Chapter 428 A Breath of Azure Fire Burns the Bone Armor


The azure flames swallowed Yang Xuan’s body with matchless tyranny, burning even the surrounding air.

Every gaze in the area anxiously looked over at this moment.

They knew that this was likely Zhou Yuan’s strongest move. If it failed, he would soon face Yang Xuan’s extremely terrifying counterattack.

At the same time, the fight would finally reach its conclusion.

Bai Li, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the rest could not help but clench their hands tightly, their eyes not daring to even blink for a split second.

Far away, Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu, Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu subconsciously held their breaths, the gazes of all four individuals staring at the same direction. Since the highest level fighters were currently in a stalemate, they knew that the deciding factor would instead be between Yang Xuan and Zhou Yuan...

At the mouth of the volcano.

Even elder Wu had stood up at this time, his gaze fixed on the Genesis Qi mirror. He could sense the nearby Sacred Palace elder’s breathing weaken a little, evidently also very focused on the outcome of the clash.

Even further away, the other factions were no exception.

The battle between these two young men in the essence flame vein had drawn nearly everyone’s attention at this moment...

Because behind these two individuals stood the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace, the former and current overlord of Cangxuan Heaven.


Under the countless watching gazes, the azure fire continued to burn, melting the land the boulders upon it into glowing red magma that flowed on the ground.

Yang Xuan’s figure stood within the azure fire, the bone armor on his body releasing an extremely cold aura to defend against the heat from the flames.

Ch ch!

Sizzling noises were emitted when azure fire and bone armor met, a thin mist rising from the edges of their contact.

The two forces fell into a deadlock.

Time swiftly flowed.

The bone armor gradually began to melt, the rising ash-white Genesis Qi immediately incinerated by the azure flames, while armor slowly began to grow thinner.

A look of joy flashed across Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he saw this.

Yang Xuan seemed to have sensed the joy in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, the corners of his lips immediately raising a little with a hint of contempt.

Next, Zhou Yuan’s eyes abruptly widened.

He had discovered a faint hint of blood-red suddenly appear from the melting bone armor like boiling blood. The blood-red liquid quickly flowed out, instantly coloring the eerily white bone armor in a blood-red hue.

It now looked extremely strange and sinister.

Blood-red covered the bone armor seemed to be able to withstand the azure fire for a time. A blood-red glow interweaved with the azure flames, a chilling yet bizarrely beautiful sight.

As time flowed, the azure flames began to weaken.

Yang Xuan lifted his head and looked towards Zhou Yuan, the mockery and contempt on his lips intensifying as his voice rang out, “It seems that I am still the one who has the final laugh.”

The numerous watching gazes also sensed the weakening fire at this moment, causing them to sigh in pity. How regretful, Zhou Yuan’s breath of azure fire was ultimately unable to stop Yang Xuan.


Under the gazes of pity from the crowd, Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. In the next instant, his figure abruptly etherealized as it shot forth.

He was headed straight for Yang Xuan in the azure flames.


An uproar swept across the area. Zhou Yuan was clearly planning on breaking the cauldrons to sink the boat.

“Rushing to your death?” A sinister smile rose from the corners of Yang Xuan’s mouth.

Zhou Yuan’s etherealized figure dashed into the flames as a path opened for him, before suddenly erupting a split second later, the raging azure flames squeezing out their final burst of power.

A terrifying heat spread.

Countless gazes had their sights obstructed by the strong flames.

However, even more individuals shook their heads inside. When Zhou Yuan dashed towards Yang Xuan, it meant that he was already out of tricks. After all, Yang Xuan was obviously still going strong.

The gap between the two was ultimately too large.

Bai Li tightly clenched her jaw as her eyes gradually dimmed.


Amidst the azure flames, Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared in front of Yang Xuan, killing intent surging as their gazes met.

“Fool, you’re dead this time!” Yang Xuan let out an evil laugh. His five fingers quickly clenched into a fist, before he threw a punch covered in blood-red bone armor. Ash-white Genesis Qi surged out, blasting towards Zhou Yuan in an exceedingly domineering manner.

This punch contained practically all of Yang Xuan’s eighth layer power.

The air was blasted away by a force that could split mountains.

However, in the face of such a ferocious punch from Yang Xuan, Zhou Yuan showed zero signs of dodging. Instead, a fierce light appeared in his eyes as he too clenched his fist, choosing to meet the attack with a punch of his own.

This was basically putting his life on the line.

Yang Xuan merely laughed mockingly. He was currently wearing the Demon Bone Armor that boasted the most powerful of defenses, and yet Zhou Yuan still chose to engage him head on? This was basically throwing all rationality out the window.

As such, Yang Xuan did not back down, the fist winds of his attack growing increasingly sharper instead.

Their fists tore through the air along with surging Genesis Qi.

With Yang Xuan’s sinister face mere feet away, Zhou Yuan’s lips moved slightly an almost inaudible voice was quietly spat out.

“Silver Shadow!”

Right before both parties were about to clash, silver light suddenly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body. Liquid silver rapidly spread, turning into a sleek set of silver battle armor in the blink of an eye that covered Zhou Yuan’s entire body.


In that very moment, an astonishing aura abruptly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body.

Yang Xuan’s pupils violently shrank.

But there was no time for him to react, the two fists containing the strongest might of both individuals had already clashed at this moment.


A muffled boom abruptly rang out.

The ground below their geet crumbled, giant crack after crack swiftly growing like a spiderweb. An enormous shockwave spanning several thousand feet swept outwards, flattening all the nearby hills...

Azure fire dashed into the sky, gradually weakening before ultimately being extinguished.

Every gaze immediately looked over, quickly finding two figures connected at their fists...

The two figures were as still as statues, but anyone could sense the desperation and ferocity in their final punches.

The silver and blood armor on their bodies had faded along with the azure fire.

Such a scene of desperation caused the surroundings to become completely silent. Everyone held their breaths as they stared at the two figures. No one knew who had won the desperate and direct clash.

A breeze blew past.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes moved slightly, his entire arm now a dripping, bloody mess. However, his expression remained impassive as he lifted his head to look at the face of the nearby Yang Xuan.

“It seems that… you started laughing too early.” His voice sounded somewhat hoarse.

Yang Xuan’s gaze was glued to his arm, disbelief seemingly flooding out from the depths of his eyes. In the next instant, his arm suddenly exploded.

Flesh, blood and bone seemed to turn into tiny chunks at this moment.

His entire arm was gone, bone and all.

Blood and bits of flesh splattered everywhere.

Countless gasps of horror immediately rang out.

Under those innumerable shocked gazes, Yang Xuan’s body slowly fell backwards towards the ground, a look of disbelief still present on his face...

He had silently kept a low-profile for so many years, his true power sealed as he patiently waited for the day he would shake the Sacred Palace.

He should have flown to the heavens in a single leap.

But how? How had he lost to a mere fourth layer disciple of the Cangxuan Sect?!

What was that silver armor that had appeared at the very last moment?! How had it raised Zhou Yuan’s power to such a terrifying level?!

This was really hard to accept!

His eyes were filled with an unresigned look as darkness slowly descended, ultimately filling his entire sight.

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