Chapter 415 Evolution of the Heavenly Yuan Brush

Bzz bzz!

The instant Zhou Yuan’s voice sounded, the Heavenly Yuan Brush began to shake violently as if summoning something. It was also at this moment that the numerous Heavenly Flame Lizards in the vicinity suddenly let out miserable shrieks.

Ao! Ao! Ao!

Zuoqiu Qingyu hastily looked over, only to see that Heavenly Flame Lizards madly rolling about on the ground as blood flowed from their orifices. In a few breaths, she watched in shock as the originally lively lizards began to fall dead wave by wave...

It was as if the wind of death had blown past, granting instant death to all the Heavenly Flame Lizards...

The red land that had originally filled with the sounds of hissing had turned deathly silent at this moment.

In the distance, Su Duan and the rest were dumbstruck as they watched this scene. It was as if they had seen a ghost, their faces filled with horror and fear.

The lizards’ deaths had been far too bizarre.

Due to the distance and how hard it was to properly see what was happening with the Heavenly Yuan Brush, they naturally did not know what Zhou Yuan had done. All they had seen was Zhou Yuan jumping around amongst the Heavenly Flame Lizards, before they began to fall like flies.

Normally speaking, such Genesis Beasts were basically as tenacious as cockroaches. And yet, they were now dropping one after another as they had received a fatal blow.

Such a strange situation made the hairs of Su Duan and gang stand on end.

“What the heck did he do?” Asked a trembling voice.

Su Duan’s expression fluctuated in confusion. In the next instant, his pupils suddenly shrank as he involuntarily cried out, “What is that?”

Everyone looked over, and saw the corpses of the Heavenly Flame Lizards suddenly began to tremble as fine cow hair like glowing threads slowly rose from them.

Every snow-white hair was wrapped around a Beast Spirit Crystal. The crystals sparkled under the light, creating an extremely mesmerizing scene.

“It’s those hair like things!” Su Duan’s gaze flickered rapidly in thought, finally realizing why the Heavenly Flame Lizards had died.

Su Duan gnashed his teeth and said, “What a cunning kid! He placed those Genesis Runes to hinder the lizards’ senses, before secretly sending these hairs into their bodies. Once he gave the command, the hairs wreaked havoc in the lizards’ bodies. No matter how tenacious these lizards are, they can’t possibly survive such fatal injuries.”

The others understood in a flash as amazement filled their hearts. Their fear finally faded, because the unknown was the most terrifying thing of all, and they was nothing to be afraid of now that they knew Zhou Yuan’s method.

Although it was quite an unorthodox skill, it was only effective against Genesis Beasts.

On the hill, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were burning with desire as he watched the hairs bringing along all the Beast Spirit Crystals as they returned.

There were likely nearly a thousand Beast Spirit Crystals in total.

“These should be enough for the Heavenly Yuan Brush to evolve, right?” Zhou Yuan lightly pushed off the ground as countless snow-white hairs zoomed towards him and the brush in his hand.

Pring! Prang!

The crystals shattered the moment they touched the brush, while the Beast Spirits within were instantly devoured.

Ray after ray of light began to emerge from the brush, causing it to grow brighter and brighter like a sun, the rays even engulfing Zhou Yuan’s body.

Zuoqiu Qingyu swiftly backed away, bewilderment filling her pretty eyes as she stared at the dazzling ball of light before her. She could faintly sense extremely powerful Genesis Qi undulations brewing within it.

“His brush seems to be absorbing the Beast Spirit Crystals?” Muttered Zuoqiu Qingyu in an astonished voice.

Only now did she understand why Zhou Yuan had not panicked when she told him Su Duan was gathering a beast tide to send against him, appearing quite excited instead. From what she could see, he seemed to be in dire need of these Beast Spirit Crystals... 

In the distance, Su Duan and the rest were also stunned by this scene. They looked to one another as their expressions gradually turned ugly.

They were clearly also beginning to realize that all their effort in gathering the beast tide had instead been a gift that Zhou Yuan had happily received with open arms...


By this time, even Su Duan could not help but curse as he angrily punched a boulder in front of him, causing cracks to rapidly spread.

He felt both extremely embarrassed and furious. Just moments ago, he had been feeling so pleased with how perfect his plan had been, but the cruel reality now showed him that his so-called ‘perfect plan’ was akin to throwing a meat bun at a dog to chase it away...

Whoo Woo!

While Su Duan was boiling with rage and shame, the surrounding Genesis Qi seemed to turn much more violent. Everyone could only watch as all of the Genesis Qi in the area began surging towards Zhou Yuan.

The Genesis Qi quickly took the shape of an enormous funnel that was wide at the top and small at the bottom, a rather astonishing sight indeed.

“What is he doing?” Su Duan and gang were alarmed by this turn of events. They could also sense the shockingly powerful Genesis Qi undulations brewing within it.

“This is a sign that a Heaven Genesis Weapon is being born!” As the junior sect master of the Flame Cauldron Sect, Su Duan had a wealth of experience. A single look was all it took for him to identify the phenomenon that was occurring before their eyes.

“However… although ordinary Heaven Genesis Weapons will create some disturbance, it should not be as extreme as this!” Su Duan’s eyes were glued to the brightly shining ball of light as greed rose within them.

“This is definitely no ordinary Heaven Genesis Weapon!”

Though he was the junior sect master of the Flame Cauldron Sect, and had seen Heaven Genesis Weapons before, there was no way that such a huge commotion would be caused by an ordinary Heaven Genesis Weapon!

However, he also felt a slight heartache. From the looks of it, if they had not so painstakingly gathered so many Genesis Beasts for Zhou Yuan and allowed him to collect so many Beast Spirit Crystals, he would not have been able to form this Heaven Genesis Weapon.

The realization that he had contributed to this effort almost made Su Duan vomit a mouthful of blood.

Woo woo!

This lasted for quite some time, before the dazzling light that enveloped Zhou Yuan finally faded away. The funnel shaped Genesis Qi storm above rapidly descended, pouring completely into the mottled deep black brush silently hovering beside him.

The enormous commotion had stealthily died down.

Zhou Yuan looked towards the Heavenly Yuan Brush floating beside him as he slowly reached out and closed his hand around it.

Next, he felt the tremendous power surging within it.

A trace of excitement and happiness appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face.

After several years in his hands, the once Sacred tier Genesis Weapon had finally evolved to the Heaven tier today...

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