Chapter 424 Zhou Yuan’s Prowess


Wave after wave of ominous ash-white Genesis Qi violently pulsed from Yang Xuan’s body. A pillar of Genesis Qi light rose into the sky like smoke, seemingly filled with howls of death.

The expressions of the numerous onlookers changed slightly when they felt the unmatched power of the Genesis Qi, gazes filled with fear and terror as they looked towards Yang Xuan.

Bai Li could not help but shout from behind, “Careful Zhou Yuan!”

It was obvious that Yang Xuan had already gone mad with anger.

After the previous exchange, even Bai Li had no choice but to admit that Yang Xuan was indeed an extremely troublesome opponent. What’s more, it was more than likely that the latter had not once been completely serious against Qin Hai and her earlier.

But now, after sustaining an injury from Zhou Yuan due to carelessness, Yang Xuan was now in a state of full on rage.


Yang Xuan’s chillingly eerie gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan as his hands clapped together and formed a hand seal. The ash-white Genesis Qi in the sky immediately crashed down like a wave, its immensity and vastness shaking even the land itself.

Moreover, countless shadows seemed to be swimming within this Genesis Qi torrent, some appearing like beasts, while others appearing human like. It was a very bizarre sight indeed.

The Genesis Qi Yang Xuan cultivated was known as the Thousand Bone Genesis Qi, and required one to fuse the death Qi from numerous bones with one’s body. The Genesis Qi formed by this process contained death Qi, which was able to swiftly decay the flesh of anyone it infected, making it extremely domineering in nature.


Zhou Yuan's eyes widened slightly as he raised his head to gaze at the howling flood of ash-white Genesis Qi. In the next instant, his foot slammed into the ground, unexpectedly neither trying to avoid nor dodge, but instead leaping up to meet it head-on.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hands vibrated as the surrounding Genesis Qi whizzed over and poured into the brush.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi undulations began to rise at a steady pace.

Zhou Yuan was a fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage expert, and even if his foundations were comparable to the seventh layer, there was still a gap between him and the perfect seventh layer Yang Xuan.

However, with the boost from the newly upgraded Heavenly Yuan Brush, Zhou Yuan was in a way already able to match Yang Xuan in Genesis Qi.


The thousand feet wide Genesis Qi flood descended, making Zhou Yuan’s figure appear like an ant in comparison. However, he showed no fear as he jerked the Heavenly Yuan Brush, causing its snow-white tip to gradually turn pitch-black again. A deep, cryptic light gathered, a sign that Genesis Breaker’s power was being activated once more.


The pitch-black brush tip thrust towards the Genesis Qi flood. The entire world seemed to fall silent for an instant, before countless gazes watched in shock as the giant Genesis Qi flood began to fall apart.

Zhou Yuan’s figure continued its ascent, destroying the ash-white Genesis Qi wherever he passed.

With the power of Genesis Breaker, as long as the other party did not have an absolute advantage in Genesis Qi, all their Genesis Qi attacks would become substantially weaker.


Yang Xuan’s expression turned even darker when he saw this. His hand seal changed and several torrents Genesis Qi immediately surged forth, linking up end to end as they blasted at Zhou Yuan in succession.

Yang Xuan was obviously refusing to believe this was happening.

Zhou Yuan’s figure flashed past in the sky as the Heavenly Yuan Brush shuddered. Brush shadows pierced through the air, each one striking and tearing through a torrent of Genesis Qi.

Surprise appeared in the countless gazes watching the figure flicker in the sky above. No one expected the fourth layer Alpha-Origin Zhou Yuan to be capable of scattering all of Yang Xuan’s Genesis Qi attacks.

Far away, light surged in Li Qingchan’s eyes as these scenes also entered her sight, causing a look of amazement to appear on her beautiful face.

“How did Zhou Yuan suddenly become so powerful?”

She mumbled to herself. The current Zhou Yuan was clearly much stronger than when they had left the Cangxuan Sect. Given his strength back then, it would have been nearly impossible for him to receive a single one of these attacks.

By the side, Zhao Zhu’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. In his opinion, though Zhou Yuan was very prominent amongst the newest batch of disciples, this was only limited to ‘ordinary’ disciples. In fact, it should take him several years to establish a place for himself amongst the purple sash disciples.

However, who could have guessed that Zhou Yuan was actually capable of going toe to toe with the perfect seventh layer Yang Xuan. This was inconceivable to Zhao Zhu.

After some observation, Li Qingchan finally understood as she muttered in a soft voice, “It must be that black brush he’s using…”

“If my guess is not wrong, that black brush has likely reached the Heaven Genesis Weapon level.”

