Chapter 427 All Cards on the Table


The surrounding Genesis Qi immediately began to churn violently when Yang Xuan stepped into the range of the boundary. Lightning and fire appeared, ultimate deadliness contained under their magnificent forms.

When this scene landed in the eyes of the countless watching onlookers, cries of alarm and surprise began to spread.

Only now did they realize that Zhou Yuan was not running, but feigning weakness to lure Yang Xuan into a boundary that had been set-up earlier.

“What a crafty kid!” The crowd could not help but click their tongues. 

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to have made such preparations before hand. Such rich battle experience was truly praiseworthy.

Bai Li and the rest of the Cangxuan Sect disciples were also stunned for a moment, before their faces quickly turned a little red. They had genuinely believed Zhou Yuan was intending to escape earlier, and had felt somewhat disappointed inside. However, it was now clear that they had been too quick to jump to a conclusion, making them feel quite ashamed.

“A boundary huh?”

Yang Xuan stood amidst the lightning and fire, his expression completely unchanged. Ash-white Genesis Qi slowly swirled around his body as an astonishing pressure pulsed.

He lifted his head to look towards Zhou Yuan as he said in an emotionless voice, “You’ve really made me feel a whole new level of respect for you.”

He had originally thought nothing of Zhou Yuan, a mere fourth layer Alpha-Origin who should have been easily swatted away like a fly. However, Yang Xuan never imagined that this ‘fly’ would be able to push him to this extent.

In fact, he had even been forced to remove all of his seals, causing him to pay a tremendous price. After all, they had originally been the trump cards he had prepared for the twelve halls chief disciple selection.

But now, his seals had failed to reach their perfect state, naturally causing all of his efforts to go to waste.

“You’ve also been very surprising.” A sky full of lightning and fire was reflected in Zhou Yuan’s pupils as he shrugged helplessly. The truth was that he had likewise not taken Yang Xuan too seriously either.

After all, it was not like he had never fought a seventh layer Alpha-Origin practitioner before.

He had been under the impression that victory would come easily with the help of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, but who could have expected Yang Xuan to have so many trump cards… and had now even seemingly reached the eighth layer.

Yang Xuan lifted a hand as ash-white Genesis Qi gathered on his palm. He stirred the Genesis Qi with a finger as he said, “Stop this so-called resistance, these cheap tricks of yours won’t be able to change anything.”

Although lightning and fire were violently surging around him, there was basically no fear in his eyes.

In response to Yang Xuan’s indifference, Zhou Yuan merely smiled and said, “It wasn’t easy for me to set this up, I should at least give it a spin, right?”

His smile instantly receded a split second later, replaced by a solemn look. Zhou Yuan slapped his hands together, deciding that the time for words was now over.

“Heavenly Lightning and Mystical Fire Boundary!”


The brewing lightning and fire reached their peak in an instant. Under countless shocked gazes, they descended like a stream of fire that could cover the entire sky, bombarding towards the spot Yang Xuan was standing at.

Yang Xuan coldly watched the lightning and fire descend. With a stomp of his foot, ash-white Genesis Qi rose from the surface of his body, rapidly bellowing outwards like an icy fog.

“Corpse Bone Fog!”

Frost gradually began to grow from the ground beneath his feet.

Plop! Plop!

Fire and lightning rained down, fearlessly charging into the ash-white fog. The moment they touched the fog, however, lightning was instantly destroyed, and fire extinguished...

The ash-white fog contained a freezing coldness that was obviously very tyrannical.

However, there was still a lot more lightning and fire that endlessly rained down without showing any signs of weakening, but Yang Xuan’s Genesis Qi was also going strong, his ash-white fog appearing equally inexhaustible.

As such, the lightning and fire was continuously neutralized by the freezing coldness. In contrast, the nearby ground was bombarded full of holes, making it look like an extremely messy sight.

Numerous gazes anxiously watched the ferocious clash. Although there were no loud booming sounds, everyone knew how dangerous such a clash was. It was clear that neither Zhou Yuan nor Yang Xuan was holding anything back.

Far away, a look of worry appeared on Li Qingchan’s face as she watched. Zhou Yuan’s boundary was by no means weak, but it was very unlikely for him to defeat Yang Xuan with only this.

Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu had clearly also realized this. Their expressions gradually returned to their earlier relaxed looks, a faint hint of mockery in their gazes as they watched.

“Zhou Yuan, you can do it!” Zuoqiu Qingyu, Bai Li and the rest were secretly cheering for Zhou Yuan.

However, no matter how hard their cheered, the ash-white fog around Yang Xuan remained as thick as before, clearly going strong even in the face of the endlessly falling lightning and fire.

In contrast, the lightning and fire that originally filled the entire sky was gradually beginning to thin.

Countless individuals let out soft sighs of pity. Sure enough, even after trying to hard to lure Yang Xuan into a boundary that had been prepared in advance, Zhou Yuan was till unable to pose much of a threat towards the latter.

The eighth layer was just far too powerful.

The fog rippled, revealing Yang Xuan’ face. He icily stared at Zhou Yuan, a look in mockery in his eyes akin to a lion watching the final struggles of its prey.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored Yang Xuan’s mocking gaze. With a deep breath, his hands swiftly formed a series of seals as the Genesis Qi in his body whizzed out.

An extremely hot undulation spread from his body.

His mouth suddenly ballooned a split second later as his face rapidly turned red. Smoke rose from the top of his head as the temperature around him soared.

Yang Xuan also sensed this activity as his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Heavenly Sun God Record, Heavenly Sun Flame!”

A shout rang out in Zhou Yuan’s heart as a mouthful of churning Genesis Qi turned into flames that violently spouted from his mouth, shooting towards Yang Xuan like a dragon’s breath.

These flames were different from the white flames of the past. They were now azure in color!

Evidently, after absorbing the essence flames, Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Sun Flame had progressed, reaching the azure second level. Its power was naturally also much greater than before.

Azure fire blew past, instantly melting the boulders on the ground.


The azure fire caused the surrounding temperature to rise rapidly, while the numerous onlookers gasped again when they saw this scene. Only now did they realize that Zhou Yuan real trump card was not the boundary, but this domineering azure fire!

The boundary had merely been an attempt to exhaust his opponent.


Azure fire swept forth like a dragon’s breath as Yang Xuan’s expression turned a little grave. Even he could feel a hint of danger from the azure flames.

“So this is your final trump card!”

Yang Xuan expression was dark and stormy. However, he did not dare to wait a moment longer. His hands quickly came together as ash-white Genesis Qi burst out from his body. The Genesis Qi swiftly condensed on the surface of his body, rapidly transforming into an eerie looking white bone armor.

“Heaven Genesis technique, Demon Bone Armor!”

The bone armor grew, covering Yang Xuan’s entire body. It's sinister bone-whiteness was paired with a chilling aura that would freeze one’s blood.

“Once I block this final trump card of yours, I’ll be able to do whatever I want to you today!” Under the bone armor, a pair of eerie eyes stared at Zhou Yuan.

Numerous gazes nervously watched. Everyone could see that this was the climax of the fight. Victory and defeat would soon be decided in an instant.

Would Zhou Yuan’s azure fire truly be able to deal with Yang Xuan’s bone armor, which clearly possessed astonishing defensive capabilities?!


Under the attention of the crowd, the azure flames finally reached Yang Xuan, quickly swallowing his figure amidst gasps that filled the sky...

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