Chapter 435 Cashing in the Heaven Credit

After the cultivation session in the Dao Seeker Hall was over, Zhou Yuan parted ways with Zhou Tai. The former stood within the swirling mists on the mountain with a thoughtful look on his face.

Although Shen Taiyuan had promised to allow his participation in the chief disciple selection, Zhou Yuan understood that it was going to be very challenging. Without borrowing the power of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, his current battle power would at most be able to match the likes of Bai Li, Qin Hai and the rest.

As for the other disciples who possessed the qualifications to take part in the chief disciple selection, even if they may not have real Heaven Genesis Weapons, they should be able to prepare quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapons.

If that was the case, the advantage of his Heavenly Yuan Brush would be greatly diminished.

Most importantly… even senior brother Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan of their faction had genuinely reached the eighth layer, a realm that far surpassed the half-baked eighth layer Yang Xuan had reached.

Hence, for Zhou Yuan to distinguish himself in the year end chief disciple selection, he needed to make full use of these final two months to grow as much as he could.

“I should first go hand one of the Heaven Credits to old Xuan.” After some thought, Zhou Yuan pushed away his worries for the time being. His figure soared into the sky, heading towards the main peak of Saint Genesis Peak.

After half an incense stick of time.

His figure landed before the simple temple at the foot of the mountain. A hunched, elderly figure could be seen on the plaza in front of the temple, still holding a broom as he slowly swept away the fallen leaves on the ground.

Upon hearing the sound of rushing wind, he weakly lifted head. A smile seemed to appear on his face when his murky eyes spotted Zhou Yuan. “Little one, it seems that you’re a man of your word.”

“I was beginning to think you were planning on renegading on our deal. An old man like me with one foot in the grave is not the least bit intimidating after all.”

Zhou Yuan’s lips curled when he heard this. Go ahead and keep on pretending. Given your seniority and status in the Cangxuan Sect, as long as you open your mouth, even sect master Qing Yang won’t be able to reject.

“Here’s the Heaven Credit I promised.” A jade tile appeared in Zhou Yuan’s hand. He touched it for a brief moment as an extremely pained look appeared on his face. This jade tile represented a Heaven Credit that could be exchanged for a Heaven Genesis technique anytime he wanted.

But there was no choice. This was the price for the Taiyi Green Wood Mark.

Though he was not certain whether old Xuan would really take away the half completed Taiyi mark he had cultivated if he did not give the former a Heaven Credit, Zhou Yuan obviously did not want to take this risk.

Old Xuan reached out a gnarly hand and caught the jade tile Zhou Yuan threw over. With an offhand glance, the former kept the tile in his sleeve before turning back to still miserable looking Zhou Yuan who appeared to be mumbling something under his breath, as a smile flitted across his murky eyes.

Zhou Yuan did not want to stay here any longer after handing over the jade tile. His voice sounded rather dispirited as he said, “Since I’ve already given the Heaven Credit to you, neither of us owes the other anything now. Goodbye.”

He turned around, intending to leave this place as soon as possible.

Just as Zhou Yuan was about to leave, old Xuan’s voice faintly echoed, “You seem to be very keen on entering the sealed main peak? Are you interested in this place?”

Zhou Yuan’s footsteps paused, not a single hint of change visible in his expression as he replied, “Saint Genesis Peak was the place where patriarch Cang Xuan once cultivated, and he was once the number one expert in Cangxuan Heaven. I believe that there’s no one who won’t be interested in the place where he trained, right?”

Old Xuan slowly sat down on the stone steps, placing the broom by his side as he said, “You plan on participating in the year end chief disciple selection, right? Only the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak will be permitted to enter the sealed main peak.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, and did not deny it. News of this had already spread after all.

Old Xuan patted his knees as he leisurely said, “Although the declining Saint Genesis Peak only has three factions, given your current strength, it’s going to be a very difficult task indeed to vie for the chief disciple seat.”

Zhou Yuan unhappily said, “There’s no need for you to worry about such matters.”

Old Xuan continued, “I’ve heard that you obtained the chief credit in the Heaven mission? Doesn’t that mean that there’s another Heaven Credit in your possession?”

Zhou Yuan immediately became on guard. He placed a hand on the Universe bag at his waist as he cautiously stared at old Xuan and said, “Don’t even think about taking my last Heaven Credit away too.”

He knew by now just how rare a Heaven mission was. Moreover, even if he was lucky enough for one to appear again, he would have to fight numerous other competitors for a spot, and even if he did succeed in the end, it would not be certain whether he’ll be rewarded a Heaven Credit.

