Chapter 411 Essence Flame Vein

In the depths of the Black Flame Mountain Range.

An extremely enormous and majestic mountain stood in this place. The peak of the mountain was sunken in, forming a volcano like mouth. Searing heat rose from the mouth, making the surrounding area feel unbearably hot.

All of the trees within a several hundred mile radius of this mountain had already been burnt to ashes, turning the place into a glaringly barren land.

This mouth of this very mountain was the entrance to the essence flame vein.

Swish! Swoosh!

At this current moment, countless glowing figures were descending from the sky, landing around the mouth of the volcano. It was quite a grandiose scene.

When the gazes of these figures met, hostility would appear in their eyes. Once they entered the essence flame vein, anyone from another faction would be a competitor.

A surge of Genesis Qi descended from the sky at this moment, landing closest to the mouth of the volcano.

When the Genesis Qi scattered, a group led by elder Wu appeared.

As the Cangxuan Sect team revealed was revealed, the teams from Sacred Palace, Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall also quickly appeared near the mouth of the volcano.

Zhou Yuan swept a glance at the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace team, finding Zuoqiu Qingyu prettily standing among them. She quickly noticed his gaze, responding with a crafty wink.

It seemed that Zuoqiu Qingyu was also going into the essence flame vein.

Zhou Yuan replied with a small smile, before casting a glance towards the Sacred Palace group. They were also led by an old man who was clearly an elder of Sacred Palace. Behind him stood Wang Chi and Cao Jinzhu.

At their side was Yang Xuan, who was dressed completely in white.

When Zhou Yuan looked over, he realized that Yang Xuan was already looking at them. Their gazes met in the air as a faint smile appeared on Yang Xuan face. However, not a single ripple could be seen in his eyes, similar to the silent cruelness displayed by a predator that was hunting for its prey.

“Everyone shall we start the battle for the essence flame vein?” The elder from Sacred Palace smiled as he looked towards elder Wu and the other two elders from the overlord sects.

Elder Wu and the rest were expressionless as they nodded.

Upon seeing this, the Sacred Palace elder’s gaze swept towards the many restlessly stirring factions present, before raising his hand and gently letting it fall.

“Everyone, whatever portion of the essence flame vein you obtain shall depend on your abilities.”

“Let’s get started.”


The Genesis Qi began to churn violently the instant his voice rang out as countless figures shot forth, seemingly covering the sky as they bolted towards the giant mouth of the volcano, and dived into it.

The sound of rushing wind was unceasing for a time.

“Let’s go too.” Li Qingcahn looked towards the team, her gaze pausing on Zhou Yuan for a moment as she said, “After entering, we’ll head for the areas we’ve been allocated.”

Everyone nodded.

A split second later, everyone’s Genesis Qi erupted as they dashed into the air.

Their figures soon appeared above the mouth of the volcano. A wave of searing heat pulsed from within it, but was completely blocked by the Genesis Qi around their bodies.


Ten figures dived into the gaping mouth of the volcano.

The entrance led deep into the ground where a world of crimson red slumbered. Li Qingchan, Zhou Yuan and the rest fell for several minutes before the scenery in front of their eyes abruptly widened.

What appeared before them was a seemingly endless red land. Magma would occasionally rise from the ground, making the place appear exceptionally hot.

It was an underground world of its own.

Innumerable glowing figures descended from the mouth of the volcano, before swiftly flying off in all directions. Berserk explosions of Genesis Qi soon began to erupt all over.

The battles had already begun.

Li Qingchan also orientated herself, before leading the team straight towards the central region.

The group flew at high speed. After an incense stick of time, they realized the land below them was beginning to grow increasingly red. A giant vein grew out of the ground somewhere in the distance, red essence flame swimming within it.

Zhou Yuan gradually slowed down.

Any further and it would soon be the core region. The area he had been tasked with was on route with Li Qingchan and the rest.

“Be careful Zhou Yuan.” Cautioned Li Qingchan as she shot a glance at him.

In contrast, Zhao Zhu, Qin Hai and the rest had a sliver of contempt in their eyes. Looks like insisting on participating in this Heaven task had only ended up inviting shame to himself.

Zhou Yuan smiled as he nodded at Li Qingchan. Without further ado, his figure turned and began flying in another direction.

Li Qingchan bit her lip as she watched his figure disappear. However, she knew that this was not the time to be distracted. Once they entered the core region, they would meet the other three hegemon level sects, and an intense battle would soon erupt.

Hence, she waved her hand and led the rest towards the core region.


Zhou Yuan flew past the hot and arid red land, holding a map in one hand as he searched for the district he had been assigned. At this current time, more and more members from the other factions were beginning to appear in the vicinity, displaying caution and vigilance whenever they got too close to one another.

These individuals saw Zhou Yuan were momentarily stunned at the sight of Zhou Yuan, clearly recognizing the disciple from the Cangxuan Sect that had become famous a few days ago in Black Flame City. Aren’t the Cangxuan Sect disciples suppose to duke it out in the core region? Why has he come all the way here...

Zhou Yuan was unconcerned by these confused gazes. After searching for about half an incense stick of time, he finally found the area he had been tasked with.

A scarlet-red vein rose from the ground below him like multiple hills. However, these hills were filled with red flame rocks.

Although this area could not compare to the core region, it was considered a pretty rich vein in the outer region.

Zhou Yuan’s figure fell from the air, landing on one of the taller hills. He retrieved his flag and poured Genesis Qi into it, causing it to rapidly expand to a height of several dozen feet.

Zhou Yuan firmly stuck the flag into the ground. With a surge of Genesis Qi, a pillar of light swiftly emerged from the top of the flag and began spreading in a circular fashion.

The circle of light quickly expanded to cover a hundred miles.

This was a marking that represented that the area within a hundred miles already belonged to someone.

Others who saw this marking and still insisted on entering were basically saying they wanted to contest for this area. When that happened, a battle would naturally be unavoidable.

Zhou Yuan stood beside his flag, his expression calm as he looked up.

Although he was treated differently from the others, he did not resent anyone. Since this was the mission he had been tasked with, he should first ensure that his job was done properly.

However… he was ultimately still a tiny bit unhappy at being looked down on to such an extent.

His grasped the flag as his fingers rhythmically drummed against it.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze lowered slightly as an icy light flashed within them.

From now onwards, the area within a hundred miles was his territory. Anyone who dared to enter...

Should be prepared… for all the frustration that had accumulated within him since the start of this trip...

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