Chapter 434 Participating in the Chief Disciple Selection

The next day.

After a night of rest, Zhou Yuan was full of energy again.

In the early morning, he walked out of the cave dwelling and rushed straight to the Dao Seeker Hall. Since he was now back from the mission, he needed to report to Shen Taiyuan while also resuming his cultivation sessions.

Outside the Dao Seeker Hall.

Many senior brother and sister disciples were currently hurrying towards this place. When Zhou Yuan arrived, he immediately drew every gaze in the area that quickly filled with surprise and amazement.

Zhou Yuan was a little confused by their gazes, evidently still unaware that the details of the Heaven mission had already been revealed.

“Haha, junior brother Zhou Yuan, your performance in the mission has improved the reputation of our faction the the sect once again.” While Zhou Yuan was feeling puzzled, a hearty laughter was heard, before he saw Zhou Tai quickly walking over.

Only then did Zhou Yuan understand. So his deeds in the Black Flame Province had already spread.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he offhandedly said, “I was lucky.”

However, Zhou Tai strongly patted the former’s shoulders, clearly very excited as he continued to speak, “You’re being way too humble. You are clearly only at the fourth layer, but even the Sacred Palace’s Yang Xuan couldn’t beat you. In my opinion, your current strength already qualifies you to participate in Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciples selection that will be held in two months.”


A sarcastic laugh rang out from the side just as Zhou Tai’s words faded. Zhou Yuan tilted his head slightly, only to find a group of people walking over, led by the one and only Zhang Yan.

Senior brother Zhang Yan’s popularity was second only to Zhou Tai in elder Shen’s faction. The former was also quite talented, and although he had joined a little later than Zhou Tai, he was already gradually catching up to the latter.

Back when Zhou Yuan joined Shen Taiyuan’s faction, Cao Shi and the rest had tried to make things difficult for Zhou Yuan. The truth was that they were being secretly supported by Zhang Yan.

As such, Zhou Yuan and Zhang Yan’s group did not have a close relationship.

Zhang Yan led his gang over as he swept a glance at Zhou Tai and Zhou Yuan and said in an indifferent voice, “Although junior brother Zhou Yuan did pretty well this time, it’s a separate matter for him to take part in the chief disciple selection. I feel he is still lacking in experience.”

“After all, that Yang Xuan he defeated is not a genuine eighth layer Alpha-Origin. Moreover, junior brother Zhou Yuan only managed to win due to his advantage of having a Heaven Genesis Weapon. Without it, junior brother Zhou Yuan’s true strength will barely be able to compete with a seventh layer.”

He paused for a moment, casting a glance at Zhou Yuan as a slight smile appeared on his lips. “I’m only stating the facts, I hope that junior brother Zhou Yuan will not be too unhappy after hearing them.”

Zhou Tai frowned. Just as he was about to speak, Zhou Yuan smiled and shook his head, before looking towards Zhang Yan. “Senior brother Zhang Yan’s points are indeed logical… however, isn’t there still two months till the chief disciple selection?” 

“The circumstances after two months should be something that senior brother won’t be able to predict, right?”

Mockery rose from the corners of Zhang Yan’s mouth. What could possible change in two months?

“Then I wish junior brother Zhou Yuan all the best in fulfilling your grand aspiration.”

He shook his head, no longer bothering to talk any further on this topic as he brushed past Zhou Yuan, leading his group into the Dao Seeker Hall.

“Ignore him junior brother Zhou Yuan. If you want to participate in the chief disciple selection, I will support your decision. Winning or losing isn’t important, just take it as experience.” Consoled Zhou Tai.

Evidently, even Zhou Tai was not particularly optimistic about Zhou Yuan’s odds. The former merely hoped for Zhou Yuan to give it a try and gain some experience in the process.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded, before entering the Dao Seeker Hall with Zhou Tai.

The hall was already filled with numerous figures, while Shen Taiyuan was already seated on the highest seat. His lightly shut eyes slowly cracked open when Zhou Yuan stepped into the hall as he revealed a faint smile to the latter.

