Chapter 43 Learning the Auraflare Technique

In the following period of time, Zhou Yuan engaged in daily channel unblocking attempts with the help of the Thirty Six Beast Channel Opening Rune. It must be said that although this channel opening rune was rather dangerous, its effectiveness was astonishingly good.

In a mere few days, Zhou Yuan’s fifth meridian channel grew increasingly loose as the blocked portions were continuously cleared.

At this rate, completely unblocking the fifth channel was practically just around the corner.

However, there was some slight delay due to the troublesome ingredient procurement process. The heart-blood Zhou Yuan had painstakingly gathered for such a long time could only last for five uses. Therefore, he had not choice but to spend the majority of each day hunting grade 1 Genesis Beasts and acquire more heart-blood.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed in the mountain forest.



In the forest. An entirely blood-red giant of a creature charged at Zhou Yuan, who had just killed a Genesis Beast. The former was extremely ferocious, leaving Zhou Yuan no choice but to jump onto the branches of a tall tree with a push of his foot, avoiding the blood-red creature’s charge.

Having chased Zhou Yuan away, the giant beast ignored the former’s furious gaze as it lowered its head and began to tear apart the Genesis Beast corpse Zhou Yuan had killed.

“This god damned bastard!”

Atop the tree, Zhou Yuan could not help but curse when he saw this. However, there was nothing he could do as he had no way to deal with the giant blood-red creature.

This creature was known as the Flame Plate Rhino and was a grade 1 Genesis Beast. However, it was extremely hard to deal with compared to other grade 1 Genesis Beasts. Its strength was comparable to a six channel human practitioner, but its defence could match a seven channel expert, power that allowed it to reign as the little tyrant of this particular zone.

Even Zhou Yuan’s Dragon Tablet Hand did not have much of an effect on the exceptional defensive prowess of this Genesis Beast, while the Heavenly Yuan Brush could only leave bloody scratches but was unable to do any real damage.

Hence, Zhou Yuan chose to avoid the Flame Plate Rhino whenever he encountered it, but who could have expected that the bastard would grow more and more unreasonable, even beginning to steal his kill today.

It was clear that Zhou Yuan had now been targeted by the Flame Plate Rhino due to his frequent hunting of Genesis Beasts in the area.

“I’m being bullied by a beast.”

Zhou Yuan did not know whether to laugh or to cry, but he knew that there was no point in lingering. Thus, he decisively turned around and dashed forward, the tip of his feet pushing off one giant tree after another as he rushed out of the forest, hurrying back to the valley.

In the valley, Yaoyao was a little surprised when she saw that Zhou Yuan had returned empty handed.

Zhou Yuan awkwardly explained when he saw Yaoyao’s gaze, “I was robbed by a Flame Plate Rhino.” 

Yaoyao was unable to restrain her smile when she heard this. “The Flame Plate Rhino has strong defensive ability and even a seven channel human practitioner will find it very troublesome to deal with. You might be able to break through its defences if your Heavenly Yuan Brush reaches the upper tier Genesis Weapon level.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He had been feeding the Heavenly Yuan Brush daily but still had yet to light the second ancient Genesis Rune.

The corners of Yaoyao’s mouth bent slightly as she said, “If you do not think of a way to deal with this Flame Plate Rhino, I’m afraid that you will not be able to hunt anymore Genesis Beasts unless you change location.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth pulled downwards. Chased away by a rhino? He really could not afford to be humiliated in this manner. Therefore, he had to think of some way to deal with it.

“Although the Dragon Tablet Hand is bold and unyielding, it is indeed a little lacking in the face of such a highly defensive Genesis Beast.” A look of thought emerged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He needed to learn a Genesis skill that could amplify his offensive power.

As his thoughts reached this point, something suddenly hit him as he reached into his clothes and retrieved a jade scroll. It was the Auraflare technique he had obtained a few days ago.

“I should take a look at the technique that is so highly valued by Qi Manor.”

Zhou Yuan seated himself and poured Genesis Qi into the scroll. Light was immediately emitted, shining on the air in front of him as words started to flow.

Zhou Yuan focused on the words. They were the introduction and cultivation method for the Auraflare technique.

“Oh, this Auraflare technique is somewhat peculiar.” While Zhou Yuan was immersed in the cultivation method of the Auraflare technique, he suddenly heard a cry surprise. He turned his head, only to find that Yaoyao was standing beside him. Her bright penetrating eyes were glued to the screen of light.

Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. Having just looked through it, he now knew the theory behind the Auraflare technique. Basically, this technique made use of a unique method to continuously compress the Genesis Qi in the meridian channels, concentrating it.

After continuous compression, the Genesis Qi would become highly concentrated, giving it astonishing force and piercing power.

Zhou Yuan exclaimed in admiration, “As expected of a Black tier Genesis technique. Its profoundness far surpasses Normal tier Genesis techniques.” 

A thoughtful look was revealed in Yaoyao’s eyes as she said, “This technique is rather interesting. It looks simple but it takes a very extreme approach of compressing Genesis Qi to the limit.”

“The true rank of this Auraflare technique should not be merely low grade Black tier. However, it is somewhat incomplete.”

“Incomplete?” Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled a little. “This Auraflare technique was given to king Qi by the Great Wu Empire. They may not have given him the complete version.”

Yaoyao nodded. “You may try to learn this technique but you should know that high level compression of Genesis Qi in the meridian channels will be a huge burden on them. After all, a lapse in concentration might cause you to lose control and damage your meridian channels.”

However, Zhou Yuan smiled when he heard this. With regards to the toughness of meridian channels, it was likely extremely difficult to find anyone who could better him amongst those at the same cultivation level. After all, he was born with eight naturally open meridian channels and although they were subsequently sealed, the strong foundations remained.

“Then I’ll give this Auraflare technique a go!” It was obvious that Zhou Yuan was extremely interested in the Auraflare technique.

As the saying went, do what you plan to. After informing Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan sat down in a cross-legged position. With a thought, a suction force was emitted from his channels, pulling strands of Genesis Qi into his body.

As Genesis Qi poured into his channels, Zhou Yuan followed the compression method recorded in the Auraflare technique. He exerted control over each strand of Genesis Qi in his channels, making them slowly revolve.

The compression method was called Spin Refining. One directed Genesis Qi to form a ‘whirlpool’ that spun at high speed, continuously compressing the Genesis Qi until the ‘whirlpool’ finally dissipated and a ‘concentrated flare’ was created.

It seemed easy when described, but actually doing it was very difficult. After all, such level of control was not easy to achieve. If too much power was used, the pulling force would grow too strong and hurt the meridian channels.

On the other hand, if too little power was used, the ‘concentrated flare’ would not be created.

In the beginning, Zhou Yuan failed time and time again, the Genesis Qi whirlpools in his meridian channels dissipating each time. On the bright side, his strong Spirit made him aware of even the smallest details, allowing him to gradually learn from every failure.

Hence, Zhou Yuan was already able to somewhat successfully utilise the Spin Refining method after an entire day.

This went on for another five days.

As the glorious sun rose into the sky, its scorching rays shined down upon the seemingly endless Black Forest Mountain Range, covering it in a layer of golden gauze.

In a certain valley, Zhou Yuan was silently seated on a rock. The view within his meridian channels however was completely different from the peacefulness on the outside. Genesis Qi whirlpools spun at high speeds, emitting ‘ch ch’ noises as a pulling force spread, causing the channels to twitch.

This was only possible due to the toughness of Zhou Yuan’s meridian channels. The channels of any other ordinary four channel practitioner would have been torn by this time. Even so, there was still a piercing pain that Zhou Yuan had to endured.


Faint vibration sounds could be heard within his meridian channels. 

Meanwhile, the whirlpools spun faster and faster, rapidly increasing the pulling force which in turn caused the piercing pain to intensify.

Zhou Yuan’s brows tightly scrunched together, but he did not plan on giving up. Instead, he braced himself and increased the rotation speed of the whirlpools.


As the rotation speed rose, the strands of Genesis Qi lingering above it were compressed to the very center and in the next moment, the whirlpool exploded.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes abruptly opened. However, there was no disappointment on his face but instead overflowing joy.

He extended his hand, making two fingers jut out. With a thought, a layer of extremely faint green light slowly emerged from his fingertips.

The faint green light seemed to lengthen and shorten randomly and looked extremely feeble.

Zhou Yuan’s fingers suddenly slashed at the rock below him. One would only hear a ‘shlick’ sound as a stupefied Zhou Yuan watched the boulder being cleanly sliced open as if it was tofu, the rock within glossy as a mirror.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes shined while his breathing became a little ragged.

“So this is the Auraflare technique? Such frightening sharpness and shocking penetrating power.” Zhou Yuan was full of praise. A single attack would likely seriously injure anyone who was less than seven channels and even a seven channel expert would have no choice but to avoid such an attack.

“With this Auraflare technique, if that bastard dares to appear again, I will stab it dead with a single finger!”

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