Chapter 416 Might of the Heavenly Yuan Brush

Zhou Yuan silently stood on the red hill, the mottled pitch-black Heavenly Yuan Brush quietly hovering beside him. Faint pulses of light flowed along the body of the brush as an almost undetectable but powerful undulation spread.

Zhou Yuan was overwhelmed by emotion as he stared at the Heavenly Yuan Brush. He could clearly feel how much different it was now compared to before.

There may only be a word of difference between a Heaven Genesis Weapon and a Black Genesis Weapon, but the disparity between them was akin to the gap between the heavens and the earth.

His hand slowly unfurled as the Heavenly Yuan Brush rapidly shrank, ultimately turning into a thread of light that flew into Zhou Yuan’s body and out from his other palm.

After advancing to the Heaven tier, Zhou Yuan no longer needed to hang the brush from his waist. Instead, he could now keep it in his body, allowing it to be nourished by Genesis Qi at all times.

This would also allow the connection between the two to ascend to the next level.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan could also feel his battle power soar rapidly when he held the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush should currently be a low grade Heaven Genesis Weapon, but with regards to power, Zhou Yuan felt that even mid grade Heaven Genesis Weapons may not be able to surpass it.

When all was said and done, the Heavenly Yuan Brush was once a Sacred Genesis Weapon after all.

“So you were using these Beast Spirit Crystals to evolve your Heaven Genesis Weapon!” Zuoqiu Qingyu approached as she rolled her eyes at Zhou Yuan.

Fancy that she was still worrying earlier. Who could imagine how elated Zhou Yuan had been when he saw the beast tide.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, before his eyes narrowed slightly as they peered into the distance. “Since the beast tide has been dealt with, it’s time to resolve other problems.”

He had already sensed Su Duan and gang when they approached earlier. His Spirit senses were after all the most powerful amongst everyone present.

He knew that the mastermind behind the beast tide was Su Duan.

Although the former had done him a huge favor by luring this beast tide over, Zhou Yuan was not someone who would remain passive after being schemed against. Since Su Duan had displayed hostility, he was naturally an enemy.

“We’ve been discovered.”

The hiding Su Duan and gang immediately felt it Zhou Yuan’s gaze. Everyone looked to each other, before turning towards Su Duan.

Su Duan’s eyes were tinged with a sliver of greed as he stared at the Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand and sneered, “So what if we’ve been discovered? Would a mere fourth layer Alpha-Origin dare to act arrogantly before us?”

Although Zhou Yuan’s method of dealing with the beast tide earlier had been rather alarming, after understanding how he had done it, the initial fear Su Duan and gang felt had weakened substantially. After all, Zhou Yuan’s method may have worked against dumb Genesis Beasts, but it was likely going to be ineffective against them.

“But he’s still a Cangxuan Sect disciple…” Said a worried voice. If they angered Li Qingchan or Zhao Zhu, the ones who ended up suffering would be them instead.

“The Cangxuan Sect team is likely having trouble protecting themselves at this time.” Su Duan’s lips curled. “And this essence flame vein fight basically hinges upon one’s own ability. Even if Zhou Yuan is defeated, the Cangxuan Sect will likely be too ashamed to come after juniors like us. In fact, Zhou Yuan may even be punished for his defeat when he returns.”

“Without the threat of the Cangxuan Sect, what is a mere fourth layer like him?”

The others nodded at Su Duan’s words as the restraining fear in their eyes receded. Their gazes were now filled with contempt when they looked towards Zhou Yuan again. It was exactly as Su Duan had said, without the layer of tiger skin that was the Cangxuan Sect, Zhou Yuan’s strength was really not even worth mentioning.

Although they were unable to compare to the likes of Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu and the other Chosens, all of them had at least reached the sixth layer Alpha-Origin, while Su Duan had already stepped into the seventh layer.

Such strength would make them elites even amongst the purple sash disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

The latter was after all the junior sect master of the Flame Cauldron Sect, and the cultivation resources he received would not be less than a Cangxuan Sect purple sash disciple.

