Chapter 401 An Old Acquaintance

Black Flame Province was situated in the southeastern region of the Shengzhou Continent. This region was extremely vast, its mass nearly equal to half of ordinary continents. From this, one could see just how immense the Shengzhou Continent was.

It was no wonder that Shengzhou Continent was said to hold sixty percent of Cangxuan Heaven’s blessings. Just its colossal size alone was something that other continents would never be able to match.

Hence, nearly ten days had passed by the time Zhou Yuan and the team arrived at the Black Flame Province...

A streak of light shot past in the endless sky. Within it was a sleek flying yacht. Numerous Genesis Runes flickered on the yacht, gathering light as it sped even faster into the horizon.

In one of the cabins, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were tightly shut, while pieces of ancient wood hovered in front of him. Yimu Qi spread from the ancient wood pieces, before being completely absorbed by him.

Even while travelling, he was clearly making full use of his time by absorbing Yimu Qi to perfect the Taiyi mark in his body.

A long while later, he opened his eyes as the many ancient wood pieces hovering before him turned to dust. Dark green light faintly flashed past on the surface of his body before quickly receding.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he felt the tiny bit of progress he had made on the Taiyi mark. Mastering the Taiyi mark could not be done in a day, and he had to take things step by step.

Most importantly, he did not have many century old ancient wood left.

“Everyone, we’re about to reach the Black Flame Mountain Range.” At this moment, Li Qingchan’s indifferent voice sounded from outside.

Zhou Yuan left the room, only to find that everyone was already gathered outside. He lifted his head and peered into the distance, seeing a black mountain range appear at the end of the horizon.

An irritable heat emerged, as if they were approaching a mountain of fire.

“We’ll be lodging at the Black Flame City outside the Black Flame Mountain Range where all the teams from the other factions will also be staying. Besides this, the sect has also dispatched an elder to oversee the situation and communicate with the higher ups from the other factions.”

Li Qingchan looked towards the group and said, “We’ll first meet up with the elder in Black Flame City to get a grasp of the current situation.”

Everyone naturally had no objections and nodded in acknowledgement.

Li Qingchan said nothing else when she saw this. The yacht suddenly sped up, quickly approaching the Black Flame Mountain Range, as the silhouette of an enormous city appeared in the distance. 

This city appeared to be a beehive of activity, glowing figures endlessly pouring into it from all directions.

“Due to the volcanic eruption, the Black Flame Province has become extremely busy recently, and numerous unaffiliated practitioners have come here to try their luck.” Li Qingchan kept the flying yacht as she spoke, before the group proceeded to land in the city.

Black Flame City was was a bustling place. Its wide, spacious streets were well connected, allowing the giant crowds to easily pass through, while also populated by all kinds of shops and stalls.

Li Qingchan did not linger in this area, leading the team towards the heart of the city instead, where a lavish and impressive looking building towered. There was even a wooden sign at the entrance that read ‘No one below the Alpha-Origin stage may enter’. 

Zhou Yuan was somewhat speechless when he saw these words. Such discrimination tsk...

“This place is currently the lodging area for the various powerful factions. If you lack strength, you’ll only be asking for trouble by entering.” Li Qingchan glanced at him before leading the way into the building.

Zhou Yuan and the rest hurriedly followed. The interior of the building was extremely spacious, though it was currently nearly bursting at the seams with people, making the insides quite a racket indeed.

However, one could tell that every individual inside gave off powerful Genesis Qi undulations, a clear sign of their strength.

When the group stepped into the building, the originally noisy place immediately turned silent for an instant due to Li Qingchan’s beauty and presence as numerous gazes looked towards her.

However, these gazes immediately shrank back when they saw the Cangxuan Sect badges hanging from the waists of Zhou Yuan and the rest, no longer daring to look so wantonly. Likewise, the ones who had been about to hit on Li Qingchan quickly swallowed the words at the tip of their tongues. Everyone had obviously realized the identity of this group. 

As one of the overlord sects of Cangxuan Heaven, it was obvious that almost no one dared to provoke them.

Li Qingchan’s beautiful face remained frosty, completely ignoring the gazes as she proceeded to walk up the stairs.

“Tch, isn’t this the number one beauty of the Cangxuan Sect, Li Qingchan? I can’t believe the sect sent you this time.” While they were walking up, a teasing girl’s voice was suddenly heard.

Li Qingchan’s slightly icy gaze followed the voice, before her eyes widened a little.

A group was gathered on one of the higher floors. Seated at the center was an extremely beautiful girl wearing a flowery long skirt, who was currently looking at them with a wide grin.

Most of the individuals around her were also girls, each one a beauty in their own right. As such, countless wolf-like gazes from the entire building would covertly glance at the group, though not a single soul dared to disturb them.

Because all of these girls were from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.

The girl in a flowery long skirt was called Feng Ying, and was a Chosen of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.

“Feng Ying? To think that Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace dispatched you this time.” Li Qingchan’s tone was a little surprised as she gazed at the lovely girl. They were acquaintances of sorts, having met several times while on missions for their respective sects.

“Will you do me the honor of gracing us with your presence?” Feng Ying seemed to smile.

Li Qingchan did not hesitate as she walked over.

