Chapter 414 Attack of the Beast Wave

Outside the territory occupied by Zhou Yuan.

Su Duan stood with his hands behind his back on a certain hill, a confident look on his face as he peered into the distance. Traces of amusement tinged his smile, as if he had full control over the situation.


Several glowing figures flew over from far away and landed on the hill.

One of the figures reported, “Brother Su Duan, we’ve lured over all the nearby Heavenly Flame Lizards.”

The ground began to tremble the moment the words left his mouth. Su Duan watched as a tide of red surged over from the edge of the horizon, made up completely by Heavenly Flame Lizards. From the looks of it, there were likely several thousand of them.

In the face of a beast wave of such scale, even Su Duan and the rest turned a little solemn. Although most of these Heavenly Flame Lizards were only equivalent to the first or second layer Alpha-Origin stage, when enough of them were gathered, they could become an extremely terrifying force.

If trapped in this beast tide, even they would likely meet their end.


However, joy soon washed over the slight fear in Su Duan’s eyes. The more lizards there were, the more likely his plan would succeed.

Zhou Yuan was merely a fourth layer Alpha-Origin after all.

“It’s been hard on you guys. I’ve already sent a few people in to secretly sprinkle the Flame Lizard Saliva inside. Next, we only have to wait for the show to begin.” A slight smile hung from Su Duan’s lips.

The others also smiled upon hearing this with gloating looks in their eyes.


While they were conversing, the red tide of Heavenly Flame Lizards rapidly approached. Just as Su Duan had said, the Heavenly Flame Lizards with crazed looks in their eyes paid no heed to the few individuals on the hill, their red eyes looking instead at a certain location to the front. With a thunderous rumbling noise, they charged into Zhou Yuan’s hundred mile territory.

Su Duan and gang laughed again when they saw this, before rising into the air and secretly following some distance behind.


“It’s here…”

Under an enormous flag, Zhou Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and peered into the distance. He could already feel the ground trembling slightly. It seems that Su Duan and gang had succeeded in luring the beast tide over.

Beside him, Zuoqiu Qingyu’s peach blossom like eyes were still filled with worry.

“Don’t worry, I will leave the moment I feel things aren’t going well.” Zhou Yuan consoled her with a smile.

Zuoqiu Qingyu gave a faint nod as she said, “I will stay here. If you encounter any problems, I will be able to immediately bring you away.”

She was extremely quick and though her battle prowess could not match Zhou Yuan’s, if it was fleeing, even he was not as fast as her.

Zhou Yuan nodded, not rejecting her kind intentions.

The two were silent for a moment, before they saw a red tide appear at the end of their sights. The tide was composed entirely of red armored Heavenly Flame Lizards with crazed expressions.

At the sight of this, Zuoqiu Qingyu’s hands clenched slightly, feeling somewhat nervous.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was rather calm in comparison. In fact, a look of desire had even surged out in the depths of his eyes.

This many Heavenly Flame Lizards should be enough for the Heavenly Yuan Brush to complete its evolution, right?


The red tide of Heavenly Flame Lizards gave off an alarmingly imposing aura. After several dozen breaths, they finally neared the area Zhou Yuan was in.

Some distance behind the beast tide, the smiles on Su Duan and the rest grew increasingly wider.

“Let’s see whether that brat will run…”

Zhou Yuan stood on the hill, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand as he watched the red tide rapidly approach and gauged the distance between them. When most of the Heavenly Flame Lizards had entered a certain boundary, the brush in his hand suddenly slammed into the ground.


It was as if an invisible shockwave erupted from under his feet.

Faint rays of light began to emerge from several of the boulders in the vicinity. At closer inspection, one would discover that the light was from complex Genesis Runes that were linking to each other.

When these Genesis Runes were activated, the menacing Heavenly Flame Lizards suddenly fell into chaos, and began frantically running about like headless flies.

This sight told Zhou Yuan that the Genesis Runes he prepared earlier were working. Though they are unable to do much damage to the lizards, the runes could hinder their senses, temporarily turning these lizards blind and deaf...

As a result, the Heavenly Flame Lizards were now unable to work together against him, bringing the threat level of the beast tide to its lowest. Now, he only needed to begin the slaughter.

This change was naturally detected by the watching Su Duan and gang, causing their expression to change slightly.

“He was prepared for them!” A stormy look filled Su Duan’s eyes.

“The disturbance we caused when gathering the Heavenly Flame Lizards may have been too big.” Said someone.

“What do we do now?”

Su Duan’s gaze flickered faintly. Soon after, he let out an icy chuckle and said, “No need to worry. He must have used some kind of method to block the Heavenly Flame Lizards’ senses. Even so, it will only be temporary. Unless he succeeds in exterminating all of the lizards, they will still become a huge problem when they gradually regain their senses.”

Everyone else nodded when they heard this. There were thousands of Heavenly Flame Lizards, and it was impossible for Zhou Yuan to kill them all alone.

Meanwhile, as Zuoqiu Qingyu watched this chaotic scene, she could not help but ask, “Though you have sealed off their senses, how will you resolve this situation? Are you going to kill them one by one?”

With such a crazy number of Heavenly Flame Lizards, Zhou Yuan would likely be far from done even after using up all of his Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan merely responded with a mysterious smile, not answering her questions.

His figure shot forth under Zuoqiu Qingyu’s bewildered gaze, swiftly etherealizing as he turned into a wisp of smoke that dashed into the chaotic beast herd.

Zhou Yuan’s figure darted around in the beast herd like a phantom as the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand vibrated. The snow-white brush hairs faintly clickered as they drifted out, undetectable by the naked eye.

These hairs moved with the wind, noiselessly entering the Heavenly Flame Lizards bodies through their nostrils as they heavily panted.

Zhou Yuan’s phantom like figure covered every inch of the beast pack, giving the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand a light flick from time to time.

Of course, Zhou Yuan was not so foolish as to kill these lizards one by one, as that was far too exhausting. Hence, he went with the most direct and efficient method.

The Erode Rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

The ultimate goal of the Genesis Runes he had prepared was not making the lizards fall into chaos, but to dull their senses, allowing the brush hairs to stealthily invade their bodies.

“What is he doing? Does he think he’s some kind of jumping god?” Su Duan and the rest looked at each other in confusion. From what they could see, Zhou Yuan did not seem to have any intentions of killing the lizards.

All they saw was Zhou Yuan randomly jumping about like a headless fly. It was a rather comical sight indeed.

Su Duan was also a little lost for words. Soon after, he sneered and said, “He’s just screwing around! If he manages to deal with all of these Heavenly Flame Lizards today, I’ll eat all of their corpses!”

The others nodded in agreement. Given Zhou Yuan’s strength, it was obviously an impossible task for him to exterminate so many Heavenly Flame Lizards.

As such, Zhou Yuan’s figure continued to shuttle about in the pack for an entire half an incense stick of time under their mocking gazes, before he finally flew onto a nearby hill.

Beads of perspiration could be seen on his forehead, while the originally snow-white hairs of the brush had also dimmed somewhat. Sending out so many brush hairs also taken quite a toll on it.

Zuoqiu Qingyu peered into the distance. The Heavenly Flame Lizards were still full of energy as they charged about in a chaotic manner, no signs that they had received any attacks.

Thus, she turned to look at Zhou Yuan in a strange manner and said, “Is this what you were planning?”

Under her skeptical gaze, Zhou Yuan smiled mysteriously, before grasping the Heavenly Yuan Brush with both hands and slamming it into the ground.

“Next, it’s time for the real performance.”

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