Upon seeing this, Su Duan smiled in a satisfied manner. His figure moved, no longer bothering to conceal his presence as he rose into the sky and began slowly approaching Zhou Yuan.

Su Duan looked down upon Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, you really are quite remarkable… I can’t believe that even the beast tide failed to stop you.”

Zhou Yuan looked at the figure that had appeared and smiled. Although the other party was clearly an enemy, he could not help but feel a little good-will to the former due to all that he had done for Zhou Yuan.

“Brother Su’s gift is really generous. If not for it, I would have needed to toil a lot today.”

The corners of Su Duan’s mouth twitched as rage appeared in his eyes. “Sharp-tongued brat. Zhou Yuan, I advise you to scram from here now, because we will be taking over this area!”

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he shook his head. “I’m afraid I can’t comply.”

“The current you does not have the qualifications to say no!” A savage smile rose from the corners of Su Duan’s lips as he suddenly raised his hand and icily said, “Do it!”


Behind him, streams of Genesis Qi abruptly rose into the air. They surged forth like a flood, tearing apart the ground as they passed.

The others still concealed behind Su Duan had sent out a barrage of attacks.

They did not show even the slightest shred of mercy, nor did they hold back despite ganging up on him. Their combined attack clearly aimed to destroy him with the first move.

“Careful Zhou Yuan!”

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s expression changed when she saw this, and quickly began activating her auxiliary body technique in an attempt to save him.

On one side, was the exceptionally ferocious combined attack of several sixth layer Alpha-Origin experts. On the other, was a fourth layer Alpha-Origin Zhou Yuan that would surely be crushed in a direct clash.

However, just as Zuoqiu Qingyu was about to move, she saw Zhou Yuan extend his hand and gently snap his fingers.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush hovering beside Zhou Yuan instantly shot forth. Like a streak of light as it hurtled towards the berserk flood-like wave of Genesis Qi.

“Arrogant! Do you think that a Heaven Genesis Weapon will give you the qualifications to face five sixth layers?!” Su Duan let out a sinister laugh when he saw this.


However, his voice had barely faded when the faint sound of something breaking was heard. Su Duan’s pupils shrank slightly when he saw the five streams of Genesis Qi being instantly pierced by the mottled pitch-black brush...

It was as if the brush had pierced a thin piece of paper.

“How can this be?!” Behind him, the expressions of the five sixth layer experts abruptly changed.

The black brush seemed to possess a strange power that made any Genesis Qi turn extremely weak before it.


While their expressions were changing, the Heavenly Yuan Brush closed in on them like a phantom. The snow-white brush hairs separated from its tip, turning into five snow-white whips.


The whips seemed to pierce through space itself, quickly wrapping around the bodies of the five individuals like five white pythons.

The Genesis Qi in the bodies of the five sixth layer experts immediately erupted in an attempt to blow away the brush hair ropes.

However, the ropes completely ignored their Genesis Qi defenses, and abruptly tightened. The five individuals were tightly bound a split second later, their movements now completely restricted.

The frantically struggled, but the snow-white brush hairs appeared to be unaffected no matter how hard they tried. Instead, the bindings became tighter and tighter, causing creaking noises to emerge from their bodies.

Zhou Yuan flicked his finger, causing the snow-white ropes to move. They flung themselves high into the air, before mercilessly smashing the bodies of the five individuals into the ground.


The ground shook as a giant pit appeared with five bloody figures lying within it. No one could tell if they were dead or alive. 

The snow-white brush hairs swiftly returned as the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared back in front of Zhou Yuan in a flash. The brush seemed to sway slightly, as if it was showing off.

In the air, the corners of Su Duan’s eyes twitched when he saw this scene. Who could have imagined that without Zhou Yuan doing anything, the mysterious mottled black brush would already defeat five sixth experts after a single exchange...

How could an ordinary Heaven Genesis Weapon possibly possess such capabilities?!

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