Chapter 413 Qingyu’s Warning

A giant flag that towered over the red land. A pillar of light rose from the flag, radiating a halo of light that encompassed the surrounding hundred mile area.

Beside the flag, Zuoqiu Qingyu lazily stretched her back, displaying her enchanting curves, before listlessly looked around for the umpteenth time. Although the four overlord sects were currently fiercely competing for territory in the core region, she was not going to be a part of the struggle. She was after all still a new disciple, and solely here for experience unlike Zhou Yuan...

Hence, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace elder had not dispatched her to compete in the core region, instead placing her in the outer region like Zhou Yuan. Zuoqiu Qingyu was not unhappy with this placement, because it was indeed true that she was still not strong enough to vie with the others in the core region.

The area she had been tasked with was home to quite a high class vein, though it was still some ways from reaching Zhou Yuan’s. Although the vein elder Wu had sent Zhou Yuan after was substantially worse than the core region, it was definitely top tier in the outer region.

As such, things were quite peaceful for Zuoqiu Qingyu, especially because she was also an enchanting little beauty from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. Hence, the other factions did not approach to disturb her when they saw her stationed here alone. It was after all not worth it for them to offend an overlord sect like the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace for a mere high class vein.

These various reasons led to the area around her being rather peaceful despite the battles that were happening all over. In fact, it was so peaceful that she was nearly about to fall asleep.

Zuoqiu Qingyu when in the midst of yawning when her expression suddenly changed a little. Cupping her hands like binoculars over her eyes, she looked towards a certain spot in the distance where she had felt some faint activity. 

Zuoqiu Qingyu pondered for a brief moment, before her foot gently pushed off the ground, sending her body drifting forward like a phantom, as if she was walking on wind.

In a short few minutes, she had already appeared on one of the hills nearby. She looked towards her front, and found two figures there. However, what puzzled her was that these two individuals had no intentions of contesting for this territory with her. Instead, they were holding a bottle from which a strange fragrance wafted.


Next, Zuoqiu Qingyu saw the ground begin to shake as red Heavenly Flame Lizard after lizard popped out. These lizards greedily stared at the bottles in the two individuals’ hands, and began chasing the duo in a crazed manner.

The two individuals immediately turned and ran, a huge hoard of lizards now at their heels.

Zuoqiu Qingyu was somewhat dazed as she watched. These people had come all the here not to challenge her, but to draw away the Heavenly Flame Lizards? Were they actually so kind?

“So kind-hearted?” Mumbled Zuoqiu Qingyu.

However, she had a faint feeling that there was something amiss about this matter. After briefly contemplating about it, her figure dashed forth, quickly catching up to the two figures without them noticing. 

After tailing them for a while, she was finally able to piece together their motive from scraps of their conversation.

She hid behind a boulder as she watched the horde of Heavenly Flame Lizards with a grave expression. These guys were planning on luring all of the lizards to Zhou Yuan’s location.

“So it’s Su Duan who is behind this.” Zuoqiu Qingyu’s brows furrowed slightly. Soon after, she pushed off the ground and soared into the air top her Genesis Qi.

“I need to inform him as soon as possible.”

From the exchange between the two, she had found out that there were others who were also luring Heavenly Flame Lizards. The scale of this operation was certainly not small, and Zhou Yuan would surely be in danger if he were to face this beast wave alone.

As for the territory she was tasked to secure, she would just leave it here for the moment. It’s not like their Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace really cared about it anyways.


Zhou Yuan immediately felt Zuoqiu Qingyu’s aura when she stepped into the range of his senses. He immediately stood up, confused as he watched the lovely figure dressed in green rapidly approaching from far away.

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “Why have you come all the way here?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu landed on the ground, her chest heaving slightly as she drew in two deep breaths, before anxiously saying, “Quick, you’ve got to leave. Su Duan is gathering Heavenly Flame Lizards from all over to create a wave of beast to send against you!”

Zhou Yuan was stunned when he heard this. His frowned slightly as he recalled the individuals he had encountered earlier. He had already felt that there was something wrong with their gazes. It seems like they were scouts...

“Herding Heavenly Flame Lizards? How are they doing it?” However, instead of panic, Zhou Yuan was more concerned about a certain part of her earlier words.

“They seemed to be holding something that was very desirable to the Heavenly Flame Lizards.” Upon seeing how relaxed Zhou Yuan was, Zuoqiu Qingyu anxiously said, “You idiot, what are you still standing around for, you’ve got to leave now!”

From what she could see, Zhou Yuan was currently at the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage, and was likely on this mission for experience like herself.

The Heavenly Flame Lizards were grade 4 Genesis Beasts which were no weaker than the Alpha-Origin stage. With the advantage of numbers, even a seventh layer Alpha-Origin would have no choice but to retreat.

If Zhou Yuan ended up trapped with nowhere to escape, things would definitely become extremely dangerous.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered slightly in thought. Soon after, he began to rub his chin in an odd manner.

“A wave of Heavenly Flame Lizards huh…”

He lowered his head to look at the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand, to be more precise, the fifth ancient Genesis Rune that was rapidly blinking. Desire endlessly pulse from it, as if urging Zhou Yuan to hurry up and feed it.

However, all of the Heavenly Flame Lizards in the area had been wiped out by him.

That’s why he had been troubling over how to feed this seemingly bottomless brush. If he gave up on this district to roam about and hunt, it would definitely become extremely troublesome for himself, and he may even end up clashing with the other factions.

Who could have expected such a huge gift to fall from the sky just as he was beginning to mull over this problem.

Although a wave of Heavenly Flame Lizards would indeed by quite an inconvenience, it was not impossible for him to deal with...

Moreover, this many lizards should be enough to satisfy the Heavenly Yuan Brush, right?

“This Su Duan…” Zhou Yuan licked his lips.

“Eh?” Zuoqiu Qingyu’s bright eyes looked towards him.

“Is truly a samaritan. I feel that he may even be my legendary fated benefactor.” Said Zhou Yuan as if deeply moved.

When he needed Yimu Qi, Su Duan gave him a thousand year ancient wood bracelet. When he now needed Beast Spirit Crystals for the Heavenly Yuan Brush to evolve, Su Duan had racked his brains to gather a wave of beasts for him...

With regards to someone who so whole-heated took care of his every concern, Zhou Yuan was honestly a little touched.

Zuoqiu Qingyu: “......”

“Zhou Yuan!” She glared at Zhou Yuan.

“Hehe, relax. I know what to do.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

Zuoqiu Qingyu shot a suspicious look at him, evidently unable to understand how a fourth layer Alpha-Origin like him was so confident. However, due to her trust in him, she ultimately did not say anything else.

Zhou Yuan stood up and stretched his body with a wide grin, “Thanks for rushing here to warn me. Since they’re going to send me such a huge gift, I should prepare to properly receive my awesome benefactors.”

He winked at Zuoqiu Qingyu.

“Since brother Su Duan is so hospitable, I can’t possibly let him be disappointed…”

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