Chapter 421 Team Wiped?

“Sword Tiger Bite!”

Powerful Genesis Qi swept forth as a giant wave of sword light unfurled. The sword light was akin to a giant tiger lunging with its sinister looking fangs, the combination of ferocity and deadly sharpness powerful enough to crush a mountain.

Sword light swept forth along with an unmatched aura of sharpness as it furiously slashed down towards the confident looking Yang Xuan.

“Daluo Mystic Gold Palm!”

A petite figure followed behind the sword light like a shadow. Her hand was suffused with golden light as it thrust forward, palm winds akin to thunder that caused even space itself to ripple a little.

Both Bai Li and Qin Hai had pushed their battle power to the limit at this moment.

The duo’s ferocious attacks were reflected in Yang Xuan’s pupils, the incoming force making his hair dance in the wind. However, not even the smallest ripple could be seen in his eyes. Instead, there was a sliver of mockery.

Yang Xuan shook his head slightly, before he took a step forward and stretched out his hands. Surging Genesis Qi rose, forming a foot wide circle of light.

The glowing disk was covered in countless mysterious patterns, making it an extremely mystical sight.

“Sacred Disk Technique!”


The the giant tiger like sword light slammed into the sacred disk. The disk immediately began to spin as a terrifying power was unleashed, shattering the formidable sword light.


A hand suffused with golden light swatted downwards, cracks appearing in space itself as if it were made from glass. In the end, the palm also slammed into the sacred disk.

Yang Xuan twisted his palm as the sacred disk began to spin in reverse.


The power from the reverse spin shattered the golden light on Bai Li’s hand. The faint sound of bone crunching was heard as pain flashed across her pretty face.

Her figure was sent flying, smashing into a hill, causing it to crumble.


A mouthful of blood was spat out from her mouth.

Qin Hai hurriedly began to descend when he saw this. The moment he moved, however, Yang Xuan’s figure had already appeared behind him like a phantom. A fist was sent out along with a torrent of Genesis Qi akin to a roaring giant python.

Qin Hai hastily turned around and crossed his arms in front of him. Genesis Qi frantically surged out, transforming into layer after layer of defense.


However, his Genesis Qi defenses were instantly blown apart. Qin Hai paled, vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood as his figure was sent shooting backwards.

It had only taken a short period for the two of them to be seriously injured.

In the air, Yang Xuan stood with his hands behind his back, looking down upon the two of them from above as he smiled and said, “I told you that you will only humiliate yourselves, but you just refused to believe me.”

Bai Li’s eyes were spitting fire as she glared at Yang Xuan while shakily struggling to her feet.

Yang Xuan merely smiled slightly when he saw this. “How tenacious.”

With a flick of his finger, a blast of Genesis Qi shot out like a cannonball and smashed into Bai Li’s shoulder. Blood sprayed in the air as she was sent flying again.

“Yang Xuan!” With mad roar, Qin Hai charged towards Yang Xuan.

However, Yang Xuan did not even turn around, merely waving his sleeve as a torrent of powerful Genesis Qi flooded out, blowing away the charging Qin Hai.

Qin Hai was once again sent flying backwards as he vomited another mouthful of blood.

Qin Hai body was embedded into a boulder as he vomited another two mouthfuls of blood. The intense pain from his entire body caused his eyes to gradually dim while feeling of powerlessness rose within him.

He knew that even after joining forces, Bai Li and himself were not Yang Xuan’s match.

He bitterly shook his head as he mumbled in a low and hoarse voice, “Senior sister Li, senior brother Zhao Zhu, we’ve… done our best.”


While the Wang Chi duo were facing off against the Li Qingchan duo, they heard Qin Hai’s hoarse voice from the communication jade, causing their hearts to sink.

The situation over there was obviously very terrible.

The iciness in Li Qingchan’s eyes was nearly about to solidify into a block of ice. However, she really could not think of any solution. After all, Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu were not to be underestimated, and if they truly wanted to delay herself and Zhao Zhu, there was nothing the two of them could do about it.

“Hehe, no need to be too hung up about it, we’re just following orders too. If both of you retreat, we will not touch the last two hundred miles of territory you guys still have.” Wang Chi smiled at Li Qingchan.

Li Qingchan replied in a voice so cold that it cut straight into the bone, “I do hope that you guys will try, and see who ends up paying a more painful price in the end.”

Feeling the murder from Li Qingchan’s voice, Wang Li waved his hands and said with a smile, “Peace, peace. No need to go so far for a mere few hundred miles of essence flame vein.”