The Genesis Qi surrounding Zhou Yuan’s body was indeed weaker than Yang Xuan’s, but the brush wielded by the former was extremely bizarre, and seemed to possess a unique power that allowed Zhou Yuan to repeatedly achieve the greatest power with the smallest effort, destroying all of his opponent’s Genesis Qi attacks.

“A Heaven Genesis Weapon?”

Zhao Zhu was taken aback. A Heaven Genesis Weapon was no ordinary item. Even in the Cangxuan Sect, only Chosens like them would be bestowed one by the sect.

As for ordinary disciples, even those with powerful backgrounds may not own such a weapon of that level.

“So that’s how…”


At the mouth of the volcano.

The numerous factions watched the images reflected on their Genesis Qi screens as they gasped in surprise and alarm. The development of the situation had evidently surpassed their expectations.

Elder Wu was like somewhat rather stupefied as he watched.

“This kid…”

His old face filled with astonishment as he watched Zhou Yuan shatter powerful Genesis Qi light pillar after pillar. The elder would never have imagined that when it seemed as if all hope was lost, the one who would step forward to save them, would be the same person he had sent away from the core region at the very beginning...

“How is he actually so powerful?” Elder Wu could not help but mutter. Zhou Yuan was clearly only at the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, and yet he was somehow able to exchange blow after blow with Yang Xuan.

After observing for a long time, his gaze ultimately focused on the black brush in Zhou Yuan’s hands.

“No wonder…”

It had obviously realized something.

However, elder Wu did not care how Zhou Yuan had done it, because only result mattered. As such, a sliver of expectation began to appear in the elder’s gaze as he continued to watch Zhou Yuan’s figure.

The only thing he could do now was hope for the best, and pray that Zhou Yuan would succeed in stopping Yang Xuan.

Elder Wu did not expect Zhou Yuan to defeat Yang Xuan, but hoped he could at least hold off the latter as long as possible. This would create some breathing room for the others, and prevent them from being put into an even more miserable situation.

“Kid… you gotta do your best. If you managed to stall Yang Xuan long enough, I’ll give you an excellent evaluation after this mission is over!”


Bang! Bang!

Torrent after torrent of ash-white Genesis Qi continued to descend from the sky. Each powerful blast packed with enough destructive energy to level an entire mountain.

However, Zhou Yuan’s figure continued to zip about amongst them, torrent after torrent of Genesis Qi scattering with each point of the black brush, making it appear as easy as cutting through butter with a hot knife.

Yang Xuan’s expression grew stormier and stormier.

Even Bai Li and Qin Hai together had been unable to withstand this same barrage of Genesis Qi attacks earlier. And yet, they seemed to pose no threat towards Zhou Yuan.

“Is it that black brush…” His dark gaze locked onto the mysterious mottled black brush in Zhou Yuan’s hands.


Another blast of Genesis Qi was pierced. Iciness flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as his figure instantly etherealized, seemingly teleporting as he appeared behind Yang Xuan like a phantom.

“Genesis Breaker!”

A mysterious light surfaced on the pitch-black brush tip, rippling even space itself as it passed through. The sharp tip thrust towards a fatal spot on Yang Xuan’s back at an extremely crafty angle.


Yang Xuan’s palms slapped together as ash-white Genesis Qi surged out, creating several layers of thick Genesis Qi defenses around his body.


However, the brush tip that pulsed with black light quickly swept past, tearing through each layer as if they were thin pieces of paper.


Sharpness gathered in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he jerked his fist, causing the brush tip to transform into a streak of black aimed straight at Yang Xuan’s fatal spot.

Gasp after gasp sounded in the area. Zhou Yuan had finally found a chance after waiting for so long, and clearly planned on seriously injuring Yang Xuan with this strike.

Bai Li, Qin Hai and the rest of the Cangxuan Sect disciples had eyes wide open.


The brush tip swept past.

However, a split second before it could pierce Yang Xuan’s body, an ash-white shadow suddenly flew over and collided against the brush tip.


Sparks flew in all directions.

Berserk Genesis Qi shockwaves erupted, scattering even the nearby clouds.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly at this moment.

The jolt from the brush tip caused a feeling of pain to be transmitted from his hands. His unstoppable momentum had finally been stopped...

He raised his eyes, looking towards the end of the brush tip, where a bone whip was blocking it.

The bone whip had a deathly pale sheen, and strange patterns had been carved on along its body. Every slight movement seemed cause a piercing shriek to be emitted from it.

The surrounding Genesis Qi surged towards the bone whip.

With the bone whip in hand, Yang Xuan’s aura began to raise to an alarming level.

He lifted his head at this moment, sending a death glare towards the nearby Zhou Yuan as an eerily sinister smile appeared from the corners of his mouth.

“A Heaven Genesis Weapon… did you think that I didn’t have one?!”

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