Chapter 400 Yaoyao Takes A Trip

Inside a certain cave dwelling. 

Yaoyao had tied up her long hair with a piece of green cloth while she tended to the plants that she had personally planted in the garden. After a long while, she finally gently dabbed away the dirt and perspiration on her face, before rising to her feet.  

Meanwhile, Tuntun was lazily lying on it stomach outside the garden. 

After Zhou Yuan’s departure, the cave dwelling appeared exceptionally desolate and empty. 

Yaoyao felt as if something was missing as she gazed at the empty cave. Zhou Yuan should currently still be on his way to the Black Flame Province, right?

She fell into a moment of silence. After which, she walked out of the garden, picked up Tuntun, and left the cave to head for the mission hall.  

In the past few days since Zhou Yuan left, Yaoyao would occasionally pay a visit to the mission hall. This was because she could find information on rare Genesis resources through the various mission objectives, and was hoping she would find the necessary items to help Zhou Yuan draw the Great Dragon Subduing Rune. 

The large hall on the peak of a mountain was bustling with activity.  

When Yaoyao walked in, she immediately felt the many astonished and awestruck gazes that were trying to catch a peek of her without anyone noticing. Yaoyao was already extremely well-known in the Cangxuan sect. Both her looks and ability had made her very famous. In fact, she was nearly catching up in popularity to the number one beauty Li Qingchan in the short span of less than half a year… 

However, Yaoyao ignored the gazes. They mattered so little to her that not even the tiniest ripple appeared in her eyes as she quickly walked towards the center of the large hall, where an enormous Genesis Qi mirror towered.

From time to time, scrolls of different colors would appear in the mirror. 

Those were the newly released tasks and missions. 

The tasks in Cangxuan sect were split into three levels, Heaven, Earth and Human. 

A Heaven task was marked by gold, and was the rarest of the three. 

An Earth task was silver, while a Human task was green...

Most of the tasks in the mirror were green, with only one or two silver scrolls popping up occasionally. Each time this occurred, it would cause quite a commotion as several disciples fought over the Earth tasks.  

Yaoyao did not accept any of these tasks. Instead, she observed the information on the scrolls, which mainly composed of a simple explanation of the mission and the rewards. 

She studied them for quite some time, before ultimately shaking her head. It seems that there was nothing useful again today. 

As such, she turned around to leave. 


The instant she turned her body, however, a loud explosion suddenly was suddenly heard in the hall. The numerous disciples present stared at the giant mirror with burning desire as whispers rapidly spread. 

Yaoyao was similarly taken aback. She lifted her face and looked at the Genesis Qi mirror. 

She quickly realized that a golden scroll had appeared. 

“A Heaven task?” Yaoyao was shocked. She never expected another Heaven task to pop up so quickly after Zhou Yuan and his team left. 

Yaoyao decided to take a closer look. 

“Latest update to the sect, ancient ruins were discovered in an uncharted area of the western region of Shengzhou Continent. Currently short-handed, and am making a special request to the sect for backup.”

“Two spots, must be at the Chosen level.” 

Note, found what seems to be a dragon-type Genesis beast skeleton being suppressed by a strange plant in the ruins. 

“Wow, can’t believe another Heaven task has appeared.”

“What a pity, you have to be at the Chosen level in order to take this mission. It seems like it’s not going to be an easy task…”

“If it were easy, it wouldn’t be called a Heaven task.”

Yaoyao ignored the numerous voices that entered her ears. Instead, she stared at the final sentence.  

“Suspected to be a dragon-type Genesis beast skeleton… being suppressed by a strange plant?” Yaoyao mumbled to herself. Her eyes soon brightened slightly. “Could it be… a Dragon Suppressing Wood?”

This Dragon Suppressing Wood was one of the items required to draw the Great Dragon Subduing Rune.

Yaoyao quickly walked forward, arriving beneath the Genesis Qi mirror where an administrator was stationed. She looked directly at the latter and pointed at the Heaven task. “Only Chosen level disciples can take on the mission?”