If he encountered an exceedingly difficult Heaven mission, he may ultimately be given a ‘no credit’ appraisal and end up wasting his time.

Hence, Zhou Yuan deeply treasured his remaining Heaven Credit, and did not dare to easily use it.

Old Xuan did not know whether to laugh or to cry at the sight of Zhou Yuan’s appearance. He shook his head and said, “This toy is only a treasure to you disciples. It's useless in my eyes.”

“I merely find you to be quite a promising kid and hope to give you a small pointer, so stop being so tactless.”

Only then did Zhou Yuan relax his hand, half doubtful and half convinced as he continued to stare at the old man before him.

“What do you want to advise me about?”

Old Xuan indifferently said, “That Heaven Credit will only be a useless piece of jade if you keep holding on to it. Thus, it will be best for you to exchange it for something that will benefit you, for example, a Heaven Genesis technique to raise your strength.”

“On this note, I have items you may exchange it for here.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. “I can exchange it for a Heaven Genesis technique from you?”

There was a skeptical look in his eyes as he hesitated. “I think it will be a little more logical for me to do it at the sect’s Hidden Scriptures House…”

He could not read this old man, and did not dare to bet the only Heaven Credit he had.

Old Xuan was a mix of amusement and anger when he heard this, clearly not expecting the brat to have such a look of hesitation in the face of his kind intentions.

One must know that the things he had were something that even the elders of the sect greatly desired!

“If you don’t want them, hurry up and leave.” Said old Xuan with a wave of his hand.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a while, and chose not to leave in the end. He gritted his teeth as he stepped forward and handed over the jade tile.

He said with gritted teeth, “Fine, I’ll trust you this once!”

“Show me what kind of Heaven Genesis techniques you have.”

Old Xuan unhurriedly received the jade tile and glanced at the nervous Zhou Yuan, before reaching a hand into his sleeves.

In the end, he fished out a jade scroll. The scroll gave off several rays of light that turned into small light screens on which letters began to appear.

“Little Saint Spirit Art?” Zhou Yuan was stunned when he saw these words. He did not know why but they seemed to be rather familiar.

“How is this little Saint Spirit Art related to the Omega Saint Spirit Art only the chief disciples of Saint Genesis Peak is qualified to learn?” However, he quickly recalled why they appeared familiar.

Back when he had joined Shen Taiyuan’s faction, the latter had told him that the Cangxuan Sect once had a Saint Genesis technique. However, the technique was split into seven parts, each of which were safeguarded by each of the seven peaks.

The technique safeguarded by Saint Genesis Peak was the high grade Heaven Genesis technique, the Omega Saint Spirit Art.

Old Xuan shot a surprised glance at Zhou Yuan, clearly not expecting the latter to be so sharp. He immediately chuckled and said, “At least you know your stuff. This little Saint Spirit Art is indeed related to the Omega Saint Spirit Art…”

“This technique is the simplified version I created from the Omega Saint Spirit Art. Although the process lowered the rank of the technique to the mid grade Heaven tier, it has also become easier to learn.”

“If you manage to master the little Sains Spirit Art, and subsequently obtain the Omega Saint Spirit Art in the future, the latter will become much easier to master.”

Zhou Yuan was dumbstruck, before his eyes instantly began to light up with burning desire as he stared at the jade scroll, saliva even dripping from his mouth.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that the Heaven Genesis technique from old Xuan would be the simplified version of Saint Genesis Peak’s strongest Omega Saint Spirit Art.

Zhou Yuan swallowed repeatedly and said, “Elder, you’re way too amazing…”

A strange smile appeared from the corners of old Xuan’s lips when he saw this, before he raised his hand. Jade scroll after scroll began to fly out from his sleeve, reaching a total of six before stopping.

These six jade scrolls hovered in front of him as rays of light spread from them.

“I still have other options, want to continue looking?”

Zhou Yuan looked over as his gradually turned slack-jawed. His breathing became extremely ragged as his eyes turned a crazed red.

“Little Mythic Body Art!”

“Little Azure Sky Art!”

“Little Lightning Prison Art!”


All six of the jade scrolls began with the word little, and these names all gave Zhou Yuan a feeling of familiarity.

His voice had even begun to tremble as he mumbled, “All of these… are the simplified versions of the seven Cangxuan Arts?!”

Old Xuan nodded with a grin.

Zhou Yuan felt a warm sensation from his nose, unable to stop himself from having a nose bleed.

At this very moment, he had the impulse of grabbing these jade scrolls and running.

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