Zhou Yuan walked to his place, before cupping his fists together to greet Shen Taiyuan. “Greetings teacher Shen.”

A smile appeared on Shen Taiyuan’s face. “It’s good that you’re back.”

His eyes were filled with satisfaction when he looked at Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan, you’ve done very well for the Black Flame Province mission. Sect master even called for me yesterday to sing praises about you. If not for you miraculously saving the day, the reputation of the Cangxuan Sect would have been damaged.” Said Shen Taiyuan with a kindly expression.

The other disciples in the hall cast envious gazes at Zhou Yuan, clearly not expecting even sect master Qing Yang to know of this matter. This was truly rare indeed.

Zhou Yuan was also rather surprised, likewise not expecting such news to have spread to even the sect master’s ears. Soon after, he chuckled and said, “I’m also a disciple of the sect. It’s only natural for me to fight for our dignity.”

Shen Taiyuan smiled. “You’ve done a great service to us. Feel free to let me know if there’s any reward you want.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook when he heard this. He quickly cupped his fists together and said, “No need for a reward, but if possible, I hope that teacher Shen will permit me to participate in the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciples selection.”

These words immediately caused commotion to arise, numerous bewildered gazes shooting over. It was clear that no one had imagined Zhou Yuan would actually be gunning for the chief disciple selection.

Such an appetite was not small at all.

Zhang Yang was the first to sneer as he said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, the chief disciple selection is no children’s game, and represents the dignity of our faction. Though you are quite talented, isn’t it still a little too early for you to participate in such an event?” 

The other disciples nodded in agreement. Although Zhou Yuan’s string of achievements over the past year was quite amazing, he still lacked the experience and maturity to participate in the chief disciple selection.

After all, only the best among the purple sash disciples would be able to represent their factions, individuals that were only stronger than Yang Xuan. whom Zhou Yuan had defeated in the Black Flame Province.

A look of deep thought rose on Shen Taiyuan’s face. He was aware of the more specific details with regards to Zhou Yuan’s feats in the Black Flame Province. The black brush Heaven Genesis Weapon played no small part in his victory against Yang Xuan, but even so, Zhou Yuan in that state was still not enough to take on the chief disciple selection.

In their faction, only Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan had the qualifications to participate in this event, while the other experienced purple sash disciples were likewise lacking.

As for Zhou Yuan, he was not even in Shen Taiyuan’s considerations.

If one performed badly in the chief disciple selection, it would definitely be a blow to the dignity of their faction.

If any other disciple made such a request, Shen Taiyuan would immediately reject. However, he hesitated somewhat in the face of Zhou Yuan, who had been able to create miracles time and time again.

“Zhou Yuan, there’s no need for you to rush. Given your talent, if you wait a year more, the chief disciple seat will already be in the bag.” Said Shen Taiyun.

“So won’t you wait a year before you try?”

Zhou Yuan was silent. In the end, he shook his head and said, “I still hope that teacher Shen will be able to grant me this request. I will definitely do my best, and not bring shame to our faction.”

Shen Taiyuan could only let out a soft sigh. After pondering over it for a while, he said in a solemn voice, “Since you are determined, it will not be appropriate for me to hinder you from giving your all. You may participate in the upcoming chief disciple selection.”

In any case, their faction did not have much dignity left. It would not be a substantial blow to them even if Zhou Yuan lost.

Whispers spread in the hall as Zhang Yan and his gang watched with cold, detached eyes. There was no way they would be happy with this development. Shen Taiyuan was obviously far too bias towards Zhou Yuan, even agreeing to such an irrational request.

“Fine, you can’t blame anyone else if you’re so insistent on making a fool of yourself…”

Zhou Yuan ignored everyone else. Joy subconsciously rose on his face when he saw Shen Taiyuan give his approval, before Zhou Yuan quickly solemnly cupped his fists together in respectful thanks.

This was the final hurdle between him and the sealed main peak, where he would at long last be able to begin his search for the hidden second Saint Rune...

He had been waiting for this day for a very long time.

However, Zhou Yuan also understood that winning the chief disciple selection was not going to be easy. Thus, it was time for him to go full throttle in his training for the next two months.

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