Chapter 422 Want to Die?

Heat rose from the vast red land. All of a sudden, rushing wind noises were heard as a number of figures flew over, ultimately stopping outside the battlefield.

These figures belonged to members of the other factions in the core region. As time passed, the various fights had reached a result, and after hearing that the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect were facing off here, they had swarmed over like flies in hopes of catching an exciting battle between titans.

The junior sect master of the Flame Cauldron Sect, Su Duan and Zuoqiu Qingyu was also amongst this crowd.

As such, they were soon treated to the sight of Zhou Yuan stepping into the battlefield...

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s expression was the first to change, a look of worry flashing in her eyes. She never imagined Zhou Yuan would so foolishly charge in.

One must know that the Sacred Palace clearly had the absolute upper hand, and Yang Xuan was just too overwhelmingly powerful.

Even the Cangxuan Sect’s Bai Li and Qin Hai had been defeated. What could Zhou Yuan possibly change?

Yang Xuan was obviously far more powerful than the likes of Su Duan...

In contrast to Zuoqiu Qingyu’s worry, a look of joy arose in Su Duan’s eyes. He had been taught a lesson by Zhou Yuan earlier, making him too afraid to provoke the latter again. But if he could see someone else take care of Zhou Yuan, it would naturally relieve some of the pent up frustration in his heart.

“Humph, that ignorant and arrogant fool. Do you think Yang Xuan can be challenged by the likes of you?”


Far away, Li Qingchan also heard the voice from the communication jade. Her pupils immediately shrank as she said, “Zhou Yuan? What the hell are you doing here!”

There was a trace of fury in her voice. The situation was already extremely terrible, and blindly charging in like this was obviously very idiotic of Zhou Yuan.

After all, someone like him would only be a burden in a fight of this level.

Her figure paused in mid-air as she peered into the distance. Spirit light surged in her eyes, immediately allowing her to see the battlefield far away.

She immediately caught sight of Zhou Yuan who had just stepped into the battlefield. 

Zhou Yuan voice was transmitted from the communication jade, “Senior sister Qingchan… I’m still a member of the Cangxuan Sect. Hiding outside at such a time won’t look good at all.”

Li Qingchan was a little stunned. Soon after, she let out a bitter laugh. Zhou Yuan’s intentions may be good, but reality was often cruel.

“Humph, your good intentions will only end up making things worse. If you’re not capable enough, don’t try and dabble in affairs beyond your level. Otherwise, it will only cause more harm than good.” Zhao Zhu’s voice suddenly sounded, clearly in disapproval of Zhou Yuan’s appearance.

From what he could see, Zhou Yuan’s foolish actions would only build up Yang Xuan’s reputation even more.

Just as Zhao Zhu was about to speak again, Li Qingchan suddenly stuck her hand out to stop him.

Li Qingchan slowly said, “Zhou Yuan, this is your decision, and  you must know that there will be a price to pay. Yang Xuan is very ruthless, so you’d better be careful. If you are not his match, retreat as fast as you can.”

“Understood.” Answered Zhou Yuan with a  smile, before the communication jade fell silence once more.

Zhao Zhu appeared beside Li Qingchan, looking towards her as he said in a low voice, “Zhou Yuan is too ignorant, and you should never have brought him along on this mission. If any other veteran disciple had taken his place, things might not have gotten so bad.”

Li Qingchan flatly said, “Even Bai Li and Qin Hai’s combined might lost to Yang Xuan. Do you think having an additional veteran disciple would make a difference?”

She paused for a moment, before casting her gaze into the distance to look at a certain young figure. “Zhou Yuan is not a rash person. The fact that he chose to appear here might mean that he has some kind of plan. What if a miracle happens?”

Although she knew that the odds of such a miracle was far too low, this was the only way left to console herself.

The corners of Zhao Zhu’s mouth turned downwards when he heard this, most likely feeling that Li Qingchan was being far too naive.

“A miracle? How? What that turtle shell of his?”

He shook his head, his voice full of mockery.

Li Qingchan did not respond. She shot a glance to the front where Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu were still obstructing their way as her expression gradually turned to calmness.

However, there was a certain resolve within that calmness.

She had already decided that if the situation became even worse over there, no matter how steep of a price they would have to pay today, she will drag the other party to the grave even if she had to sacrifice herself.

