Chapter 417 Fifth Rune: Genesis Breaker

A giant pit had appeared on the ground. Inside the pit lay five figures, no one able to tell whether they were dead or alive. No one would have guessed that just a few dozen breaths ago, these five figures had been sixth layer Alpha-Origin experts...

At this current time, however, they had already been finished off by a brush.

Though Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm as he gazed at the Heavenly Yuan Brush floating in front of him, a sliver of amazement and happiness flitted across the depths of his eyes.

The power displayed by the brush had clearly surpassed his imagination.

Zhou Yuan reached out, slowly closing his hand around the brush as excitement glimmered in his eyes. It had been several years since this once Sacred Genesis Weapon had landed in his hands, and it had finally begun to reveal glimpses of its extraordinary power.

To him, the brush was undoubtedly akin to wings on a tiger.

In the air, Su Duan looked towards the five bodies as his eyelids twitched uncontrollably. After a moment of silence, he finally cast his chilling gaze at Zhou Yuan. The former never imagined that everything he tried against Zhou Yuan would turn out so disastrous. This truly made raging bonfire rise in his heart.

“I refuse to believe that the great junior sect master of the Flame Cauldron Sect will fail to subdue an ordinary Cangxuan Sect disciple like yourself!”


Vigorous Genesis Qi dashed out from the top of Su Duan’s head like a plume of smoke along with his yell. The Genesis Qi pressure from it was indeed far stronger than the five individuals from before.

Su Duan’s expression was chillingly icy as his hands slowly began to approach each other.


Berserk and scorching Genesis Qi was frantically compressed between his palms, ultimately turning into a fireball the size of a aheadl. Inside the fire ball, the blurry silhouette of a cauldron could be seen.

“Flame Cauldron Technique!”


The fireball rose into the air, before suddenly exploding. The burning cauldron within rapidly grew until it was a hundred feet tall, before violently smashing down towards Zhou Yuan.

Su Duan did not show even the slightest shred of mercy. This Flame Cauldron Technique was was a renowned high grade little Heaven Genesis technique of his Flame Cauldron Sect.

The flaming cauldron rapidly descended, but the expression in Zhou Yuan’s eyes did not even ripple. He grasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush as deep black runes slowly began to appear on the sharp snow-white brush tip.

In a short few breaths, the originally snow-white tip had become ink black.

With a jerk, the brush dashed forward like a dragon, its pitch-black tip flashing like the night as it pierced through the air. In the most unyielding possible manner, it collided against the falling flaming cauldron.


A clear clang echoed.

A sneer rose from the corners of Su Duan’s lips when he saw this as he formed a hand seal and shouted, “Explode!”

An extremely berserk undulation suddenly pulsed from the flaming cauldron.

However, just as the cauldron was about to explode, black light seemed to sweep past. Next, the sneer on Su Duan’s face froze as he watched the flaming cauldron being cleanly cut into two by the deep black brush tip...

“How can this be…” Su Duan cried out in horror as his pupils abruptly shrank. His flaming cauldron was made from pure Genesis Qi and was suppose to be insanely volatile. The slightest touch should have set it off, causing it to explode with even more destructive power.

And yet, it had been chopped into half by a single strike from Zhou Yuan’s brush?

It was as if the cauldron made from his Genesis Qi had turned extremely frail in the face of the brush...

“I refuse to believe this!”

Su Duan’s expression began distort. With a yell, his hands slapped together as a wave of red Genesis Qi swept out, transforming into four flaming cauldrons in front of him. Every cauldron pulsed with berserk undulations.

“Smash him to pieces!”

The four flaming cauldrons descended one after another. Before they landed, the ground had already began to fracture. From this, one could see just how powerful Su Duan’s attack was.

A wave of heat rushed at Zhou Yuan, lifting his hair.

He raised his head to gaze at the rapidly falling cauldrons, but his expression remained completely unchanged. The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand drew a flash of icy light in the air, strange runes flickering on its deep pitch-black brush hairs.

