Chapter 425 The Tenaciously Troublesome Yang Xuan

In the sky, the black Heavenly Yuan Brush had clashed against a deathly white bone whip. The Genesis Qi undulations that spread caused the space around them to tremble faintly.


A burst of Genesis Qi exploded with a jerk of the bone whip, pushing away the Heavenly Yuan Brush along with Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Yang Xuan did not give chase, merely continuing to stand there in the air as his dark gaze stared at Zhou Yuan. Ash-white Genesis QI swirled around the bone whip in his hand, as piercing shrieks were emitted.

The aura around him continued to rise.

Countless gazes gathered on Yang Xuan at this moment, ultimately focusing on the deathly white bone whip in his hand as  their eyes widened.

“Another Heaven Genesis Weapon?!”

“My god, to think that Yang Xuan has actually been forced to this extent… even Bai Li and Qin Hai combined might had failed to achieve this earlier!”

“What a pity. Zhou Yuan had only been so overwhelming earlier because of his Heaven Genesis Weapon. Since Yang Xuan now has one too, the situation is likely going to change.”


Amidst the numerous whispers, a grim look appeared in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he stared at Yang Xuan. From that brief clash earlier, he could sense that the bone whip in his opponent’s hand had indeed surpassed the Black Genesis Weapon level.

However, it was not a true Heaven Genesis Weapon.

To be more precise, it could only be considered a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon.

Even so, Zhou Yuan’s advantage had begun to fade the moment Yang Xuan took out this weapon. After all, the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Genesis Breaker was most effective against pure Genesis Qi attacks.

When pitted against the opponent’s Heaven Genesis Weapon, Genesis Breaker’s power would be much weaker. 

Zhou Yuan slowly tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as deep night black light flowed on its pitch-black tip.


His eyes suddenly widened a split second later, because Yang Xuan’s figure had abruptly appeared in front of him. The deathly white bone whip transformed into countless shadows that seemed to fill the sky as they attacked.

Every whip shadow was accompanied by a sharp shriek that seemed to pierce straight into your ears.

In fact, it even affected the Genesis Qi in one’s body, causing it to become a little chaotic.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly circulated his Genesis Qi in an effort to defend against the piercing shriek. With a swing, Genesis Qi surged as the Heavenly Yuan Brush rose to meet the attacks.

Clang! Clang!

Two figures danced in the sky like flashes of lightning, countless brush and whip shadows colliding time and time again. Every clash would cause a thousand feet tall wave of Genesis Qi to erupt that shake the sky around them.

This clash could be said to have reached the limits of both intensity and ferocity.

This time, however, anyone could see that Zhou Yuan had lost his unstoppable momentum from earlier against Yang Xuan, who was now armed with a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon.

Though Yang Xuan’s bone whip was indeed unable to compare to the Heavenly Yuan Brush in terms of quality, his Genesis Qi foundation far exceeded Zhou Yuan’s. Hence, after borrowing the power of the bone whip, the former was once again about to gradually reverse the situation.

Gaze after gaze anxiously watched the battle between the two figures in the sky.

In a short few minutes, they had already exchanged over a hundred blows.


After yet another fierce clash, Zhou Yuan’s body was forced backwards, his expression growing increasingly grave. A Heaven Genesis Weapon was a game changer. Yang Xuan was clearly much harder to deal with than before.

At this current moment, Zhou Yuan could feel a growing piercing pain from his hands.

“Weren’t you bragging so much earlier?” Yang Xuan looked over as mockery appeared from the corners of his mouth.

“It will be better for you to celebrate after we’re done fighting.” Zhou Yuan responded with a cold smile.

“Let’s see how long you can keep up your smart-assness!” An icy look flashed in Yang Xuan’s eyes as the bone whip in his hand suddenly jerked. The whip dashed into the sky as an icy piercing shriek rang out.

The surrounding Genesis Qi rapidly surged over and poured into the bone whip as a stifling pressure began to spread.

“Heavenly Bone Whip, Heavenly Bone Phantasm!”

Roared Yang Xuan as he made a hand seal.

Deathly white Genesis Qi exploded from the bone whip, before gathering around the whip to form a giant phantasm made from white bones.

The phantasm appeared to be some sort of chimera created by the amalgamation of countless humans and beasts. It was a very strange sight indeed.


An alarming amount of Genesis Qi gathered around the titanic bone chimera phantasm. It suddenly made its move a split second later, diving towards Zhou Yuan at an astonishing speed.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank a little as he looked towards the bone chimera phantasm, evidently sensing the power of Yang Xuan’s attack.

With a deep breath, Zhou Yuan let go of the Heavenly Yuan Brush. It dashed into the sky as it began absorbing Genesis Qi. Resplendent golden light immediately exploded from the brush.

“Heavenly Yuan Brush, Million Whale!”

The wail of an ancient whale echoed from the Heavenly Yuan Brush as Zhou Yuan’s hand seal changed, Genesis Qi surging around the brush like a maelstrom.

An enormous silhouette of a whale appeared, towering above Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Quickly followed by another...

Whale after whale continued to appear, ultimately reaching a total of five!

When the Heavenly Yuan Brush evolved to a Heaven Genesis Weapon, the power of the Million Whale Rune was also upgraded. At most one whale would appear when used by Zhou Yuan in the past, but that number had now multiplied five fold!

Each whale possessed overwhelming power, and with five of them gathered, their combined might was likely enough to overturn the sea.