That administrator glanced at her and nodded. 

“Can I take it?” Asked Yaoyao. 

That administrator was stunned. He obviously knew who Yaoyao was. As such, after a brief moment of hesitation, his lips gently a little, appearing as if he was asking the elder that was currently on duty in the mission hall. 

Yaoyao waited patiently upon seeing this. 

Quite some time later, the administrator finally stopped moving his lips, and nodded at Yaoyao. “After our evaluation, though you are not one of the Chosens, the sect believes that you possess strength that is comparable to them. Therefore, you have the qualifications to accept this mission.”

Yaoyao had displayed her prowess on Spirit Rune Peak, where she had basically subdued all the Spirit Rune Peak disciples alone. Her strength was naturally unquestionable.  

Yaoyao gave a faint nod before she said, “I will take this task.”

“You will have to set off tomorrow. Therefore, please be at the departure peak tomorrow morning.” Said the administrator. 

Yaoyao nodded. Without further ado, she turned and left, ignoring the commotion that she stirred in the hall. 


Morning on the next day. 

Yaoyao carried Tuntun and arrived at the departure peak. 

When she arrived, she realized that there was already someone waiting on the peak. The figure turned around, revealing a familiar face appeared. 

It was Ye Ge from Spirit Rune Peak. 

He was wearing his daoist robes and a dazzling smile on his face. Together with his tall and slim figure, he did look quite dashing. 

In reality, Ye Ge was a good catch in both looks and personality, his resplendent smile easily charming anyone who saw it. In fact, he was quite popular in the Cangxuan sect, especially with certain female disciples.  

However, Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed in a dangerous manner when she saw him. 

“You took the mission too?” Asked Yaoyao in a slightly hostile tone. 

When Ye Ge heard the hostility in Yaoyao’s voice, he quickly explained, “Junior sister Yaoyao, most of the Chosens are either out on missions or in secluded cultivation. I was forced to join in order to make up the numbers!”

The truth was that he had also been in secluded cultivation recently. However, when he suddenly received news that Yaoyao was going to take part into a Heaven task yesterday, he abruptly ended his training session, an act that greatly infuriated sect master Bai Mei. 

Yaoyao was expressionless. 

“Don’t waste your time on me.” Yaoyao’s voice was cold. Someone as intelligent as herself naturally knew what Ye Ge was up to. 

Ye Ge sighed miserably. Soon after, he could not help but ask, “I shouldn’t be worse than Zhou Yuan, right?”

There were still no emotions on Yaoyao’s beautiful face. 

“*Sigh*. So many junior sisters have fallen for me before, but I chose to ignore all of them. I never expected that I would be on the receiving end one day. This truly is retribution.” When Ye Ge saw this situation, the miserable expression on his dashing face grew even more bitter as he looked towards the sky and sighed deeply. 

Yaoyao was silent for a while, before she said, “If you don’t want to die during the mission, I suggest that you talk less.” 

Ye Ge cast a resentful gaze at her. He decided not to joke any longer, and spoke with a solemn expression, “However, I am afraid that this is going to be a very challenging task, and both you and I must be extra careful.”

Since they were finally discussing formal business, Yaoyao lifted her gaze and asked, “Oh?”

Ye Ge spirits were immediately lifted at this sight. With a look of mystery, he asked, “Do you know who issued this mission?”

“Who?” Yaoyao’s tone was filled with nonchalance. 

“That fellow usually never shares any benefits. Suddenly asking the sect for help this time clearly means that he has ran into some problems… however, things he would find problematic are definitely not normal.” Ye Ge chuckled, before he continued, “Can junior sister Yaoyao guess who he is?”

Yaoyao was silent for a moment, before her red lips opened slightly as she spat out two words.

“Chu Qing.”

She had never expected that this task to be issued by the number one Chosen. 

Looks like it was indeed going to be quite a challenge. 

However, the Dragon Suppressing Wood is one of the key items needed to draw the Great Dragon Suppressing Rune. Therefore, she needed to go even if it was going to  be difficult...

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