Clang! Clang!

The brush left behind a streak of black as it seemed to transform into four after images that simultaneously thrust at the four falling cauldrons.

Ch! Ch!

The four flaming cauldrons seemed to freeze in mid-air at this moment.

Next, the glimmering black brush tips pierced the cauldrons, as black light began to spread like electricity, noiselessly disintegrating the four flaming cauldrons...

Zuoqiu Qingyu could not help but cover her mouth when she saw this. She never expected that Su Duan’s powerful Genesis technique would become as weak as paper before Zhou Yuan.

No one knew why, but Zhou Yuan seemed to have some kind of unique destructive power against these Genesis Qi attacks!

In the air, Su Duan’s expression was somewhat dazed. He had clearly suffered a huge psychological blow from seeing his prided attack so easily unravelling at Zhou Yuan’s hands.

“Why is this happening?!” He mumbled to himself. In all the battles he had ever fought, no one had even dared to approach his flaming cauldrons, because the most terrifying part of the technique was the final explosion.

However, when Zhou Yuan clashed with the flaming cauldron earlier, a mysterious force seemed to have suppressed the volatile Genesis Qi within it, before silently neutralizing it.

“It’s that black brush!” Su Duan’s heart shook as he stared at the Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand. There was bizarre black light flickering on the brush tip.

The thing that had so effortlessly torn apart his Genesis Qi attacks seemed to be this black light.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, letting out a soft chuckle as he gazed at Su Duan’s ashen expression. With a sudden jerk of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush within it transformed into a streak of light as it dashed into the air.


The brush turned into a flash of black as it thrust towards Su Duan like a bolt of lightning, so quick that it left behind faint after images behind it.

As an incomparably sharp force pounced towards Su Duan, his cheeks suddenly billowed. A split second later, red Genesis Qi spouted from his mouth, like surging flames as it swiftly turned into thick shields in front of him.


The pitch-black brush tip slammed into the Genesis Qi shields. Black light flashed, and Su Duan’s pupils rapidly shrunk as he watched his Genesis Qi defenses gradually disintegrating under the black light as if being infected by something.

The black light seemed to specialize in destroying any kind of Genesis Qi.


While this thought flashed in Su Duan’s head, his scalp rapidly turned numb as his figure quickly retreated. However, it was at this very moment that his Genesis Qi shields completely shattered.

The foot long black brush rapidly shrank, returning to its normal state. However, its speed rose to an extremely alarming level. Even Su Duan only managed to catch a glimpse of a blurry shadow flashing past. 

“So quick!”

Su Duan’s was nearly scared out of his skin. This speed had already surpassed the scope of his senses.

Before he could react, he felt something cold aimed at his throat, causing his retreating figure to freeze on the spot, not daring to move at all.

Cold sweat flowed down his forehead. A slender black brush was noiselessly floating half an inch from his throat, blick light shimmering at its tip.

It would only take a fraction of a second for this black brush to pierce his throat.

The aura of death washed over his heart.

Su Duan swallowed, trying to smile as he said in a trembling voice, “You win, this place is all yours. We’ll get out immediately.”

He looked towards the slim figure below with fear in his eyes. How could he not know by now that the seemingly fourth layer Zhou Yuan was actually a wolf in sheep skin!

That fourth layer Alpha-Origin cultivation was merely a disguise!

Upon hearing Su Duan’s words, Zhou Yuan displayed a warm and friendly smile. He then beckoned with his hand, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush shot back and landed on his palm.

He gently rubbed the brush’s mottled body with a finger, ultimately reaching the fifth ancient Genesis Rune as a look of amazement flashed in his eyes.

The main reason why all of Su Duan’s Genesis techniques had been broken by a single brush because of the existence of this fifth Genesis Rune.

Fifth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush...

Genesis Breaker!

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