In response to Yang Xuan’s increasingly alarming attacks, Zhou Yuan had also begun to use his full power.


Roared Zhou Yuan as the Heavenly Yuan Brush shuddered, releasing a buzzing sound. Next, it pierced through the air, give whale silhouettes spiraling around it as the wail of a whale filled the land.

Countless gazes watched with rapt attention, unable to turn away.

The giant bone chimera descended from the sky, while the Heavenly Yuan Brush led five whale silhouettes as it dashed upwards. In the end, both forces fiercely collided under the numerous nervous watching eyes.


A several thousand feet tall shockwave of Genesis Qi exploded. Even the hills some distance away began to crumble, as giant fissure grew on the land...

In the sky, the whale silhouettes were torn to shreds, while the bone chimera phantasm disintegrated inch by inch.

As the two closest individuals to the clash, Zhou Yuan and Yang Xuan were the first to be struck. The terrifying shockwave violently blew them away, flinging their tumbling figures like rag dolls.

In the end, both individuals crash landed onto two red hills.


The two hills collapsed, tumbling boulders burying the two of them.

However, the boulders were sent flying a split second later as two figures dashed into the sky, facing each other as they landed two still intact hills.

The many onlookers immediately shifted their gazes.

Both individuals now had rather tattered clothes, while traces of blood were visible at the corner of their mouths. They had evidently sustained some minor injuries in the previous clash.

Unexpectedly, both of them appeared to be equally match.

An uproar swept across the area, gaze after gaze filled with shock as they stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure...

They had originally believed that Yang Xuan would soon turn things around after taking out a quasi-Heaven Genesis Weapon. Who could have expected that Zhou Yuan would be so tenacious, forcibly taking on each and every one of Yang Xuan’s powerful attacks.

In the sky far away, a look of joy flashed across Li Qingchan’s face when she saw this result, the frosty look that originally filled her face thawing a little at this moment.

“He really is full of surprises.” She sofly mumbled under her breath. There was a hint of praise in her words.

By the side, Zhao Zhu frowned a little as he said, “I’m afraid he may already be on his last dregs.”

Li Qingchan frowned slightly as she replied, “Junior brother Zhao Zhu, although Zhou Yuan may have some disagreements with your Sword Cometh Peak, we should be united against the outsiders at this time. I hope that you will stop with your pessimistic remarks, because neither of us will be able to escape punishment if Zhou Yuan loses.”

After being chided by Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu could only resentfully shut his mouth.

Opposite Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu, the Sacred Palace’s Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu were also observing the battle far away. Their expression had been rather relaxed in the beginning, but had now gradually begun to turn a little ugly.

Like everyone else, they too never imagined that Yang Xuan would be stopped by a mere fourth layer Alpha-Origin disciple...

“What the hell is Yang Xuan doing?” Said Cao Jinzhu with a frown.

“There’s something strange about that Cangxuan Sect disciple Zhou Yuan.” Wang Chi slowly said, “His Genesis Qi foundations appears to be inconceivably strong.”

They had also realized that even without that strange black brush, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations were no weaker than ordinary seventh layer experts. This meant that his Genesis Qi foundations were crazily strong for his cultivation level.

“If Yang Xuan wishes to win, he has to use his full power”

Wang Chi icily glanced at the Li Qingchan duo, before his voice thundered across horizon with the aid of Genesis Qi.

“Yang Xuan, stop holding back!”

His voice boomed across the sky, echoing between the hills where Zhou Yuan and Yang Xuan stood.

Yang Xuan frowned when he heard Wang Chi’s voice as a look of hesitation flitted across his eyes.

In the end, this hesitation turned into resolution.

The rules of the Sacred Palace were very strict. If he made a mistake this time, he would definitely be punished when he returned. His cultivation resources would also be taken away, which would have serious repercussions on his future cultivation.

Therefore, he absolutely could not lose today.

A savage look surged onto Yang Xuan’s face.

He sent a chilling eerie glance at Zhou Yuan, before tearing apart his clothes, revealing his bare chest. A circular blood-colored rune enclosed the spot where his heart should be. The rune appeared to be covered in faint ancient patterns, and seemed to squirm within Yang Xuan’s flesh.

It appeared to be some kind of seal.

“I originally prepared this seal to vie for one of the twelve chief disciples seats of the twelve halls. I truly never expected that I would have to end up using it on you today…”

“You’ve spoiled my plans.”

“So don’t worry, after I defeat you, I will slowly crush every bone in your body to sate the hatred in my heart!”

Yang Xuan’s eerily chilling voice was filled with intense maliciousness as it sounded.


Yang Xuan bit the tip of his tongue, and spat out a mouthful of essence blood onto his hand, before smearing it on the blood-red seal. Smoke immediately began to rise from the seal as it began to unravel.


The instant the seal was completely undone, everyone felt a frightening Genesis Qi undulation erupt like a volcano that had been suppressed for a millenium!

The hill under his feet violently shuddered as it began to crumble.

Countless gazes looked towards his figure in horror.

As Yang Xuan’s Genesis Qi rose, he broke past the boundary of the seventh layer, steadily climbing to the realm of the eighth layer!

In response to this scene, the expressions of Bai Li, Qin Hai and the rest changed one after another.

Even Zhou Yuan’s pupils had abruptly tightened as his expression turned extremely grave.

To think that Yang Xuan… had such a shocking trump card!

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