave of his sleeve. When he lifted his head again, he saw Zhou Yuan’s gaze glued to his sleeve, as if nothing would be able to shift it away.

Hence, old Xuan could not help but scold with a smile. “Greedy brat.”

Zhou Yuan smiled resentfully, before reluctantly withdrawing his gaze.

Old Xuan shot a glance at Zhou Yuan and asked, “Little fellow, your Taiyi Green Wood Mark has yet to be completed, right?” 

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly as he nodded. “It’s only half complete… Yimu Qi is not easy to find.”

Old Xuan frowned a little. “Since you’ve never practiced any external cultivation techniques before, I’m afraid your body won’t be able to handle a technique on the level of the little Mythic Saint Body at this point in time. You need to complete the Taiyi mark before you can start practicing it.”

Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head, feeling rather distressed about the situation. To complete the Tiayi mark, he needed rare ancient wood that contained Yimu Qi. Such things were not easy to find.

Old Xuan helplessly shook his head when he saw this. “How troublesome.”

“I do know where you can find rare ancient wood, but whether or not you’ll be able to obtain any will depend on your ability.” He slowly staggered to his feet using the broom.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed at this news, and hastily cupped his fists together. “Thank you, elder!”

Old Xuan waved his hand before walking forward.

As Zhou Yuan gazed upon the hunched figure, he hesitated for a moment, before he suddenly asked, “Elder, why are you helping me?”

How could he not feel it by now? Regardless of whether it was allowing him to exchange a Heaven Credit for one of the seven simplified Cangxuan Arts that ordinary disciples would never have the chance of seeing, or pointing him in the right direction to find rare ancient wood, these were clearly all blessings that the old man was giving him.

They did not have any close relations, and had only met thrice before. Therefore, Zhou Yuan did not know why the old man would shower him with such favors.

Old Xuan’s footsteps paused as he said, “Little one, if you did not return as agreed after obtaining a Heaven Credit, the truth is that I will not have been so cruel as to cripple the Taiyi mark you practiced.”

“I believe that you also faintly had the inkling that this would be the case…”

“However, you ultimately chose to honor our deal, something that did surprise me a little… that is why I allowed you to see the simplified Cangxuan Arts.”

“You have control over your desires, are able to keep your promises, and did not stoop so low as to trick an old man like myself…”

“Truth be told, these blessings are the fruits of your decisions.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback, his heart slightly shaken. If this was the case, the Heaven Credit promise between him and old Xuan had been a test of sorts. If he had ultimately been reluctant to part with the Heaven Credit, though he may have been able to preserve the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, his ties with old Xuan would have ended there and then.

As a result, he would naturally never be able to see the simplified Cangxuan Arts.

The thought of this made him rejoice inside. Truthfully speaking, he had considered renegading on the Heaven Credit promise since someone as senior as old Xuan would most likely not do such a cruel thing to a junior like himself.

But in the end, he had thrown out such thoughts, because he too had a sense of pride in his heart. Pride that would only make him despise such a deceitful act.

If he wanted something, he would naturally do his best to obtain it instead of resorting to such scummy methods.

And now, it seemed that his pride had prevented him from losing out on a tremendous opportunity.

When a Heaven Credit was put on a scale with the unfathomable old Xuan, the latter undoubtedly had more value.

“Follow me.”

Old Xuan beckoned with a hand as he walked towards the giant mountain covered in mist behind them.

His murky eyes were fixed to the front, not turning towards Zhou Yuan behind. The truth was that there was one most important factor he had not mentioned earlier.

The initial reason he had given such a test to Zhou Yuan… was because he had faintly sensed a hint of a familiar presence from the latter’s body.

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