Chapter 430 Perfect

Yang Xuan’s defeat marked the appearance of an insane reversal in the battle for the essence flame vein.

The disciples dispatched by the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect were roughly of equal strength, an equilibrium which was subsequently broken by the abnormality that was Yang Xuan. However, no one would have imagined that he was not the only irregular...

The one who had been overlooked by everyone since the very beginning, Zhou Yuan, was in actuality and even bigger irregularity.

As such, Yang Xuan was defeated and Bai Li, Qin Hai and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples led by Zhou Yuan easily crushed the other Sacred Palace disciples, causing their morale to hit rock bottom as they retreated again and again.

All of the territory that had been snatched away previously was taken back by Zhou Yuan and gang one by one.

In the end, an area that spanned a whole eight hundred miles became the battle spoils of the Cangxuan Sect, while the retreating Sacred Palace disciples were left with only three hundred miles of the less rich veins.

This could be said to be a crushing defeat.

Two Sacred Palace Chosens, Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu, were practically spitting fire from their eyes when they saw this scene, their faces ashen as they did battle with Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu.

The fight between the Chosens was even fiercer and grander than Zhou Yuan and Yang Xuan’s. Torrent after torrent of Genesis Qi blasted through air like raging dragons, causing the land to tremble faintly.

However, such a fight was bound to have no outcome, because neither side was willing to risk their lives and the difference in strength between them was not big. Hence, the duel ultimately ended in a stalemate.

Even so, anyone could see that the Sacred Palace had made a huge miscalculation in the fight for the essence flame vein.

Far away in the sky, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace Chosen, Feng Ying, and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall Chosen watched as territory after territory was enveloped by a glowing barrier, before looking to each other, seeing the astonishment in the other party’s eyes.

The development of the situation was likewise exceeded their expectations.

“Zhou Yuan is quite an interesting one…” Mumbled Feng Ying to herself. She had honestly believed him to be a new disciple that was here for experience since the beginning, and only remembered him because of his friendship with Zuoqiu Qingyu.

How could she have possibly predicted that the individual, who had zero presence in the Cangxuan Sect team, would ultimately single handedly turn around the entire situation.

Such strength and charisma would make anyone sigh in amazement.

“It seems that that the Cangmang Continent has produced several amazing individuals this generation.” Feng Ying sighed. Without mentioning Zhou Yuan, even Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo had displayed extraordinary talent after entering the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. In the future, they would surely become elites in the sect.

“Mmm, there’s a disciple from the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall called Ning Zhan who is also from the Cangmang Continent. His remarkable talent even caused quite a fight amongst several elders.” Said the Chosen from the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall.

Feng Ying was quite surprised when she heard this. In the past, not even half a genius would appear from a remote continent like the Cangmang Continent. She never expected that an entire swarm to emerge all at once.

“This Cangmang Continent must have been blessed by a little luck and destiny this generation.”

She sighed as she gradually withdrew her gaze from the on-going battle. By this point in time, everything was basically set in stone. The Cangxuan Sect had occupied eight hundred miles of the richest veins, which essentially made them the biggest winners this time.

In contrast, the originally overbearing and aggressive Sacred Palace had fell flat on their faces, and was bullied by the Cangxuan Sect till they were left with only three hundred miles of veins. This was quite a humiliating result for them indeed.

Most surprisingly, the one who ended up in the limelight was not the Chosens of the various sects, but instead an unknown ordinary disciples from the Cangxuan Sect...

She clapped her hands and lazily said, “Looks like it’s about time for us to call it a day…”


Just as Feng Ying had predicted, the outcome of the essence flame vein fight was ultimately decided once the territories of the Cangxuan Sect team led by Zhou Yuan reached eight hundred miles.

The two Sacred Palace Chosens were unable to extract themselves from their fight with Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu, while the other Sacred Palace disciples were barely able to put up any resistance against Zhou Yuan and gang. As a result, the Sacred Palace team was left with no choice but to repeatedly retreat, giving up mile after mile of territory.

In the end, eight flags were thrust into eight hundred mile territories, and an enormous screen of light rose into the sky. This magnificent scene caused a look of respect to rise in the eyes of the various Black Flame Province factions who were also in the essence flame vein.