“Hehe, it’s brother Zhao Zhu. It’s been a long time since we last met…” As they approached, Feng Ying’s eyes swept behind Li Qingchan, letting out a laugh as she spotted Zhao Zhu.

Zhao Zhu smiled faintly and said, “Senior sister Feng Ying has become more and more beautiful.”

Feng Ying responded with a cheery smile. “How can I call myself pretty with the number beauty of your Cangxuan Sect present?”

While they were conversing, the gazes of Qin Hai and the rest swept towards the rest of the girls, before they could not help but stare at a certain beautiful individual amongst the pretty flowers.

Among the pretty female disciples of Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace was a young lady wearing a black dress. Her skin was fair as jade, while her facial features were extremely pretty. In fact, she did not lose to Li Qingchan at all.

The young lady’s most unforgettable trait were her limpid peach blossom like eyes that gave her a flirtatious look. This girl was definitely an extraordinary beauty.

An alluring aura such as hers was definitely held an almost fatal attraction to any guy. Hence, before Li Qingchan’s arrival, the majority of gazes in the entire building had likely been gathered on this girl.

The gazes of Qin Hai and the rest had been drawn by this girl. However, they quickly realized that there were already several males crowding around her. Each one had quite a presence, while a smiling young man in white robes appeared the most impressive amongst them.

The young man was quite handsome, while a kind smile hung from his lips. However, the eyes of Qin Hai and the rest widened slightly when they caught sight of the badge handing at this waist.

It was the badge of Sacred Palace.

Li Qingchan stared at the young man in white robes and indifferently said, “I did not expect that there will be someone from Sacred Palace here.”

The youth chuckled softly as he cupped his fists together. “Sacred Palace, Yang Xuan.”

“Hehe, as a Chosen, senior sister Li Qingchan can look for our Sacred Palace’s senior brother Wang Chi or Cao Jin if there are any problems. I’m merely a nameless nobody that shouldn’t take senior sister Li Qingchan’s attention.”

After politely finishing his greeting, his gaze turned back to the young lady in black as he tried to converse with her again. He was evidently not the least bit intimidated by the presence of the two Cangxuan Sect Chosens.

The girl in black wore a polite smile on her gorgeous face from start to end, seemingly friendly yet also giving others the impression that she wanted to maintain a little distance.

Feng Ying shrugged at Li Qingchan and said, “Although junior brother Yang Xuan is not a Chosen, he is quite famous in the Sacred Palace. However, I did not invite him. He’s here for this little junior sister of ours.”

Li Qingchan also glanced at the girl in black. That sweetly enchanting presence made even someone like herself unable to resist taking a second look.

The young lady in black lifted her face slightly, her limpid gaze looking towards the Cangxuan Sect group, jumping from person to person, before suddenly being slightly taken aback when she saw Zhou Yuan standing at the back of the group.

Her eyes brightened slightly.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He was also rather surprised to see that the girl in black was an old acquaintance, Zuoqiu Qingyu.

Back then, she and Luluo had joined the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace together. He had not anticipated that they would meet again here.

Since they were considered quite close friends, Zhou Yuan smiled as he lifted his hand and waved at Zuoqiu Qingyu.

His actions were naturally noticed by the crowd. Qin Hai and the rest were focusing on Zuoqiu Qingyu since the beginning, causing them to immediately frown upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s directness.

Do you really believe that you’re so charming? Can’t you see that the kid from Sacred Palace has been trying to chat with her for so long, but she still keeps a polite distance?

Li Qingchan and Feng Ying also glanced at Zhou Yuan.

Feng Ying playfully said, “This junior brother if yours is quite interesting.”

She was clearly under the impression that Zhou Yuan was just another smitten male that was trying to grab Zuoqiu Qingyu’s attention.

Li Qingchan’s expression was not looking too good as she glared at Zhou Yuan. He really wasn’t afraid of shaming himself in such a crowded place.

Zuoqiu Qingyu naturally saw Zhou Yuan’s wave. However, she did not respond in kind, merely sweeping an indifferent glance at him, before withdrawing her eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s hand froze, feeling a little awkward.

Qin Hai and the rest could not help but secretly laugh inside.

Zhou Yuan resentfully rubbed his nose.


It was at this moment, however, that the unenthusiastic looking Zuoqiu Qingyu suddenly giggled. She turned back and looked at Zhou Yuan as she placed a hand on her cheek. The lively smiling appearance she displayed was extremely enchanting.

Her eyes turned into crescent moons as she smiled like a sly little fox and said, “Hai, long time no see Zhou Yuan…”

The sight of the lively and charming smile on Zuoqiu Qingyu’s face stunned Feng Ying and Li Qingchan.

As fellow girls, how could they possibly be unable to tell that Zuoqiu Qingyu’s current smile was no longer the same civil smile from before, but one of sincere happiness from the depths of her heart.

Thus, the expressions of Qin Hai and the rest turned a little rigid.

The gentle smile on Yang Xuan’s lips also receded slightly, an unreadable look in his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan...

After suddenly becoming the focus of everyone’s attention, the corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched slightly as he looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu’s crafty fox like smile. Even a fool would know that he had just been played by Zuoqiu Qingyu...

This little enchantress was still as frustratingly annoying as before.

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