Li Qingchan’s gaze was ice-cold. By this time, it was no longer about how many much of the essence flame vein they occupied, but how the Sacred Palace intended to humiliate the Cangxuan Sect!

Even if she knew this, she was powerless with regards to the current situation, and could only boil with anger inside.


At the mouth of the volcano.

Elder Wu watched the situation grow increasingly unfavorable towards them as his face filled with rage. He could hear the whispers from the other factions, and the strange looks in their eyes when they looked towards him.

These gazes suddenly made elder Wu’s heart shiver a little as he abruptly realized something. His chilling gaze immediately looked towards the Sacred Palace elder. It seemed that the Sacred Palace was planning on sticking their hand into the Black Flame Province.

This was why they had been so secretive. It was all for the sake of stepping on the Cangxuan Sect’s face in front of the many factions of the Black Flame Province to both awe and intimidate them.

After all, if even a hegemon level sect like the Cangxuan Sect were to repeatedly suffer at the hands of Sacred Palace, it would show just how powerful they were.

With this opening, numerous options would open up for the Sacred Palace to ‘invade’ the Black Flame Province, ultimately turning this area into another base of operations for them...

Such ambition was not small at tall.

“How scheming of them!”

Elder Wu’s expression darkened, unable to release the stifling frustration and anger in his heart. Even if he now know what they were up to, he was powerless to do anything. After all, he could not interfere or it would become a clash of an even higher level.



Yang Xuan cracked his neck, a look of what appeared to be pity in his eyes as he looked at the Bai Li duo, who were now incapable of even standing. He shifted his gaze to another direction, finding that things were not going well either for the other Cangxuan Sect disciples. The Sacred Palace side had the advantage of numbers after all.

If this continued, the Cangxuan Sect would soon face complete defeat.

Yangxuan chuckled at the Bai Li duo, as he said with some melancholy, “It appears that your entire Cangxuan Sect team will soon be wiped out…”


Bai Li spat out an arrow of blood that contained some Genesis Qi. The arrow cut through the air, viciously shooting towards Yang Xuan’s face.

The Genesis Qi in Yang Xuan’s body instantly created shield around him.

The Genesis Qi in the blood arrow was scattered, but a few drops still managed to splash onto Yang Xuan’s handsome face.

He frowned as he wiped away the blood on his face before he smiled helplessly and said, “Although killing you will cause me a bit of trouble, you shouldn’t blame me after doing that.”

A helpless look rose in his eyes as Genesis Qi converged on his hand. It turned into a glowing Genesis Qi spear, the tip flickering with an icy light.


Yang Xuan was expressionless as he flung the spear. It swiftly shot forth, heading straight for Bai Li’s head.

Bai Li gritted her teeth, refusing to close her eyes as she fearlessly glared at the incoming spear.

“Senior sister Bai Li!” A Cangxuan Sect disciple cried out nearby.


The glowing Genesis Qi spear rapidly grow in Bai Li’s eyes. An instant before it landed, countless glowing white threads suddenly surged over from above, forming a white net that rapidly interweaved in front of Bai Li.


The spear struck the net, making it stretch at a disturbingly alarming angle.

However, the spear slowly came to a stop half a finger from Bai Li’s face. A wave of sharpness blew out from the glowing spear, cutting a tiny wound between her brows.

The faint feeling of pain from between her brows caused Bai Li to return to her senses. She abruptly raised her head, only to discover that a black brush had appeared above her at some unknown time. The snow-white brush hairs at its tip weaved downwards, creating a white net in front of her body that had helped her block the fatal blow...

Yang Xuan was also stunned by this scene. Soon after, he helplessly chuckled as he tilted his head backwards, looking towards a certain spot behind him as he said, “Looks like another death seeker has rushed all the way here. Your Cangxuan Sect is truly amusing.”

A slim figure was gradually revealed, his ethereal body slowly growing clearer and clearer as he walked towards them.

Bai Li stared at the figure in a daze.

“Zhou… Zhou Yuan?”

Her expression changed drastically a split second later as she anxiously shouted, “Are you an idiot? Quick! Leave!”

Even she and Qin Hai had been defeated. What else could Zhou Yuan possibly achieve here besides being quickly dealt with? He would only be an extra side dish!

She never imagined that the safely hiding Zhou Yuan would walk straight into their enemy’s net. This was far too irrational.

Zhou Yuan smiled at Bai Li, but did not reply to her. Instead, his gaze turned towards the confident looking Yang Xuan as he beckoned with his hand. The Heavenly Yuan Brush swiftly returned, before being raised into the air, directed straight at the latter.

“Ain’t I still here… isn’t it a little too early for you to talk about wiping out the entire team?”

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