This matter now infringed upon the reputation of the Cangxuan Sect, and she would protect it even if she had to pay with her life.


At the mouth of the volcano.

Elder Wu was also stunned for quite some time when he saw Zhou Yuan suddenly appear and insert himself into the battle. In the end, elder Wu could only secretly simmer inside. “This Zhou Yuan is really an ignorant idiot!”

Though elder Wu did admire Zhou Yuan just a tiny bit for how he had chosen to bravely step forward in this situation, he was ultimately far too weak. At the end of the day, he would only make Yang Xuan’s battle achievements appear even more glorious.

Such actions were truly somewhat unsuitable for the situation.

The other factions also began to whisper again, clearly trying to find out about this new Cangxuan Sect disciple that had appeared. However, when they realized that he was only at the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, they could not help but be baffled.

When even outstanding disciples like Bai Li and Qin Hai had lost, the appearance of this fourth layer disciple was only asking for trouble.

As such, they shook their heads one after another. It seems that the Cangxuan Sect was really going to be knocked a peg down by the Sacred Palace this time.


Under the attention of numerous gazes, Yang Xuan could not help but burst out into laughter when he heard Zhou Yuan’s words. The former had already withdrawn his gaze, not even bothering to look at Zhou Yuan again.

“Your fellow Cangxuan Sect disciple is quite an interesting guy…”

He grinned at the deathly pale Bai Li and Qin Hai, before waving towards one of the Sacred Palace disciples nearby. “Take care of him. I feel breaking one of his legs is enough to teach him a little lesson.”

He could not even be bothered to personally deal with Zhou Yuan. In Yang Xuan’s opinion, that was too huge of an honor for a mere fourth layer disciple.

The Sacred Palace disciple he gave the instructions to was a seventh layer Alpha-Origin stage expert, whose Genesis Qi undulations appeared to be even stronger than Su Duan’s. At this current time, the Sacred Palace disciple was smiling sinisterly as he looked towards Zhou Yuan.

“Kid, no one would have bothered to deal with you if you had obediently hidden outside, and yet you just had to blindly run here like an ignorant fool. You really can’t blame us for what’s about to happen.”


A burst of vigorous Genesis Qi exploded as the Sacred Palace disciple shot forth like a bolt of lightning, heading straight for Zhou Yuan.

As Yang Xuan felt the burst of Genesis Qi behind him, he began to walk towards Bai Li and Qin Hai again. He intended to utterly crush them such that the mere thought of him would make them tremble in fear.

An eerie smile slowly appeared on his lips.


However, the moment he lifted his foot, the sound of Genesis Qi colliding was heard from behind, followed almost instantly by a miserable shriek.

A shadow flew past him, before crashing into a group of boulders, nearly the entire body buried under the rubble.

This unexpected event stunned everyone. They quickly looked towards the rubble, only to find an extremely pitiful blood-soaked figure.

Bai Li, Qin Hai and gang were initially filled with rage when they turned towards the figure, before suddenly realizing that something was wrong. That was not Zhou Yuan!

But the Sacred Palace disciple?!

Yang Xuan’s foot slowly came to a stop at this moment. He was silent for a moment as he gazed at the bloody body of the Sacred Palace disciple, before slowly turning around.

He was just in time to see a slim figure weilding a black brush slowly walk out from the crumbled remains of the ground.

Bai Li and Qin Hai’s pupils abruptly shrank.

They were truly unable to believe that it only taken Zhou Yuan one move to defeat a seventh layer Sacred Palace disciple.

The surroundings had fallen rather silent.

One could imagine the countless gazes filled with astonishment as they watched this scene.

The situation seemed to have developed in quite a different direction than they had imagined.

“Shouldn’t you at least respect me a little? Do you really think that I’m just another dish for you to eat?” Zhou Yuan smiled at Yang Xuan.

Yang Xuan was silent for a moment, before he nodded with a smile.

“How interesting… can’t believe that I made such a mistake…”

“Over the years, I’ve always been rather fond of disguising myself as a sheep to devour the wolves. I never expected to meet someone whose even better than myself this time…”

He sighed, staring at Zhou Yuan as he said in a rather regretful voice, 

“I originally intended on breaking only one of your legs, but it now seems… that you really…”

“Want to die?”

Towards the end, Yang Xuan’s expression turned chillingly eerie, a sight so frightening it would make the hairs of anyone who saw it stand on end.

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