Chapter 419 Yang Xuan

The core region of the essence flame vein.

Seven figures were gathered on the red land, led by Bai Li and Qin Hai. At this current time, their expressions were extremely grave as they peered towards the distance.

The figures behind the two were all ready and waiting.

At the very back, two figures were seated on the ground, their pale complexions a sign that they had been seriously injured. It was Lu Liang and Xu Bin, who had both been defeated by Yang Xuan earlier while defending their territory.

Qin Hai glanced at the two injured individuals at the very back, as he remarked in with a grave expression, “Xu Bin and Lu Liang are at the seventh layer Alpha-Origin stage, and either of us would have to expand a tremendous amount of effort in order to defeat them. I never imagined that Yang Xuan would be so powerful!”

“It seems that he has concealed his strength.” Bai Li nodded in agreement. Her long hair had been tied up into a ponytail, making her appear rather heroic and dashing. However, her brows were also tightly knitted together at this moment.

“If so, Yang Xuan’s strength has likely already reached the advance seventh layer level, making him that tiny bit stronger than either of us.”

The two individuals exchanged a glance, seeing the wariness and fear in each other’s eyes. If Yang Xuan was really that powerful, they would indeed be under a huge amount of pressure this time.

“They’re coming!”

All of a sudden, Bai Li’s eyes flashed while staring into the distance.

The expressions of the disciples behind her tensed as Genesis Qi began surging around their bodies.

Every gaze turned towards a certain spot in the distance where the sound of rushing wind could be heard. Several figures arrived on their Genesis Qi, ultimately landing in front of Bai Li and the rest.

They were the disciples of the Sacred Palace.

At the head of the group stood a young man in white with his hands behind his back. He exuded an extraordinary aura and wore a smile on his face, however, not even the slightest ripple could be seen in his eyes.

It was Yang Xuan!


Meanwhile, at the entrance of the essence flame vein.

Elder Wu was seated on a hill, Genesis Qi taking the form of a mirror in front of him. The images within it depicted Bai Li and the rest facing off against Yang Xuan and gang.

Elder Wu’s old face filled with alarm and anger as he watched everything play out in the Genesis Qi mirror. In the  end, he lifted his head, eyes ice-cold as he looked towards the Sacred Palace elder nearby and said in a chilling voice, “Isn’t the Sacred Palace being far too overbearing this time!”

“In a competition for resources, the winner is always right.”

The Sacred Palace elder laughed mockingly, before he continued, “At the end of the day, your Cangxuan Sect was being too greedy. If you were a little better behaved, you would have done the same as the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall, and be satisfied with a small slice of the pie. Who knew that you guys would compete for the lion’s share with my Sacred Palace?”

“Do you really believe that your Cangxuan Sect is the same sect from the past?”

The Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall had only sent one Chosen each this time, showing that they had no intention of fighting for the biggest chunk of meat. On the other hand, the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect refused to give way to each other, and had pretty much prepared themselves for a huge war. Thus, it was natural that they would clash.

Elder Wu darkly said, “We’re still not certain who will win!”

“Then we’ll wait and see.” The Sacred Palace elder let out a hearty laugh as a look of disdain appeared on his face.


“Hehe, it seems like everyone is already here. Not bad, this will save me the trouble of having to look for you one by one.” Yang Xuan’s ten fingers interlocked together, smiling widely as he gazed at Bai Li, Qin Hai and the rest.

There was a polite look on his face, as if he was merely visiting instead of challenging them.

“Actually, I only wanted to discuss something with all of you…”

“In this fight for the essence flame vein, besides the two territories occupied by your two Chosens, you may also occupy another hundred mile area… which is the land all of you are currently standing on.”

“Of course… besides these three territories, I hope you guys will no longer think about occupying anywhere else.”

Yang Xuan smiled and said, “Because every other territory belongs to our Sacred Palace.”

Although he said he was here to talk things over, his tone indicated that there was no room for discussion. It was instead more similar to declaring the final verdict.

Bai Li and Qin Hai’s expressions turned rather ugly.

Their Cangxuan Sect had originally planned on occupying at least six hundred mile territories in the core region, which was six hundred miles of the richest produce, a substantial fortune indeed. However, Yang Xuan had just declared that he was going to take away half of that amount.

If they only managed to acquire three hundred mile territories, it would be a pretty terrible result..

“What a bold declaration, do you really think you can eat half of our territories?” Qin Hai’s rage turned to laughter.

Yang Xuan merely shook his head in response as he sighed and said, “It seems that you guys do not agree.”

He displayed a smile that gradually turned somewhat sinister. “Since you’re rejecting our good will, don’t blame me for not leaving your Cangxuan Sect any face today.”

“Break their legs and throw them out.” He extended a hand and gave a light wave.

“As for Bai Li and Qin Hai, leave them to me.”

The Sacred Palace disciples behind him turned their evil gazes towards the few Cangxuan Sect disciples behind Bai Li and Qin Hai.

Genesis Qi surged from under Yang Xuan’s feet, slowly lifting him into the air. His gaze locked onto Bai Li and Qin Hai as he said, “It will be best for both of you to come at me together. Otherwise, you guys will really have no chance.”

Bai Li and Qin hai exchanged a look, before looking towards the rest of the party. “You guys stop the others.”

Next, they rose into the air on their Genesis Qi to stand opposite Yang Xuan.

From the information they had received earlier, Yang Xuan was indeed a very formidable foe that either of them would not be able to defeat alone. Since their opponent was looking down on them, they would naturally make use of this opportunity.

In the air, Yang Xuan gazed at the slightly flickering eyes of Bai Li and Qin Hai, and suddenly laughed. “Although the two of you will have a tiny chance if you work together, your odds of victory is still almost negligible.”

“Then we’ll just have to try out luck!” Bai Li displayed an icy smile.

Qin Hai also let out a cold snort as vigorous Genesis Qi slowly pulsed from his body. It felt sharp without equal, as if sword aura was swimming within it.

Jade light surfaced on Bai Li’s skin as she tightly clenched her fists, terrifying power gathering in her tiny body. She was from the Hongya Peak, and specialized in external cultivation. Since her Genesis Qi was used to nourish her flesh and muscles, all of her battle power naturally originated from the body itself.

Yang Xuan cocked his head as he watched the two individuals turn serious, before he smiled slightly and said. “I’ve been in the Sacred Palace for four years. Back when I first joined, I was known as a famous genius, but less and less people remembered me as time passed…”

“In their eyes, I had only managed to grow from the first layer to the fifth layer during these few years, a truly unremarkable speed indeed.”

“Do you two know the reason why?”

Bai Li and Qin Hai’s brows furrowed. Yang Xuan did not seem anything like a fifth layer, but an advanced seventh layer.

“It was because I sealed my own Genesis Qi.”

Yang Xuan displayed a strange smile towards the two of them as he slowly lifted his arm. His sleeve fell, revealing a bizarre and glaring tattoo that slowly began to crack.


It was at this moment that Bai Li and Qin Hai were shocked to feel the Genesis Qi in Yang Xuan’s body suddenly rise rapidly like a rocket.

It instantly reached the perfect seventh layer, and now only half a foot from the eighth layer!

Berserk Genesis Qi swept out from his body like a storm, along with an overwhelming pressure.

Yang Xuan watched Bai Li and Qin Hai’s expressions changed drastically, as the smile on his face gradually turned sinister.

“Now then, shall have a little fun?”

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