At this current moment, there was no longer anyone who dared to send out a challenge to this eight hundred miles of territory.

As the time limit gradually approached, the fighting Chosens in the far away sky began to back off.

Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu’s expression were extremely ugly. They had been so certain of their overwhelming victory earlier, but who could have imagined such a reversal to occur in the blink of an eye.

The duo’s gazes looked over from afar, locking onto Zhou Yuan. The iciness surging in their eyes was practically about to solidify and freeze the latter.

However, Zhou Yuan merely smiled nonchalantly under their gazes.

Wang Chi turned his dark gaze towards Li Qingchan as he frostily said, “Humph. Li Qingchan, you guys may have been lucky this time, but our Sacred Palace will not forget this matter!”

“The words of a loser are nothing to fear.” Retorted Li Qinghchan in an indifferent voice.

Wang Chi icily chuckled. “Don’t be too happy. This essence flame vein fight is merely a small squabble. I hope you will still be able to smile when the next Mythic Utopia opens.” 

Li Qingchan’s eyes narrowed. “The day we meet in the Mythic Utopia will likely be the day you die.”

Wang Chi let out a sinister laugh. “Unfortunately, it’s your Cangxuan Sect Chosens are the ones who have been dying in the Mythic Utopia for the past few years!”

Intense killing intent surged in their eyes, the air between them turning colder as their gazes clashed.

However, both individuals ultimately let out an icy snort, before Wang Chi flew away with Cao Jinzhu.

Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu’s figures moved towards where Zhou Yuan, Bai Li and the rest were gathered.

Upon seeing the two Chosens, Bai Li, Qin Hai and the rest hurriedly walked forward to greet them.

Li Qingchan cast her indifferent gaze at Zhou Yuan, as a faint smile appeared on her usually frosty face. Her smile was akin to a snow lotus blooming on a freezing land, a sight of extraordinary beauty.

“Zhou Yuan, we should all be thanking you this time.” Li Qingchan’s eyes were filled with approval as she continued, “You should get the chief credit for this mission.”

By the side, Zhao Zhu’s expression looked a little uncomfortable. The Sword Cometh Peak was not a good terms with Zhou Yuan after all, causing the former to speak up, “Senior sister Li, elder Wu should be the one who decides who gets the chief credit.”

In past Heaven level missions, the chief credit would basically be split between the two team leaders. If Li Qingchan made such a declaration, won’t it mean that Zhao Zhu would not get anything either?

Upon hearing this, Bai Li could not help but speak up, “If not for Zhou Yuan, we would have failed this mission. Do you think we’ll even have the luxury of discussing our contributions?”

The expressions of the other Sword Cometh Peak disciples were also quite awkward. They could not possibly deny Zhou Yuan’s earlier contributions, but they were still disciples from the Sword Cometh Peak, making it very difficult for them to weigh in on this discussion.

Li Qingchan flatly said, “I will naturally make my report to elder Wu on this matter. There is no need for junior brother Zhao to worry.”

Zhao Zhu resentfully shut his mouth. From the silence of the other disciples, he understood that Zhou Yuan had already won all of them over. If not, let alone chief credit, wanting to give Zhou Yuan even the tiniest bit of acknowledgement would surely draw much criticism.

He swept a glance at Zhou Yuan, the latter’s calm appearance making him feel even more sullen inside. Zhao Zhu had originally believed Zhou Yuan’s stubborn insistence on participating in this Heaven task to be nothing more than seeking his own humiliation. 

Who could have expected that he would instead become the chief contributor.

It was easy to imagine the uproar this incident would surely cause when news of it spread back to the sect.

Who could have thought that this Heaven task would elevate Zhou Yuan to even greater heights.


While they were conversing, the loud and clear sound of a bell suddenly rang out in the essence flame vein. Upon hearing it, the expressions of the Cangxuan Sect team involuntarily relaxed.

The bell represented the end of the essence flame vein fight.


The Cangxuan Sect was obviously the biggest winner.

As such, it was basically a perfect completion of their Heaven task.

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